Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picture Dump...:)

Here are some pics from the past week. Maddox has a new favorite toy, as you will see below...Thomas the Train! He carries it everywhere!

Cruz is still super congested. I am taking him to a chiropractor tomorrow. My pediatrician has not been able to help at we are trying an "alternative". My friend from high school, Amber, recommended I try it, since it has done wonders for her kids who were always sick with breathing problems. I will keep you posted! Say a prayer my baby gets well soon...this is getting old!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Question for my blogger friends...

On my dashboard, where it lists the blogs I follow, several blogs don't update. It says "cannot find a feed for this blog...check the URL". URL is right...does anyone know what is wrong? Thanks in advance!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Queens and Crawfish Boil

This past Thursday I attended my first "Kitchen Queens" party. Its a group of girls that gets together once a month and makes a dish based on whatever the theme might be. Then everyone posts their recipe to the Kitchen Queen blog and you can add them to your own recipe box...very cute idea! This month was Italian food and a masquerade party. I made blackened chicken pizza and here is Maddox modeling my mask before I left:

Here is a group picture of all the girls that I stole off of the Kitchen Queen blog sight:):

Thanks, Rachel for inviting me! It was so much fun, can't wait till next month!

Saturday morning, David and I left our two babies and headed down to Little Rock for my sisters' annual Crawfish boil...lots of fun, however, I did NOT like the crawfish. The guys loved it...and Kendall! I think a whopping 65 pounds of crawfish was consumed!! Thanks to my mom and dad for watching my boys! It was my first time leaving Cruz overnight...surprisingly, not near as hard as the first time i left Maddox!

Crawfish before:

Crawfish after:

The guys worked on the crawfish all day!

Kendall, Me, and my sister, Kim modeling our "Pinch My Tail" cups!

David loving some crawfish!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This one cracked me up!

So yesterday me, Maddox, and Cruz spent the afternoon playing in the backyard in the GORGEOUS weather! Maddox was running through the grass when I noticed him stop, bend down, and start inspecting something..."poo-poo", he said. Yep, he noticed a "yucky" gift left behind from our dog. David picks it up most of the time, but Maddox found one.

I screamed at him to get away and said, "Tell your Daddy when he gets home, he needs to go pick up the poo-poo".

30-45 minutes later, I was feeding Maddox his dinner in the kitchen when David walked in from work. Instead of Maddox's usual excited "DAAAADDEEEE", he immediately remembered my instructions and said, "da-da, dare poo-poo...poo-poo dada" and pointed outside! I could not believe he understood me and remembered to tell him! Too funny!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Catch Up

Hi everybody...both the boys are currently napping at the same time (hooray!), so I thought I would do a little blogging:).

We had somewhat of a busy weekend. Saturday I was hosting a shower at my house for my friend, Serenity, so Friday night was spent cleaning and cooking. One good thing about hosting something at your house is that you have to get it super clean and looking good. It was so nice to see my house picked up and spotless...its been a while:).

I hosted the shower with friends Tricia and Alyssa. Here is a picture of the hostesses and Serenity before the shower. (My apologies to Serenity for posting a picture...I know you don't feel your best 9 months preggo, but you look great!).

Saturday afternoon Michelle and I went shopping around Fayetteville. We only went to stores we had never been to before...super fun! One store we went to was Riffraff. Its only been open a month and Michelle had heard about it from a friend. They have the cutest painted furniture and canvases. Great prices and everything is made local. I bought the cutest table to put upstairs in my landing area. (Kim, wouldn't Mrs. Karen love this??!)

Sunday I helped at church with child care and then spent the day at home with the boys while David played golf with his friend, Chris. I decided I was not going to clean or do laundry, but instead, sit on the couch, hold my babies, and totally vegge out:)! It felt so good:).

This morning I tried out the new jogging stroller I got. I LOVE IT!! I ordered it off Amazon (which is where I have purchased all of my stollers recently...great prices, free shipping!). The boys loved it too. They got to sit side by side and I reclined Cruz's seat pretty far back. It was like a little cozy nest for him! Hopefully, this will help me loose the last of this annoying baby weight!

And I just have to post this adorable naked picture of Cruz! This is during out bath time yesterday...he just looked so cute I had to run and get my camera.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The latest and greatest...

Update on Cruz;

Here is a quick video of my sweet Cruz smiley and happy. He is just like this most of the time. He is a bit spoiled with being held, he sometimes cries and cries until you pick him up...then he is as happy as a lark!

He is also getting much better. He has been congested for MONTHS, but finally seems to be getting over it. He had several rounds of some kind of stomach bug, but also over it now (thought he seems skinnier now). And we had our appointment with the eye doctor on Tuesday, and his eyes look great! No problems there! Hopefully, the kids will stay healthy now that we are getting past winter!

Update on Maddox;

Maddox is saying new words everyday and just cracking us up! Every time I say something to him, he will repeat at least one word back to me. He's getting really good at saying "PEASE" when he wants something...and its so cute you CANNOT tell the boy "no"! Here are a few other words he says regularly: Bubbles, Bike, Moon, Cake, Cookie, Cracker, Dance, Shoe, Snack (ha!), Please, Home, Choo-Choo (when he wants to watch Thomas), Mi-Mi (this is Mickey Mouse), Pooh, Bus (he thinks anything with wheels is a "bus"), book, elbow, baby, fish...okay, I could seriously go on, but you get the picture...the boy is officially a "talker"!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Friday!!

TGIF!! Its been a long week! Cruz is still on a slow road to recovery...we are still doing breathing treatments, but he is also still congested...not sure why, I'm gonna give it a while longer before I call Dr. Cadle again.

Maddox scared me last night, he started throwing up again. I couldn't believe I was about to go through that mess again. However, by bedtime he was normal and playing and has been great today. Praise the Lord!!:)

Here are some pics from this week: Aren't they just so cute matching! You're going to see a lot more of this! I have spent a small fortune on spring/summer clothing (shhhh, don't tell the hubby!!) and practically all outfits will match...I think its too cute, I'm sure they will kill me one day. So looks like Cruz has found something better than a paci!!: Smiley Baby!! I love this stinker to death! Auntie Kim got Maddox this hat at Disney and I guess he found it in his's now our favorite accessory. I actually took it away because I don't want it to get messed up before we go to day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting back in the swing of things...

We are finally getting back to normal around here! Cruz is doing so much better now that we have been doing the breathing treatments. We went from waking up EVERY hour last week with him, to just ONE TIME last night....ahhhhh....sleep!!! I wish we would have gotten the nebulizer a long time ago!

Thanks to all my friends who have given me tips on good ways to get Cruz to do the treatments! It is getting better each time. Here is a picture of the lil guy doing a treatment:

Isn't that just pitiful!! My poor baby!

The other day Cruz was crying in his swing and when I went to check on him...this is what I found. Maddox had found an old bottle and was trying to give it to Cruz! It about brought a tear to my eye, big brother loves him and was trying to help!

Cruz also had two major milestones today...which happens to be his 3 month birthday:). This morning we were having a little "tummy time". I took my eyes off of him for a second, and when I looked back...he was on his back! He rolled over!! He has done it several more times it wasn't an accident:)! Here is a picture of Cruz this morning doing tummy time:

He also started laughing today. David was making some goofy sound to Cruz, and he was smiling so big and letting out the sweetest little laughs. Even Maddox couldn't help but smile at his little brother! You could tell Madd thought it was cute that Cruz could do that!

David attended a men's conference at church this weekend, so Saturday morning I actually got both kids out of the house and met friends Amber and Tonya (and their kids) for breakfast at Einstein Bagels (my absolute favorite place to go and I have SO missed it since starting a diet!). Saturday afternoon Amber and I left the kids with our hubbies and went shopping all afternoon...which was SO great! Thanks Dave for watching the kids:)! I have been trapped inside the house for so long I needed a good break!

So we are finally getting back to normal. It has been a long 2 weeks! I so appreciate everyone who has been checking in on us! Thanks again!