Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OH ME, OH MY!!!!!

This past weekend we went to Little Rock for my nieces annual dance recital. We stayed at my sisters home. While I was here with my two favorite girls....

David was at Kims House dealing with THIS:Yes, you are seeing this correctly...that is my maddox COVERED in marker. I recieved these via text while at the recital. At first I thought..."of course, david is keeping a close eye on them! (sarcasm) Only HE would let this happen". I pictured David sleeping on the couch while maddox went wild in his cousins room.

Well, mean ole me...that is NOT what happened. David laid Maddox down for a nap in Margaux's room. He cried for a while then it got very quiet. David assumed he had gone to sleep. Instead he had decided to color himself. I can't help but laugh!!!! When David walked in he about died! Crazy kids keep us busy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Myrtle Beach...Part 2 (AND ITS MY 200th POST!)

Hey Peeps! So I'm cramming the rest of my Myrtle Beach pics into this one post...and believe me, this took FOREVER to you better look at them all!!!...kidding!

We never did any "dress the kids up and take pictures in the sand" days. Here is the closest I got. One afternoon late we walked down to the beach to play around, I tried to get a cute photo of the is Maddox, Margaux, Sloan, and Cruz:

How sweet is this....holding hands...(okay, so I made them do this, but its still a cute pic, right??)

Sweet baby face! He is holding a little soft shell crab!

Sloan wasn't as excited to hold it:

We went to Broadway on the beach one night and it was AWESOME! Our plans were to eat at Margaritaville, but the wait was FOUR HOURS!!!!! Um, no thanks! Instead, we made a HUGE mistake and walked to some place called Masons. I was absolutely horrible...horrible food, horrible service, horrible drinks, and horrible kids...well, that part wasn't their fault, but my kids were horrible!
These guys got their own booth!
This guy had ENOUGH of being stuck in this slow Grandad came to save the day...this is Cruz's favorite trick: He goes UP...... And then flips down.....
(hey, whatever keeps em happy)
After that we walked around the boardwalk and looked through all the shops. There was the cutest candy store called "sugar". I found the perfect candy bar for David and surprised him with it.....

As we walked around the kids found a stand that sold tons of light up toys...Margaux got a butterfly on a stick:

Cruz got a spinny-light-thing:

And Maddox got a sword!

Then it was time for the fireworks was going on 10pm, so we were all getting tired and cranky...but we toughed it out...and it was so worth it. Cruzy loved the show...he watched it from Grandad's shoulders:

Next day...back to the beach...everyday the kids got a little more brave with the water. Cruz was sportin his fedora again...and I must say, it was stinkin cute! oh, and he was still carrying around that shovel!

A few nights later we went back to Broadway on the Beach and ate at Planet Hollywood. It was a few nights before my birthday, so my dad told the DJ. They put this up on the big screen and played the requested song, JayZ's Forever fave!

Then the dancers came out and had all the kids come do the electric slide. We made my nieces get up and do it. They are big time dancers, but I think this was a little embarrassing...just look at Sloans face..haha!!!! Then we walked back over the the boardwalk and spent the night riding carnival rides. We also met up with my friend Rachel and her family. They were in Myrtle Beach the exact week we were. We let the kids play and ride rides.

We spent a lot of time at the little boat ride. Cruzy loved it. Everytime we would pull him away he would keep pointing back and saying "boat! boat! boat!". It was too we just kept letting him ride it over and over. Here he is all alone on the boat ride having a blast!

Back to the beach the next day. Maddox requested to be buried in the sand:
Then Cruz wanted the same thing, but that little stinker wouldn't sit still long enough!Our resort had the most awesome splash park. Just look at the photo below. We ended up here every day! No part of it was deeper than 1 foot! Perfect for my age kids. See that big bucket on top? It fills with water and dumps over every few minutes...the kids just loved this!

Sunbathing together...Maddox loves his Margaux!

The last night we were there a huge thunderstorm blew in. We sat out on the balcony and counted at least 6 funnel clouds! We kept waiting for one to spin down and form a water spout. When it finally did we acted like rednecks and cheered! Cheap entertainment y'all!
Well, that's it for Myrtle Beach...needless to say, it was a great trip. Thanks to my Dad for taking us...he does every year. Maybe next year we will be back to Gulf Shores. We can only pray for that place and the huge clean up effort they are facing.
And side note, this is my 200th post...I should do a give away or something...but I'm not that good of a blogger! But I love ya'll!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Know You Have Kids When....

Your house is constantly DESTROYED!!!!!

Look what I found today!!!!!!!!!!!


That got me to thinking of other things that I slowly notice around the
Handprints on the walls:

Scribbles on our fax machine.....

And last, but I'm sure not least...marks on your walls. When I asked Maddox where this came from he happily told me his "hot wheelie tires made the lines":Sorry, I know I'm in the middle of vacation blogging...but I just had to share this disaster(s).

Myrtle Beach 2010...Part One

Every year we head down to Gulf Shores, Alabama for our family vacation. By family, I mean my parents, My sister and her husband and kids, and our of 10!

This year we had to change our plans due to the horrific oil spill. We chose Myrtle Beach. I had never been, so it was a little exciting to try some place new.

Since the trip is SOOOOOOOOO far from where we live, David and I decided our family would fly and meet everyone else out there. Driving that far with my kids would have been a NIGHTMARE!!!

So here are the kids, early in the morning, at the airport with all of our bags. My friend Rachel gave them matching beach shirts to travel in. They had their names on them and said "Beach or Bust". Too cute!!Here is me and the baby on his first plane ride:
He liked to push the buttons for the lights...and the flight attendant. Who we accidentally called several times...ooops!
Here's Cruz pulling Maddox's suitcase in Charlotte, SC:

I packed lots of travel games, the one below was the favorite. You push the crocodile teeth and you never know which one is gonna make his mouth snap shut. I know everyone sitting around us LOVED this loud game!
Here are the kids looking out at the beach when we arrived at our condo. We stayed at the Kingston was awesome! More on that in another post...First day on the beach...Cruzy loved it. He especially loved his shovel. He never put it down!

Our condo was close to a pier, so one night we walked over to take the kids down it...
Grandad and Cruz looking out at the water. They spent lots of special moments together on this trip;)

Here is a shot of our condo from the end of the pier.

At the end of the pier where you buy tickets to walk down it there was an arcade. We decided Margaux and Maddox could each have 3 games/rides....

But Grandad is a softy and went back and bought MORE tokens so they could play more and Cruz could ride too....
Day two....

Back with his wonderful shovel...
They were a little better this day at getting in the water...

Stay tuned...I got tons more coming....;)