Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Post from Little Rock

We went to the Wonder Place in Little Rock today. Second time Maddox has been there and he loved it even more than last time. We met up with Kendall and her son, Brody and also my friend Mandy and her little girls Ella and Harper. So much fun to hang with my Little Rock friends!

My sister sells Kelly's Kids clothing and I pretty much clothe my kids for an entire season with their cute stuff. Here is Margaux, Cruz, and Maddox all in matching Kelly's Kids before we left...adorable!

When Mandy showed up I about died....Harper had on the same line of Kelly's Kids...Ha!!! All four matched! Too cute!This is Maddox playing with the velcro blocks at the WonderPlace:

Maddox at the water table:

Here is Cruz and his new friend, Harper, playing at the baby water table. Harper was splashing water all around and Cruz just kind of took it all in!

After we wore the kids out, we decided to go eat at the Purple Cow...and in case your counting, that would make 4 adults and 6! The hostess crammed all 10 of us (carseats and all) into the very back corner of the restaurant. We were crammed. Cruz had had enough by this time and decided the only way to get what he wanted was to throw a MAJOR crying fit. One of the kind of melt downs that makes everyone look at you...stressed me out! I ended up packing him up and waiting in the car while he went to sleep! I missed getting to visit over lunch! Oh well...maybe next time!

Up for tonight....Mark grilling steaks! Yum! Tomorrow: Uncle Mark watching ALL the kids while my sis, Kim, and I do a little (or maybe a lot) of retail therapy. David...I need it after Cruz's fit, so don't get mad;).


Kaci Bell said...

Glad you had a good day....sorry you had to deal with the meltdown...I know from experience that it's miserable!! They are adorable!

The Bells said...

looks like fun! the last picture of cruz playing in the water reminds me of zane...the way he has his little lips poked out and is concentrating really hard! such a cutie. love the outfits! does your sister have trunk shows?

Ruthanne said...

We love the Wonder Place & the Purple Cow! Two really fun places to go with children.

Sorry about Maddox! I've had that same experience - not very fun.