Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Family Tradition

So we've been wanting to take Maddox to a pumpkin patch before it got too late in the fall. Friday afternoon we decided to go out to Mcgarrah Farms in Pea Ridge. They closed at 6pm and we left the house around 4 thinking it would be plenty of time. However, we got lost and didn't make it there until 5! The good thing was that we were literally the only ones there and Maddox could run around this HUGE farm. I dressed him cute for photo reasons, but quickly realized I had made a huge mistake! His white shoes are now brown and hopefully there are no grass stains on his little outfit.

We had a wagon for him, however, he refused to sit in it for very long. I think he was sick of sitting since we had been in the car for an hour trying to find this place! We got him a couple of little pumpkins, a few regular sized for carving, and my nerdy David INSISTED we get the biggest pumpkin he could lift. Even the farmer was laughing at him carrying this thing to our wagon! He didn't even know what to charge for it since we are the only ones to pick one so big! Ha!

The farmer was also really nice about letting Maddox crawl all over the tractor. He couldn't get enough of that thing! We threw a tantrum when we finally had to leave and get him off. He is such a boy already! They have hay rides when there are more people there, so we plan on going back one Saturday. Below are some pics from our big after noon...I just LOVE Fall!


Casey Lewallen said...

Ok, I know that pumpkin was heavy but he makes it look so light. Can you give me directions to this place?

Rachel said...

Cute pictures!! That is soooo something Shane has done...boys!!!

Lindsey said...

How cute is he on that tractor!

Rachel said...

what a doll!! Don't you love this time of year?