Friday, May 22, 2009

Kitchen Queens Derby Night and Gameroom Update

Last night was Kitchen Queens and the theme was Derby Night with Southern Food. We all dressed in dresses and derby hats. I had the hardest time finding a cute hat....until we hit TJ Maxx in Little Rock earlier this week. Wow, they had some awesome hats! However, I didn't realize how expensive those things were! One was on clearance for $160!! Mine was a deal at $ was a polyester blend:).

I first planned on making Fried Green Tomatoes from a Paula Deen's Cookbook...then I realized there are NO green tomatoes to be found in Rogers...I mean, NO WHERE! So I switched to Fried Okra...from my mom's recipe book! I thought I burned it, but turned out everyone liked it..thank goodness!

Here is a picture of the beautiful table at Kim H.'s house...she is awesome at decorating and party throwing!!:

Here is my friend Amber and I...she really wore this hat to the derby;)!

And here is Rachel and blogger friend who invited me to join KQ...Thanks, Rachel!

The Queens!

And now for an update on the game room! I've had lots of people ask about it so here is more information. Haven't made too much progress yet, but I have bought a couple of items to go in it. Right now I'm waiting on a painter to come and get started. In the meantime, I'm collection some things that Kirsten told me to get.

First of all, here is a pic of the game room we are working on. BLAH! Can't wait to get some color in here!

These are some pillows from CB2...a store I had never heard of before Kirsten...its owned by Crate and Barrel...but cheaper.

Here is a screen (IO Metro) that is going to divide up the room a little better.

And this I LOVE!! Mirror from IO Metro...Not sure where it will be hanging, but I just love it. If you've ever been to my house you know my taste is really traditional, so it's been fun buying this modern stuff! Changing it up in the game room!

Check back soon! We have a big weekend coming up! Today my friend Amanda and I are taking the kids to the Fayetteville Botanical Gardens...hoping to get some good shots! Tomorrow, lake, and golf tourney...yes, I said it, I'm playing in a couples Grill and Chill Tourney...scary, Sunday....not sure yet....and Memorial Day, MORE LAKE...WAHOO!


Tara Gibson said...

loved your hat! it was my fav! so glad you came.. have a great weekend!

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

Kitchen Queens look like so much fun! Love your hat. Let me know if you need a painter--I have a good one that is CHEAP!

Ashley said...

Beautiful GIRL! I wish I could have gone to KQ, we have family in town all weekend! ;) You looked beautiful!!!

Alissa said...

Let me start by saying that I am VERY impressed w/your blogging skills! I am not as good, but trying hard :)
It looks like you have been having fun, I love the kiddos in their maching outfits everyone is SO cute!
I would LOVE to visit, it is hard to make plans though not knowing whta D will be like from one day to the next. But, I promise I have every intentention of day! By the way, GO you for travelign w/the boys alone, hope the experience was good! :) I MISS YOU TOO!!!!

Rachel said...

We are so glad that yall came to KQ!! I cannot wait to see the game room come together, I love what you have picked up so far!!!