Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving With My Mimi

My mom and I took the boys to have thanksgiving lunch with my Mimi who has althzimers and lives in a nursing home yesterday. You never know what to expect from little kids, but the boys did great.

They took Mimi pictures they had made and talked to her. It was really cute. She just smiled and watched them the whole lunch. I'm sure she probably didn't really know who they were, but she obviously still enjoyed the company;).

Here are the boys helping wheel her back to her room after our lunch;).

I couldn't get Mimi to look at the camera, she was just talking and talking to Cruz;).

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More from Texas

I'm just doing a quick post to sum up the rest of our trip....I have a million photos...but I'm quickly sorting through and posting a few. Its almost Thanksgiving and I've got to catch up before these Holidays do!:)

We stayed busy on our trip! Never a dull moment. Our first day there we loaded up and took the kids to the childrens was a BLAST!
I loved this picture below. Mostly becuase of what Cruz was doing. You see, he has a bit of what we call "little man syndrome". He's almost 2, and in the 6% for it's fair to say he's a lil guy. But he is also a scrapper and not scared to boss kids around.
In this picture he is sitting in a dinosaur footprint. He has been sitting in it forever. He would not let anyone else get in it. Even these older girls who he didn't even know!! He was being so bossy!! "NO, NO, NO" he would say!! He is so fiesty!

But he stilll knows how to treat a lady:).

At night Maddox and Jefferson would play football for hours!!

Saturday morning we got to go cheer on Jefferson at his little league game! He won!!

Thanks, Hutchinson for a great time!! We love y'all!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

ICE at Gaylord Texan

This weekend we went to Texas to visit my best friend, Amber, and her family. It was seriously like a mini vacation!! We did so much fun stuff and stayed busy the whole time! I took so many pictures that I'm going to have to break this up into several blogs!!

Yesterday before we drove home we went to the ICE show at the Gaylord Texan. The Gaylord is a huge resort and each Christmas they choose a theme and carve huge ice sculptures and slides to walk through and see. This years theme couldn't have been more perfect. It was Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. This happens to be Maddox's FAVORITE movie to watch. Well, he loves ANYTHING Charlie Brown! So we couldn't wait to take him!

Here are my boys all bundled up and ready to go! It was in the 60's in Texas, but we heard when you get to the actual ice exhibit it would be 9 degrees in the rooms!!! Brrrr!! Walking in to the Gaylord Resort. It was already decked out for Christmas!
The Welborn and Hutchinson kiddos!

Saylor and Cruzy!!!

Once we got there they handed out HUGE blue parkas to everyone to wear on top of what you already had. It seemed a little much at first. In fact, we were sweating to death. But they insisted we wear them AND button them up!!

Here we are, in our goofy parkas. Check out rear end!! Hahaha!!! NO, its not that big!! I had my purse and camera under there!! But this picture cracked me up!!

Walking in....everything you see from here on out is ICE!!! Colored ice!! And it was FREEEEEZING!!!!!!
Look at these sweet faces!!

Our hubbies thought it would be SOOOO funny for us to pose next to this sign:/

All sculptures were actual scenes from the movie. As you went from room to room it was like watching the movie. It was so neat!!!

Walking into the slide room:

That little body at the bottom of the slide is Cruz, and NO, he didn't like it one bit!!

Here comes Maddox!!!! That's Jefferson waiting for him at the bottom:

Amber and I couldn't resist it either!! It was so fast!!!

I had to have Cruz pose by Linus. Cruz reminds me of Linus, he looks like him, sucks his fingers like him, and has a blankie like him. And as soon as we put him next to him Cruz reached out for Linus' blankey...TOO CUTE!!


Family photo!!

Cruz was happy to see the end, he didn't enjoy it too much!!

An ice cave led to one last room.....

It was the Nativity Scene...a loud speaker was telling the Christmas Story!

Merry Christmas!!!! I bought the kids each a doll....Cruz got Linus and Maddox got Charlie Brown. They loved on them all the way home:

Stay tuned for lots more from our Texas trip!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween!!

We went to church Sunday morning. I didn't want to miss, sadly, it was mostly because I wanted to dress Cruz in this super cute outfit!! Haha!! I love this little John-John!
Here's my other lil man, Maddox, before church! Goofy smile, of course. When will he get photogenic???We had my mom and Davids' mom over for dinner. Earlier in the week we had gone to a Halloween play date and I brought these adorable Hot Dog Mummies. They are super easy to make and so stinkin cute. My kids loved them so I made them again for Halloween dinner. It's just a hot dog wrapped in Pillsbury breadsticks!! Bake them up and dot on mustard for eyes!!All suited up and ready to head out for Trick or Treating. I left that pumpkin full of candy with a note to take one or two. I didn't want to seem unfestive and not hand out candy, so since we were all gone taking pictures and watching our boys, I just put it all out. Of course, when I came home it was completely empty..... hmmmmm, wonder if someone dumped it in a pillow case....;)And he's off!!!!!HOw cute is my "Very Hungry Caterpillar"??So excited!This house was decorated a little on the scary side. I was shocked, but the boys walked right up and said "TRICK OR TREAT!!!"Cruz totally got the hang of it this year!Checking out the goods once we got back home:

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Catching Up...

From last weekend....and I'm STILL not to the trick or treating part!!

Last Friday our neighborhood had haunted houses set up at the club and hayrides going about the nieghborhood. We went up with a ton of friends and had dinner before the festivities. It was a mad house!

One room had a little winding tunnel for the little kids. It wasn't scary, just dark with lights. Very cute.

The hayride is something we have done every year. It has never been scary, just a fun little ride that usually last about 20 minutes.

This year I guess they decided to change it up a bit. Let's just say we went off the beaten path to the undeveloped part of the neighborhood, saw a coffin, from which a man jumped out with a chainsaw!! And that was just the beginning!!! Maddox pulled his little hood over his eyes and never looked up again. I (the horrible mother that I am) could not stop laughing. I could not believe my little ones were being exposed to the craziness!! Cruz thought it was great!!! Next year we'll be sure to check ahead and make sure its not a haunted hayride!!After the haunted hayride the kids felt really "grown up" and decided they were brave enough to go into the 'big kid' haunted house on the other side of the club. (We warned the ghosts and goblins that little kids were coming through, so they toned it down).

Here is Maddox coming out telling me about all the "pretend scary stuff". He even told me about the spider webs, "they're just made of cotton, Mom!!"Saturday we headed to Fayetteville for our last time to tailgate and cheer on the Razorbacks! We will be missing the last home game! It was homecoming, which is always fun! We asked someone to take our picture on the way to the game, of course, "random guy" had to jump in. Stay tuned for next post...HALLOWEEN!!!