Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cruz is getting big....

Here's the little stinker at 34 weeks....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

Our neighborhood does TONS of Fall activities this time of year. This is the first year we really participated. This past Friday we went to a "Build Your Own Pasta Night" and then a hay ride around the neighborhood. They also had a haunted house, which, obviously, we did not take Maddox. But, they did have one room set up called "Tiny Tunnels". There was a maze made of cardboard boxes, all the lights were out except for black lights, and lots of streamers. We thought Maddox would be to scared, but he loved going through it! That was all he wanted to do....he wouldn't even eat dinner! It was so funny!

There were two hay rides to choose from. A "Haunted Hayride" and the "Kiddie Hayride". As much as we wanted to go on the haunted one, we did the kiddie for Maddox. It was after dark and we just went on a big loop around the neighborhood. Maddox had a blast....mostly because a tractor was pulling us. Tractors and trucks are his new obsession!

Saturday we had to drive to Little Rock for my niece Margaux's 5th birthday party...which as I mentioned before was a unicorn theme. My sister had all kinds of activities in the backyard, including a bounce house, which ALL the kids loved...especially Maddox. He also had a good time on the trampoline with Ella, Brody, and David Austin...who are all older than him and can really jump. He just fell around and laughed the whole time. Here are just a few pictures from the party.
Here's Maddox and the birthday girl, Margaux, before the party. Once all the kids arrived, Maddox couldn't get in the bounce house...he would have been crushed!:)

Here are the boys of the party...

Fun times on the trampoline...Brody, Maddox, and Ella.

Have I mentioned the child loves suckers?? I mean REALLY loves a sucker!!

So while I was at the party my good friend Amber had her baby back in Rogers. I went to see her new baby girl that night. She was so precious, and all I could think when I held her is that I will have one of my own in 5 (hopefully less) weeks! Congrats, Amber!!!

Speaking of babies, Sunday my friend Michelle and I threw a shower at my house for our friend Heather. She is having a baby girl, Eden, around the same time I'll be having Cruz. We have had so many similarities in our pregnancies, but here's a funny one worth mentioning. At my shower, my sisters friend Kendall was asking what Heather was naming her baby. When we told her Eden she immediately pointed out that THE couple of the 80's/90's soap opera "Santa Barbara" was Cruz and Eden. I mean they were the super couple. There are websites STILL dedicated to this couple. Don't believe me....CLICK HERE! So I'm sure our kids are destined to hit it off..Ha!

So here are the three of us...Michelle, Heather, and myself. I really hate how swollen I look. I think I'm about ready to quit taking pics of myself until after this baby!!

And one last thing, David deserves Dad of the Year with how much he has helped me out this past week! Tuesday I also had a shower at the house and he took Maddox to Chuck E Cheese's for 2 hours! Today he took Maddox to the neighborhood costume parade and Fall Festival. He went with some friends of ours and their two sons. David is the best and I can't thank him enough! I must admit, I am jealous I missed the parade. David said it was so cute. I sent a camera with him and here are a few pics...
The boys, Christian, Nikko, and Maddox..all ready for the parade.

Ring Toss game:

David said they spent FOREVER at the fire truck! I'm telling you, Maddox loves some trucks!

Playing on the golf carts:

Dad and Madd...too cute! Thanks for being such a great Dad, David!! I love you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Carvin'

Tonight we decided to carve a couple of pumpkins and let Maddox help clean out the seeds and slime. He was in heaven playing with the insides of the pumpkin. He also loved taking the top off and then putting it back on...over, and over, and over again! Below is a video of Madd helping scoop out the "stuff". He is totally mimicking what he saw us doing, but notice, there is never a thing on the scoop! (PS. People always ask if I understand what he is saying...NO, it is totally his own language! :) )

Here are a few pics as well....

We also made caramel apples, this kept Maddox busy for a good 30 minutes!

On another note, we had an ultrasound this week and got THE most amazing 3D pics I have EVER seen! I did not get a CD, so I am going to have to scan the pics to get them on here. I really am going to try to get that done because I would love to share the pics! You can tell what he looks like and we even got a smiling picture of Cruz!

We have a busy weekend...Friday, neighborhood hay ride and pasta dinner...Saturday, day trip to Little Rock for cousin Margaux's "unicorn" party....Sunday, throwing another shower at my house for my good friend Heather. We'll have lots of pics to post after all the events. We are very much looking forward to the unicorn party. Only those that know my niece can truly understand how funny this theme is. She has been wanting a unicorn party ALL year... literally. It should be hilarious!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

6 weeks left and counting....

Here I am at 33 1/2 weeks. For some reason, adding the "1/2" in my week count makes it seem that much closer! I am getting to the point of being so ready to have this baby.
Starting around 2 weeks ago, I started feeling so bad. At my last dr. appt. I was telling her (Dr. Sarver) all of my symptoms and how it seems so different from my last pregnancy. I jokingly said that is was probably because I am going to have this baby early, and she said that I probably would! I'm trying to not to get my hopes up about this, but she is not the type of person to just say something like that. In fact, she repeatedly told me that I would NOT have Maddox early, and of course, he came a week late.
Today I was buying milk at Wal-Mart and happened to notice the expiration date...Nov 29 exact due date! For some reason this freaked me out....I'll have this baby before this milk goes bad....wierd to think!
Here is a picture of me at 33 weeks.

We got our new double stroller and car seat in this week. I love the look, but feel like I am pushing a bus!! This really may help with my shopping addiction, it seems like it is going to be so hard to get around with 2 kids, one in a car seat, and one who is a total mess when shopping!
Maddox thinks all of this new "gear" is big fun. He likes to get in and out of the stroller and played in the car seat forever the day we unpacked it. Wonder if he'll like it as much when lil brother is in it??

Hopefully this weekend we will get Cruz's crib together. We have been working on the boys' bathroom and I'm almost done with it. I'll get some pics up as soon as everything comes together. It's going to be so cute!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lots to post....

We have had several events since the last time I posted, so now I must cram everything into one post. I've got to get better about posting! It just seems to take so long to download pics! Maybe its my camera...which I hate and I'm hoping to get a new fabulous one for Christmas! Oooops, getting off the subject, back to our week....

This week was our last week of Kindermusik. I am so sad because Maddox loves it and so do I. I love anything that gets us out of the house and keeps him entertained! I took some pics this week to share on the blog...

This is Maddox and his teacher, Mrs. Ruth. She is a retired elementary teacher and is so great with the kids...

Here are a few pics of the kids having class time...

This is our small class. One of the moms just had a baby, so grandmother brought her daughter, Hannah Claire, to class this week. Then, there is Amber and her little Anna, Me and Madd, and Amanda and Neely...

Now, on to Friday. We had a blast at play group. It was a Fall Festival theme. There were stations set up with orange play dough and cookie cutters, piles of leaves to jump in, green spaghetti that looked like worms to play in, pumpkins to decorate, I seriously could go on. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen and EVERY kid had a blast. It was our first time to go to this group and we can't wait to go again! Maddox just ran around getting into everything. I could tell he wanted to play with the "big boys", but the poor guy is still just too little to keep up:). Of course, after playing like that comes a good long nap when we get home:)!

Saturday we took Maddox to Silver Dollar City along with my parents. For some reason I've just been wanting to take him before we have Cruz. I know having this baby is going to turn his life upside down, so I am trying to soak up all of the Maddox I can get! He had so much fun. He went the longest he has ever been in his ENTIRE life without a nap! There was just so much to look at, he was in sensory overload. I'm so glad we took him, although it wasn't the smartest decision for me to go 7 1/2 months pregnant....I was SO tired after walking up and down all the hills. So worth it though...and here are a few pics....
This is David and Maddox standing in line for Wings of Wonder. Doesn't Maddox look so excited...ha!

Since it was Fall Harvest at SDC, they had farmers, tractors, and animals to look at.

Here we are at the Geyser's Gulch, Maddox's favorite part...

Maddox with Grandmother and Grandad..

And here is Maddox about 2 minutes after we put him in the car to go home!

Wow, sorry for the extremely long post! Hope you enjoyed! Next post I'll try to catch up on the is thisclose till Cruz will be here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Madd's First Haircut

Monday we took Maddox to Bijin Salon in Bentonville for his first haircut! We were recommended to go there from one of my friends who takes both of her kids there. Shawntell cut is "mullet". He did really good. I didn't have to sit with him, he sat in the booster seat all by himself. He got frustrated a couple of times and wanted down. But, when she used the buzz clippers on his neck, that got him tickled! After she finished, she gave him a pack of goldfish and a blow pop. The blow pop was a hit and ended up drooled all over his new shirt! Luckily it came out:). Maddox sure looks like a big boy now! I'm still trying to get used to the new "look".
Of course, being the cheesy mom I am, I took a million pics! Here are a few....and last is the finished cut and his blow pop!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Family Tradition

So we've been wanting to take Maddox to a pumpkin patch before it got too late in the fall. Friday afternoon we decided to go out to Mcgarrah Farms in Pea Ridge. They closed at 6pm and we left the house around 4 thinking it would be plenty of time. However, we got lost and didn't make it there until 5! The good thing was that we were literally the only ones there and Maddox could run around this HUGE farm. I dressed him cute for photo reasons, but quickly realized I had made a huge mistake! His white shoes are now brown and hopefully there are no grass stains on his little outfit.

We had a wagon for him, however, he refused to sit in it for very long. I think he was sick of sitting since we had been in the car for an hour trying to find this place! We got him a couple of little pumpkins, a few regular sized for carving, and my nerdy David INSISTED we get the biggest pumpkin he could lift. Even the farmer was laughing at him carrying this thing to our wagon! He didn't even know what to charge for it since we are the only ones to pick one so big! Ha!

The farmer was also really nice about letting Maddox crawl all over the tractor. He couldn't get enough of that thing! We threw a tantrum when we finally had to leave and get him off. He is such a boy already! They have hay rides when there are more people there, so we plan on going back one Saturday. Below are some pics from our big after noon...I just LOVE Fall!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Maddox found his "Chi"

I think I've told this story to everyone, but this was too cute. When I get ready in the mornings I let Maddox play in a drawer with all of my hair stuff (brushes, bottles, hair dryer, etc.). It keeps him entertained to drag everything out! Anyways, the other morning I was getting ready and not paying attention. When I looked down I saw Maddox with my Chi (flat iron) trying to "straighten" his hair! Too funny! Guess his picking up on what Mom does:). Here's a pic of him doing his hair...