Friday, May 15, 2009

I Got Tagged!

So my blogger friend Devin "tagged me" on her blog. Devin and I met in Junior League around 3 years ago. She is one of my favorite people I met in the League and miss seeing her since she left. Luckily we have blogs to keep up with each other. She has two beautiful of which is a newborn...and they are some stylish girls!!

Anyway- so here goes are the instructions for "eight things":
1. mention the person that tagged you.
2. complete the list of eight things.
3. tag eight of your wonderful blogger friends

8 Things I look forward too:
1. Our family vacation to Orange Beach next month.
2. Planning my trip to LA to see Kristin!
3. Maddox's 2nd birthday.
4. Getting Cruz well.
5. Getting at least one kid out of diapers. Even more so, BOTH kids out of diapers!!
6. SUMMER!!!!!!!!
7. Naptime!
8. Bedtime!

8 Things I did Yesterday: (yesterday was pretty uneventful for me too):
1. Woke up before the kids and had my coffee!
2. Vacuumed, which is huge for me!
3. Battled with Maddox over him not jumping off the back of the couch
4. Battled with Maddox over not telling Mommy "NO!"
5. Checked Facebook way too many times.
6. Gave into Cruz's crying and carried him around most of the day.
7. Shopped on the Internet.
8. Played Bunko with my girlfriends!!

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Track who checks my blog...I always wonder who looks, but doesn't comment!:)
2. Vacation more!
3. Shop as much as I wanted...although, pretty much do that anyways...sorry, David!
4. Get a pool in my backyard.
5. Be more disciplined and do yoga, quiet time, run, etc.
6. Get a tummy tuck after these 2 babies..ha! Although, if I was better at #5, I wouldn't have that problem!
7. Water ski...hope to learn this summer!
8. Sleep in at least once a week!

8 Shows I watch:
1. Good Morning America
2. Regis and Kelly
3. The View
4. The Hills
5. The Real Housewives of NYC, Orange County, Atlanta and New Jersey
6. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
7. Dancing with the Stars
8. I'm a nerd and watch news channels a lot! (Mostly Fox news)

8 Friends I tag:
1. Alissa
2. The Genco Journal
3. Alyssa Anderson
4. Sara Hardin
5. Eva Clark
6. Casey L.
7. Katie Cole
8. Amanda Vestal


The Bells said...

I put a stat counter on my blog. it doesn't exactly tell you who is looking, but it shows what city, what site they came to your blog from, what site they left your blog to, etc. kinda cool...i have people from lots of states where i know NO ONE! and i've even had other countries!

The Bertram's said...

amen to sleeping in one day a week! Thanks for the sweet comment. It is so comforting to read what other mother's do each day! Hope to see you soon,

Ashley said...

You're so cute, I just love ya!! You like all of my favorite shows! ;) Hope you have great day!

alyssa said...

i read your blog!! holy cow & i am so jealous about LA!!!!!! take me!!!!!