Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

What a fab Mother's Day! The first one since 06 that I wasn't preggo:)...ha! I'm so blessed with my two boys and thankful to be their 'mama'. We spent the morning at church, then went to a brunch at Crabby's with my parents and Davids parents (thank God they were all there to help take care of my kids!!), then I headed to the movies with bunch of other moms!
Here is me with 2 of my favorite babies:

Mother's Day was also Cruz's baby dedication at our church, Church at Pinnacle Hills. He slept through the entire thing just like his brother, Maddox, did at his dedication...ha! Here are some pics of the day. (You can tell as the pics go on, Maddox was DONE with the picture taking!)


Tara Gibson said...

what a wonderful day...and your hair looks AMAZING! : )

Ruthanne said...

Sheesh, girl! You are so stinkin' goooorgeous. ;D

Yesterday must have been a very special day for your family.

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KATE said...

glad you had a wonderful mothers day =]

Rachel said...

You look gorgeous Amy!!! The boys are cute too =)!

Bridget said...

Yeah he was done!!! The 3rd or 4th one he is looking at your mom like HELP ME PLEASE!!! MAKE THEM STOP TAKING PICTURES :)... Glad you were able to enjoy a meal without listening to your kids or chasing them around.. We wont go out in public with them right now if we can help it so Jim picked up PF CHANGS after they WENT TO BED.

Alissa said...

Haven't blogged in ages! Just catching up and I am SO glad that you will finally have answers about Cruz! You guys are always in our prayers. We are typically very pleased w/ the docs at ACH, I am sure you will be too. Looks like everything is going great, Happy be-lated Mother's Day :)