Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Paci, Or Not to Paci

That is the question around this house!

Since Maddox was this little newborn baby, he has loved the "Soothie" paci. Or..."taci" as he likes to call it.

Its something that I have thought about for 2 1/2 years. Always making sure to never forget it. Always making sure it was attached to some sort of clothing so it did not get dirty or lost....heaven forbid!!

He loved it then...

He loved it then....He loved it THEN....And he loves it now.

I say all of this because last weekend the boys stayed at my mom and dads. And for the first time in Maddox's life....he did not have a taci. Not one. I woke up at 3 am and remembered that I did not leave one at their house. I was so stressed thinking all through the night that he must be miserable. He must crying. He must wonder where it is.

I immediately called the next morning. To my surprise, Maddox had not asked for it ONCE. Never even mentioned the word. Slept the whole night. Was totally fine.

Okay, we thought, this must be it. Its time. Get rid of them so that he never sees one again.

Brought him home. Laid him down for a nap.

First words, "Where's my taci?".

Mine, "They've gone bye-bye.".

Maddox (in complete panic), "But where are they, I want my taci".

Me (trying not to cave), "They're bye-bye, have a good nap".

I bolted.

He cried...for 30 minutes.

Then finally, quiet.

Maybe this is gonna work.

Then, more crying.

Then, Momma caves...I give him all six of his taci's and he is so appreciative and relieved.

So am I...I'm such a softie.

So I'm just curious....how old do you think is too old. And any good suggestions of how to get rid of the taci are completely welcome.

For now we have told him, "When your 3 the taci fairy comes and takes all your taci's, but you'll get a big prize left in return....". Ridiculous, I know...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family, Friends, Fun!!

We've had a busy weekend! Lots of fun, lots of running around. Gonna do a quick recap!

Friday night we were invited to have dinner at David's Uncle Steve's house. Davids cousins were in town with their two girls and we thought it would be fun to get all the kids together. It was! The kids had a blast. Steve is planting a garden in his back yard. Half of it is just dirt so far, so he let the kids get out there and play in it. Dirt + kids = fun!

Below are pics of the second cousins: Cruz, Elizabeth, Maddox, and Catherine:

Here I told them to make a silly face (Look how happy Cruz is!!):

Saturday we had a birthday party that I am SO BUMMED I didn't get pictures of. My friend Serenity had a "Candy Land" First Birthday party for her little girl Kheringtyn. The kids had so much fun. Cruz ate candy and lollypops for 2 solid hours. They were in heaven! She did a great job! So cute!

After the party we went to dinner with the Hamptons, Browns, Hutchinsons, and Hermans. We ate at Abuelo's and then took the party to JJ's. A place I had never been to at night. They had a great band....a guitar/singer and a drummer who used a paint bucket to drum. Seriously. They were so fun. I danced a lot...by myself. Didn't care.

While all the festivities were going on, the snow started coming in heavy! We had 7 inches by the time we woke up this morning. All of that on the first day of spring...crazy!

The boys had stayed at my parents house last night (THANKS MOM AND DAD). We took lunch to their house when we went to pick the boys up. I had also packed some clothes so that they could go play in the snow. It sounded like a great idea.....but Maddox got cold fast!

Here are some pics from my parents back yard:

Somebody was ready to go back in.

Somebody else wasn't.

On another note, Cruz sleeps every night with a beautiful green blanket my mom knitted for him. He has grown to love it and snuggles it every night. It is so sweet. The only problem is that it is a full size blanket and he needed something else to take in the car, around the house, etc. So mom made him out of the same yarn a "mini" blankey. As soon as Cruz saw it he dropped everything to hold it. He loves it. He carries it everywhere now. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Thanks Ganmommy!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


So I just finished week 2 of getting up every morning Monday-Friday at 5am and enduring a 45 minute, kick you in the you know what, boot camp work out....

Yay for me....

Now, next week is off for spring break, then we'll be back for 2 more weeks.

I'm hoping to get into this new juicy swimsuit I just bought (shhhhh, don't tell David!!):

(except mine is baby pink)

Yes, I bought it feeling fat...just hoping boot camp will turn that around.
And can I just say, for us moms, thank GOODNESS they are making one pieces so stinkin cute! Obviously I would rather have a bikini bod, but until then, I'm lovin the new styles of swimwear. Covers you up, but not to "momm-y".

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just know this is going to be the next entry into Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Bootandles: a phrase coined by my brother in law mark, referring to the latest pair of shoes I bought at DSW while visiting Little Rock.

I love them.

Its a boot.....
Its a sandal...
Its a "Bootandal"!!

Mark is the funniest!

And here is a picture of my new "Bootandals".

So what do you think...love them?, hate them?...I'm curious. However, I will wear them relentlessly no matter what you say:)!! I heart bootandals. Period.

Happy St. Patty's Day

I love this holiday.... I love dressing up in green, four leaf clovers, eating at an Irish restaurant, and knowing it means Spring is just around the corner.

Anywho, I got the boys shirts to wear today and wanted a super cute picture of them to post...HOWEVER....that never happened. Maddox would not let me fix his hair, so please excuse the craziness. He wouldn't pose with his brother either. And Cruz is fussy. And well, you get the "picture"....

Hope everyone remembers their green and has a fabulous St. Patricks Day!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Its Just Some Pictures, Y'all....

Just to keep up on the blog.....

Here is the tent maddox made out of Cruz's blow up car and a blanket:

And here is Cruz feeding himself breakfast....a banana dipped in yogurt:

and a cute story....(Sorry if you already read this as my facebook status)...this morning Maddox came and gave me a BIG kiss. He said, "what's wrong with your lips, Mom? You got candy on them??". Nope, I just had on some shiny, fruity lip gloss. Made me smile.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quiet Lil Weekend

We have had absolutely wonderful weather around Arkansas this weekend. The boys and I have played outside almost everyday! Cruz loves to just RUN. Maddox loves to play ball. They were so cute yesterday...I had to run and grab my camera for some cute pics.....

Even Nash has had a good weekend....

Last night we got take out and then went to Braum's for ice cream. It felt like summer!! I laid back relaxing night...just what we all needed!
This morning David went fishing with his buddy Matt and the boys and I are just hanging out. We are going to our neighbors house tonight for dinner. Maddox loves to play with their kids, so it will be fun for sure!

Maddox went potty at our house last night! (I say "our house" because he regularly does it at school, but NEVER for us!!).

So guess who got his reward...finally....

His favorite candy.....TWIZZLERS!!

And guess who cried because he wanted one too.....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know its March, BUUUUT....

....is it too late to talk February?? Cause I think I missed some stuff!

Like, the SUPER BOWL! Where have I been?? We had a super bowl party at our house with the Porters, Browns, Wynn's, and Hutchinsons....and ALL of our kids. It was crazy fun, not sure I even caught a glimpse of the game!

Here is Heather, Me, and Michelle ( I need her shirt, it says "He Hunts, I Shop!"

Sweet babies, Maddox and Sadie:

These sammies are the best...baked ham and cheese....and TWO sticks of butter melted on top..I about have a heart attack just thinking about the wonderfulness....

Here are all the girls....Amber, Heather, Michelle, me, and Rachel

And here is the best babysitter around. Rachel's lil girl Claire always plays so good with Cruz. I never have to worry about him when she is around! She is like a little teenager! Love her!

I also forgot to finish Valentines Day posts. Here is the breakfast in bed we made for Daddy...

And here is his handmade card:

This is all the presents for the boys. They both got pajamas. Maddox also got a play dough set and Cruz got a big play gumball machine:
And what would Valentines Day be with out a little brotherly l-o-v-e???