Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial day!!

We spent time at the lake, pool, and with friends the entire weekend! It was so busy, but totally in a good way! I have to admit, I finally crashed last night by 9 o'clock! Seems like we started celebrating Memorial Day on Thursday night!:/

I took most of my pics yesterday when we hit the lake with the Wares! You will notice the wTer is ssssuuupppeeeerrrr brown! We have had lots of flooding and it has churned up the lake water big time. Boo!! Didn't spoil ou van though!

Maddox and best friend Harry:

Cruz wouldn't smile for me:(

Ready to roll!!

Me and Amanda

Feeding the fish and ducks at the marina ** (thanks for all who helped me spell check this line!! Oooooopsy!! DUCKS!)

Georgia Kelly loved the boat ride!!

Me, Maddox,Amanda, Harry tubing!!

Chad and Amanda:

4sleepy kids on the ride back to the dock;). That's Maddox under the blanket;)

We love the wares!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After The Storms

Wow! Arkansas, Oklahoma, and especially Missouri have had enough bad weather to last a lifetime. Tornado after tornado .....so sad.

I think we are finally in the clear after 3 days of terrible storms.

Now it's time for many people to rebuild. Many from the ground up. If there is any good in all of this, it has to be the way strangers have come together to help strangers. Neighbors running to help neighbors.

Joplin is 45 minutes from where we live and many friends of mine have family that was affected by Sunday's tornado. These people were left with nothing. Anything you can do to help is greatly needed. Especially prayers.

We spent two nights this week hanging out in our closet under the stairs, looking at radar that showed tornados headed straight for our area.

But we were lucky and never got the worst of it. After being indoors so much, today it was time to PLAY.

And thank GOD for what we have!

Please keep the tornado victims in your prayers...

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Rock

We finally found some time last week to go down to Little Rock and visit my sister and her family. It was a quick packed trip, but so worth it. I don't think Maddox or Cruz cried one time! They were so happy to be there!
Here we are loaded up and ready to go;)! The kids brought every blanket and animal they could carry!

The next day we took the kids to the purple cow, and they got yummy purple milkshakes;)!

After that we went to The Wonderplace. It was a blast and wore the kids out!!

This picture was so funny to me. Doesn't Maddox loom so excited?!?

Even Sloan had fun!;)

Margaux and Maddox pretend grocery shopping;)

So happy to snap a pick with mommy!;)

That night we went to watch my nieces at their dance studio. They are so good at what they do!

Thanks Kim and Peace for a fun few days!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone Picture Time!

Just like everyone, some of the best pics are on my phone. I share them on facebook, but time to update the blog with them too!

The picture below may be one of my all-time faves!!! Maddoxs new trick is crossing his eyes:

Out with friends to celebrate Ashleys birthday. It was right after the royal wedding, so we took pics in crowns!

Look how photogenic my kids are!!!! Lol!!

Me and David;)

iPad is fixed!!!!!

On the way to Tulsa Maddox decided to take pics while playing with my phone. The view from his seat:

A picture of a picture:

Poor Maddox had to get two cavities filled. He was so brave!!!! The barely cried during the shots. But it still broke my heart:(.

Here he is with all the gear on: (kinda funny)

Afterwards I told him we would get a new toy since he was so brave. He had the choice of target, or Dilly Dallys(a local toy boutique). Of course my kid chose Target!!! Haha!!! We got a new shield and sword.....and a icee!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend;)

Can I be cheesy for just a minute?? Great! Because I had the best mothers day weekend ever! Get ready for some sweet pics!

After 2 weeks of rain, we finally have sunshine again!! Friday night after dinner we sat on the back deck and just enjoyed the warmth!!

Look at cruzy!! Happy with ice cream all over his face;)!

I watered my plants;)

Played with Nash. He is so funny with this big ball. Our neighbors call him a circus dog. He is entertaining to say the least!

We played in water;)

And Ate a snack on the deck chair;). It was a good night!

Saturday we were off to soccer!;)

Cruz is so ready to be on a team!

That afternoon we played couples golf with our friends the Ducas. I hadn't played in over two years! Thankfully it was a scramble!!

Today we got up and headed to Tulsa. The plan was to go to the Oklahoma aquarium and then let me do some shopping!

I have NEVER in my life seen my kids so excited as they were at the aquarium! They were squeeling, jumping, running, and so into the whole experience! If you live close enough, this place is a must!!


You can't tell, but these were the "nemo" fish;)

We got to feed turtles!

Here we fed sting rays (we did get nickel and dimed to death with paying fr all the extra stuff, but totally worth it!!)

Cruz was scared of nothing!!!!!

Shark tank!

This is so blurry, but I still love it!!!

Then we ate lunch, and off for shopping. I bought some adirondack chairs I have been wanting. We play in our driveway a lot, and it's pretty big, so I wanted cute chairs we could leave out all the time. Happy mothers day to me!!

I love when the kids play so hard they pass out! I also love that Maddox has his souvenir in his lap;)

And last, I finally got my Keurig!!!!!!! I can't wait till morning!;)

And happy mothers day to my sweet momma!! I love you mom!

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