Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting back in the swing of things...

We are finally getting back to normal around here! Cruz is doing so much better now that we have been doing the breathing treatments. We went from waking up EVERY hour last week with him, to just ONE TIME last night....ahhhhh....sleep!!! I wish we would have gotten the nebulizer a long time ago!

Thanks to all my friends who have given me tips on good ways to get Cruz to do the treatments! It is getting better each time. Here is a picture of the lil guy doing a treatment:

Isn't that just pitiful!! My poor baby!

The other day Cruz was crying in his swing and when I went to check on him...this is what I found. Maddox had found an old bottle and was trying to give it to Cruz! It about brought a tear to my eye, big brother loves him and was trying to help!

Cruz also had two major milestones today...which happens to be his 3 month birthday:). This morning we were having a little "tummy time". I took my eyes off of him for a second, and when I looked back...he was on his back! He rolled over!! He has done it several more times it wasn't an accident:)! Here is a picture of Cruz this morning doing tummy time:

He also started laughing today. David was making some goofy sound to Cruz, and he was smiling so big and letting out the sweetest little laughs. Even Maddox couldn't help but smile at his little brother! You could tell Madd thought it was cute that Cruz could do that!

David attended a men's conference at church this weekend, so Saturday morning I actually got both kids out of the house and met friends Amber and Tonya (and their kids) for breakfast at Einstein Bagels (my absolute favorite place to go and I have SO missed it since starting a diet!). Saturday afternoon Amber and I left the kids with our hubbies and went shopping all afternoon...which was SO great! Thanks Dave for watching the kids:)! I have been trapped inside the house for so long I needed a good break!

So we are finally getting back to normal. It has been a long 2 weeks! I so appreciate everyone who has been checking in on us! Thanks again!


The Bells said...

Poor little guy! I can't believe you went a whole week with two little boys and no hubby! Bless your heart...I have kept you and your sick little ones in my prayers. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Just think...Maddox will be able to help even more when your next one comes along..... ;)

Rachel said...

I am glad that yall are doing better! Cruz looks so old in that picture on his tummy!! I hope to see you Thursday!!

Ruthanne said...

Yea! I'm glad y'all are over the hump and everyone is doing well again. I can't wait for a more normal routine around here!