Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Seems we have had lots going on lately! Thought I would try to recap everything that we've been doing and get a few pics up! Last Wednesday we volunteered at Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue. It was my first time going to Fayetteville to witness the masses of bikes. Our church set up a Kids Zone with kid activities and give aways. Our small group worked Wednesday night, the first night. Lots of fun! Only NWA people truly understand the craziness of BBB. There are bikers in town from all over the country, I mean thousands! It is so loud and traffic jams everywhere! We had a good time while down there and I wouldn't mind going again! Here's a pic of David and I being goofy...

Thursday I my sweet friends Heather and Michelle threw me the nicest baby shower! We all had such a good time! There will soon be a wave of babies around here...6 of the girls there were pregnant too! That's all of us and our bellies below. Guess we are all at that "stage". Thank you to all my wonderful friends who came and "showered" Cruz with gifts! Its amazing how you still need stuff, even after you have one! I feel a little more prepared now and I'm going to start washing all of his new clothes this week. He won't be able to wear much of Maddox's clothes since they were born in different seasons...I just hate that! Guess its an excuse to shop:)!

Saturday morning I headed to Fayetteville for a Junior League breakfast, and again, had to fight the bikes on the interstate...CRAZY! After that we took Maddox and his cousins, Sloan and Margaux, to Chuck E Cheese's. It was Maddox's first time going and he was in sensory overload! He sat while we ate pizza and just looked around in amazement. Once he got out of his chair he just ran around like crazy. He got to ride lots of rides and play a few games. He loved all the little car rides that just rock back and forth. It was so cute, now I know what we'll do on rainy days!

Saturday night my sister and Mark, and friends Scott and Kendall stopped in on their way back from Kansas City. My sister birthday is Monday, so we all went out (without kids!) and ate at Abuelo's. They all stayed the night and we stayed up playing games for a while...lots of fun! It seems I always laugh a LOT when we all get together:).

And last, I just have to include a picture of Maddox after church today, he just looked too cute! I got this little fall outfit of ebay...only problem is Maddox's height. It is an 18 month outfit and it is just barely long enough! I mean, it hits right at his ankles! I'm gonna have to have Grandmother move the buttons already! He is so tall!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This one is for you, Kim!

So my sister said I need to blog more, or at least get pics/video up of here's a pic I don't think she has seen. My sister sells Kelly's Kids clothing and I am a big fan. Here is one of the outfits I bought along with a matching scarf for the dog. Ridiculous I know! I bought it back when I still liked my dog:)! Times have changed, but at least I have a pic of the "good ole days" when I still included him as family:)!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our first glimpse of Cruz

We have had a busy few days filled with doctor appointments. Maddox had his 15 month checkup yesterday and got 3 of which was his flu shot. He has been fussy from them. He saw Dr. Foster this time, and LOVED him. He let the dr. pick him right up and played with him, and then have him a big hug when he was done examining him. It was so funny! Of course, he is off the charts for height, 50% for weight and head.

Tuesday night we went to What's Kickin Ultrasound Studio to get a 4D of baby Cruz. This place is so great, I recommend it to everyone having a baby! You get to lie in a AWESOME massage chair while you get the ultrasound. There are couches set up in the room for others watching. You get your own flat screen to look at and they project a huge image on the screen for the "audience". I love it! Anyways, I thought I would post some pics of what we got. He was moving a lot, but we never got a perfect front shot. He was being shy about his "manhood" and literally held his hand over the parts almost the whole time! So funny...

Also, Maddox has started a Mother's Day Out program here in Rogers. He goes every Wednesday. He is doing great, not crying or fussing all day! When we get home he crashes for a good 3 hour nap. I get to run errands while he's there, and clean when I get home. Wednesdays are really productive!! I thought I would post some pics from his first day of "school". He has the cutest alligator backpack and monkey lunch box. I say this all the time, but it is a good thing I don't have a girl...I love accessories!!

And here is one pic of Madd's favorite new toy...he loves this buggy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Video of Maddox

I haven't put up a video in a here's one from today. Maddox stayed busy for about 45 minutes playing with some river rock I had on the back porch. He would put them in the dog dish (that Sloan made for Nash) and then line them up on the window. I love this video cause he does lots of "talking". Only sorry I filmed it sideways:(. Enjoy...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kauai 2008

David and I just got back from Hawaii this week. We took one last vacation .... just the two of us. We know that once Cruz is here, its gonna be REALLY hard to do anything without kids. Of course, I missed Maddox like crazy. I thought about him constantly and I think he would have loved Hawaii. However, the plane ride would have been a nightmare...not to mention the 5 hour time change! That was hard enough on me...can't imagine Maddox having to adjust.

Anyways, we took a million pics, so instead of trying to post them like I normally do, I'm attaching a link to see the album. I still narrowed alot down. Everything was just so beautiful, I couldn't help but keep snapping pics. The plants there are insane, and our resort literally smelled like Plumeria (I only recognized it thanks to Bath and Body Works). Amazing many stories, I'll have to tell them in person...way too much to blog about:)!!!! The link also has a map to show where on the island each pic was taken.

Here is the link to view the album: