Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rewind to Memorial Day

Ahhhhh, currently both babies are nice! Now I can blog about Memorial day weekend.
Friday, we went with my friend Amanda and her little girl Neely to the Fayetteville Botanical Gardens. I think this place has been open for a little over a year. It was so beautiful and had a great kids area. It was about 80 degrees that day, so needless to say, the kids were worn out after running all around that place! We went and had lunch at Marketplace after that and ended our fun playdate with a 90 cent dessert special...we had choc cake and ice cream and Amanda got the peach cobbler. Perfect ending!

Look at these sweet friends!

Here are the kids playing in the water:

This bridge was in the kids area and leads up to a giant birds nest!

Little Cruz had fun too!

Here we were trying to get a cute shot of them holding hands and walking. Problem was they grabbed the wrong hands and kept going in funny!

And this was the last shot of the day. We told them to hug and as you can see, they are about to fall over...which they did...and then the tears came...good thing we were leaving for lunch!

Saturday was a busy day! We got up early and went out on the boat for the first time this season. My mom and dad went with us. No one got was still really cold. But, we did have a nice brunch on the boat and even managed to wear Maddox out again...he fell asleep on Grandad on the way back to the dock!
Maddox was so pumped to finally get on the boat!

Cruz was can't tell here, but he hated his life jacket and cried a lot!

Grandad and Maddox

I love this cute pic...Grandmommy (that's what he calls her) and Maddox

And he's OUT!

Saturday afternoon we played (in the RAIN) golf with our friends the Martinovic's in a Grill and Chill Golf Tourney. It was a golf scramble and believe it or not, I didn't do all that bad! Its been around 2 years since I've played! We tied with several others for 2nd or 3rd, can't remember. It was fun...but I was more about the grill and chill part than the actual game!

Sunday we were SO tired, we stayed in most of the day. Again, it was another rainy day. I am so sick of this weather!

Monday it was off to the lake again with the Martinovic's and their boys. We made it an early lake day again since it was cloudy and rainy....and because Maddox ended up getting so tired and throwing a fit. Thank goodness you can tune him out by making the boat go fast!:) I didn't get any pics of this lake day unfortunately...forgot my camera:(.

Up for this weekend: My sis and her family are coming up. We're gonna try out a new 3 seater tube we got at Sam's! Its huge...hope the boat can pull it! Sunday is Maddox's 2nd Birthday Party. Its a train party....he's gonna love it! Till I blog again...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I must be NUTS!!!

Let me cut straight to the chase...we have spent our morning today in the ER because I thought Maddox would just love to snack on some cashews with me. Apparently that wasn't the best idea!

About 30 minutes after he ate them I noticed his little chin started breaking out and he kept itching at it. I asked him "Does your chin hurt?"...he said "Yes, Kiss". So I kissed it, but didn't think too much about it.

Then he started coughing. I remembered our little snack and realized we may have a food allergy going on! I called my mom who told me to call the dr. I was stubborn and gave him some Benadryl and thought it would go away. About 10 minutes later he walked up to me wheezing like crazy. I then decided to call Bville Pediatrics who said to go straight to the Emergency Room! I panicked and ran out the door with both diaper bag, no food, no bottle...

My mom and dad dropped what they were doing and met me up there. David was working and I couldn't get a hold of him. Thank goodness my parents were there...Juggling 2 kids in an ER is not easy! Did I mention there was NO bottle for my hungry 6 month old! My sweet Dad drove back to my house to get one for us cause we were there FOREVER!

However, Maddox is fine. They said it was really good I had given him Benadryl and then they gave him a steroid and kept him for about 30 more minutes to make sure his BRIGHT RED face went back to normal. ...which it did.

The weird thing to me is that he has had peanut butter and peanuts. But the nurse said those are totally different. Peanuts are legumes, cashews are true nuts. So no more for Maddox!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kitchen Queens Derby Night and Gameroom Update

Last night was Kitchen Queens and the theme was Derby Night with Southern Food. We all dressed in dresses and derby hats. I had the hardest time finding a cute hat....until we hit TJ Maxx in Little Rock earlier this week. Wow, they had some awesome hats! However, I didn't realize how expensive those things were! One was on clearance for $160!! Mine was a deal at $ was a polyester blend:).

I first planned on making Fried Green Tomatoes from a Paula Deen's Cookbook...then I realized there are NO green tomatoes to be found in Rogers...I mean, NO WHERE! So I switched to Fried Okra...from my mom's recipe book! I thought I burned it, but turned out everyone liked it..thank goodness!

Here is a picture of the beautiful table at Kim H.'s house...she is awesome at decorating and party throwing!!:

Here is my friend Amber and I...she really wore this hat to the derby;)!

And here is Rachel and blogger friend who invited me to join KQ...Thanks, Rachel!

The Queens!

And now for an update on the game room! I've had lots of people ask about it so here is more information. Haven't made too much progress yet, but I have bought a couple of items to go in it. Right now I'm waiting on a painter to come and get started. In the meantime, I'm collection some things that Kirsten told me to get.

First of all, here is a pic of the game room we are working on. BLAH! Can't wait to get some color in here!

These are some pillows from CB2...a store I had never heard of before Kirsten...its owned by Crate and Barrel...but cheaper.

Here is a screen (IO Metro) that is going to divide up the room a little better.

And this I LOVE!! Mirror from IO Metro...Not sure where it will be hanging, but I just love it. If you've ever been to my house you know my taste is really traditional, so it's been fun buying this modern stuff! Changing it up in the game room!

Check back soon! We have a big weekend coming up! Today my friend Amanda and I are taking the kids to the Fayetteville Botanical Gardens...hoping to get some good shots! Tomorrow, lake, and golf tourney...yes, I said it, I'm playing in a couples Grill and Chill Tourney...scary, Sunday....not sure yet....and Memorial Day, MORE LAKE...WAHOO!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Post from Little Rock

We went to the Wonder Place in Little Rock today. Second time Maddox has been there and he loved it even more than last time. We met up with Kendall and her son, Brody and also my friend Mandy and her little girls Ella and Harper. So much fun to hang with my Little Rock friends!

My sister sells Kelly's Kids clothing and I pretty much clothe my kids for an entire season with their cute stuff. Here is Margaux, Cruz, and Maddox all in matching Kelly's Kids before we left...adorable!

When Mandy showed up I about died....Harper had on the same line of Kelly's Kids...Ha!!! All four matched! Too cute!This is Maddox playing with the velcro blocks at the WonderPlace:

Maddox at the water table:

Here is Cruz and his new friend, Harper, playing at the baby water table. Harper was splashing water all around and Cruz just kind of took it all in!

After we wore the kids out, we decided to go eat at the Purple Cow...and in case your counting, that would make 4 adults and 6! The hostess crammed all 10 of us (carseats and all) into the very back corner of the restaurant. We were crammed. Cruz had had enough by this time and decided the only way to get what he wanted was to throw a MAJOR crying fit. One of the kind of melt downs that makes everyone look at you...stressed me out! I ended up packing him up and waiting in the car while he went to sleep! I missed getting to visit over lunch! Oh well...maybe next time!

Up for tonight....Mark grilling steaks! Yum! Tomorrow: Uncle Mark watching ALL the kids while my sis, Kim, and I do a little (or maybe a lot) of retail therapy. David...I need it after Cruz's fit, so don't get mad;).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trucks and Crawfish...A Saturday in the South!

When I realized what I was about to write about...I realized just how "country" it sounded! We spent the day looking at trucks and then ate crawfish (a food entire parties are built around)!
So anywho, here is my sweet boy at the Touch a Truck fundraiser yesterday. I didn't get to walk around with the boys since I was working the event. (I was in charge of bounce houses...don't even get me started on that experience!) David had a is what we got:

This is Strike...the Naturals mascot..Maddox wasn't in love with him!

Here's my son in the back of a cop car...lets hope this is a once in a lifetime thing!

On to the crawfish....It was our friend Matt's 30th birthday party. Need I say, I only ate the side dishes...crawfish aren't my thing. But we had a good time! Happy Birthday Matt! (Side note...I'm the big 3-0 next month...ugh!)
This is Lindsey, me, and the hostess with the mostess...Michelle.

Dave, once again, eating mud bugs...

Me and Michelle
The Gals...Emily, Heather and Baby Eden, Me, Michelle, and Lindsey..

Now, I'm off to pack for Little Rock. Going to visit sis and her fam till Tuesday....BY MYSELF WITH THE BOYS...OH WOW, WHAT AM i THINKING??!! It's gonna be fun but lots o' work...till then....

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Got Tagged!

So my blogger friend Devin "tagged me" on her blog. Devin and I met in Junior League around 3 years ago. She is one of my favorite people I met in the League and miss seeing her since she left. Luckily we have blogs to keep up with each other. She has two beautiful of which is a newborn...and they are some stylish girls!!

Anyway- so here goes are the instructions for "eight things":
1. mention the person that tagged you.
2. complete the list of eight things.
3. tag eight of your wonderful blogger friends

8 Things I look forward too:
1. Our family vacation to Orange Beach next month.
2. Planning my trip to LA to see Kristin!
3. Maddox's 2nd birthday.
4. Getting Cruz well.
5. Getting at least one kid out of diapers. Even more so, BOTH kids out of diapers!!
6. SUMMER!!!!!!!!
7. Naptime!
8. Bedtime!

8 Things I did Yesterday: (yesterday was pretty uneventful for me too):
1. Woke up before the kids and had my coffee!
2. Vacuumed, which is huge for me!
3. Battled with Maddox over him not jumping off the back of the couch
4. Battled with Maddox over not telling Mommy "NO!"
5. Checked Facebook way too many times.
6. Gave into Cruz's crying and carried him around most of the day.
7. Shopped on the Internet.
8. Played Bunko with my girlfriends!!

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Track who checks my blog...I always wonder who looks, but doesn't comment!:)
2. Vacation more!
3. Shop as much as I wanted...although, pretty much do that anyways...sorry, David!
4. Get a pool in my backyard.
5. Be more disciplined and do yoga, quiet time, run, etc.
6. Get a tummy tuck after these 2 babies..ha! Although, if I was better at #5, I wouldn't have that problem!
7. Water ski...hope to learn this summer!
8. Sleep in at least once a week!

8 Shows I watch:
1. Good Morning America
2. Regis and Kelly
3. The View
4. The Hills
5. The Real Housewives of NYC, Orange County, Atlanta and New Jersey
6. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
7. Dancing with the Stars
8. I'm a nerd and watch news channels a lot! (Mostly Fox news)

8 Friends I tag:
1. Alissa
2. The Genco Journal
3. Alyssa Anderson
4. Sara Hardin
5. Eva Clark
6. Casey L.
7. Katie Cole
8. Amanda Vestal

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

What a fab Mother's Day! The first one since 06 that I wasn't preggo:)...ha! I'm so blessed with my two boys and thankful to be their 'mama'. We spent the morning at church, then went to a brunch at Crabby's with my parents and Davids parents (thank God they were all there to help take care of my kids!!), then I headed to the movies with bunch of other moms!
Here is me with 2 of my favorite babies:

Mother's Day was also Cruz's baby dedication at our church, Church at Pinnacle Hills. He slept through the entire thing just like his brother, Maddox, did at his dedication...ha! Here are some pics of the day. (You can tell as the pics go on, Maddox was DONE with the picture taking!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good News!

Cruz finally got in with the pulmanologist with Childrens Hospital! So happy for this...June 15th. Hopefully this appointment will give us the answers we are looking for!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Platters, Putters, Playdates, and Pumped

First of all, I picked up my PLATTER from Different Strokes. And, as promised, here is a picture of the finished product. I LOVE IT! Now I want one for every season with the boys hands and feet!!

Wow, it sure has been rainy around here! When the rain broke for a few hours the other day, David decided to get out of the house with Maddox and take him for his first ever golf game...a full 9 holes! Maddox had probably the best day of his life. He even had a real putter to play with. David said putting was the only part he was interested in!

When he got home all he kept saying was, "hole, Maddox, hole!" Meaning, "Maddox putt the ball in the hole". He would also say, "Dada, hole, GOLF!!". It was so funny listening to him try to explain what they sweet...what a cute Father/Son day!

Of course we have pictures:

Here are the boys coming up on the 4th hole right behind the house.

And here is David and Maddox with his PUTTER:

Maddox with his club! So much fun!

This morning the boys were so cute playing outside, I decided to go get the camera and play around with some pictures.


This is at the park at our PLAYDATE with the Hutchinson girls and the Hampton girls. I swear, I'm the only one who has had boys!!! Didn't get any pictures with the girls:(.

Last but not least, I am PUMPED we have decided to finally decorate the game room. Kirsten Blowers is doing the room for me (she is from the store I mentioned before, Rifraff, where I bought the zebra table), and let me tell you, this girl is good. I love what she has come up with and can't wait for it to all be done. Think green walls, orange ceiling, fun fabric, and modern furniture...can't wait! Oh, I get happy just thinking about it! Here is a sneak peek of the fabric:

OH, and Happy Birthday to my girl, Mandy!