Monday, August 22, 2011

Me Lately, via iPhone

After getting back from Cape Cod I needed to spend quality time with my kiddos. We spent one morning at the park together. I sure had missed them!!

Maddox insisted on swinging in the baby swings......bad idea, he got stuck. In case you can't tell.... He is a huge 4 year old;)!! It was about 100 degrees, trying to get him out about killed me!!!!

Lots of nights after dinner we walk down to the pond and hang;).

Okay, so pinterest is totally making me a better mom! I'm cooking more homemade meals, crafts with kids, doing everything better!! Ha!! The other day it was raining, so I searched for something to do with the kids. I made "sensory boxes". Pasta, rice, dry oatmeal. I wasn't sure what they would do, but it was very entertaining to them!! They put little men in it and;).

Again, spoiling the babies after my trip a bear!!

Maddox and his bff, Harry;)

Girls night at the movies! Saw The help. So good!!

Celebrating michelles bday. We went out with our hubbies, had dinner then shot pool;)!

Maddox decided to play two if his favorite sports at once: football-tennis. Very interesting rules!;)

Savoring our summer.....

My friend Melisa has a bday coming up, so we had a lake day and party for her.....took this pic of the kids squeezed in the third row;)

Lake fun;)

Melisas cake! Shelby Lynn never disappoints!

Razorback football is just around the corner, this year I decided to do a football door!!;)

Speaking of razorbacks, a lady I grew up with started a cute embroidery business. Look up "hugs n stitches" on facebook. So cute. I won a gift card and picked these adorable hog shirts. The black is chalk cloth, so you can personalize it for each game, like "beat LSU" or "homecoming". How cute!!!!

Cruz got a new look today. Think Justin Beiber. Haha!! It needs to grow and fill in, but it's pretty darn cute!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swim Lessons

Maddox was in his second year of swim lessons this year. He takes private lessons with Miss Courtney and her sister Emily. They teach all day in their parents backyard. They are so great with the boys. Cruz took for the first time this year. Maddox really advanced this year: jumping in deep end, swimming freestyle, learning to breathe.... I was impressed.

Cruz on the other hand was a little toot!! He wasn't very good at listening to his teacher and would yell "NO!!!!" when he didn't want to do something. EMBARRASSING!!! She was so patient. I had to start leaving during the lessons because it stressed me out so bad to watch him act like that!!! :/. Well, one day I came back and they figured out a way to get him to swim, they put their dog Roxie in the water and had Cruz race her. So funny!! Whatever works.....;)

Thanks Miss Courtney and Emily!!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Girls Weekend in Cape Cod

I've made some great friends from playing tennis. One of my tennis/neighborhood friends Melisa is from Boston. She went back for a long visit this summer and invited a few of us girls to come stay while she was there. Her MIL has the cutest cottage in the Cape! So much fun. Here is a post of iPhone pics, I'll download the rest later!

First of all, I was so happy to leave this hot sticky weather behind!!!!

My friend Kiki and I flew out together. Our other friends, Kelly and Kim, flew out the day before. I can't even begin to tell you hoe crazy our flights were!!! Delayed once, almost missed a flight, we even got paged! It was hysterical! Then once in Boston we had to wait 30 minutes on our luggage that had gotten on a different flight. Needless to say, it was time for a glass of wine!

Melisa had a lobster dinner waiting on us! My first try, and I didn't love it! But I did really love swordfish!

Next morning we slept in and then hit the beach. Relaxing.

Out to dinner that night. We went to Melisas fave sushi place, here we are with Taka, I think he kinda loves melisa!

Then we went to The Wave, a hole in the wall dive bar, fun!

Next morning was RAIN:(. We had plans to go out on the boat, but had to cancel. Instead we ate and had drinks all day;)

First stop, local country club;)

Look how pretty it was!!

Then we drove to the Chart Room for the best mudslides ever!

That night we went back home and sat on the screened porch and chatted till super late. Kiki and I left the next morning. Sad to go, but happy to be home too!

Ps: Cruz loved his lobster hat;)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Orange Beach 2011

Well, summer has really gotten the best of my blogging habits! I'm just to busy, hot, and exhausted to even take the time to load photos! It's terrible because we are having a great summer and doing fun stuff, I'm gonna get back on it....

So a few weeks ago we went on our annual trip to the Alabama coast. My dad takes my family and my sister Kim's family every year. Might just be the BEST tradition ever!!

The boys were at a great age this year...they had a lot of fun, because they loved the beach....but I think MOST of all, they loved being with their extended family 24/7!! Talk about getting spoiled!! Ha!

It's always a long drive down. Is it in a kids DNA to ask "are we there yet" every hour? I mean really, where do they learn this cause ALL kids seem to do it! But we finally made it and the kids all changed and went STRAIGHT to the beach!

And then the pool....

And Maddox couldn't resist the slide!!

My niece, Sloan, was so great with the kids. She is almost 12 and was such a little helper with them. They adore her!!:)

All of the cousins being silly! Look how skinny my Cruzy is! Boy, I've got one with a big ole belly, and one that you can see his rib cage!

It's not a beach trip without a little crabbing!! Too bad we didn't see one single crab:(.

Time for a full beach day!

Yes, we represent those hogs!!

This picture cracks me up....Cruz was mad about something and pouting in the waves!

We went to Lulu's one night, and that is something we do every year. Great food and even better atmosphere!

Wow, nice smile Maddox!!

Cruz put on a show onstage! Dancin hard to the band!!

Cruz and Maddox were both wanting boogie boards to ride the waves. Maddox really used his, Cruz treated his like a new pet on a leash.

Thursday night we did a fantastic sunset dolphin cruise. If your in the area, try Cold Mil Creek. They had the dolphins jumping out of the water everywhere!

Me and my sis!

We got a great family shot on the boat!

Remember me saying my kids got spoiled...well here is some proof. My dad who HATES sand, is sitting in the sand feeding Cruz by hand (Cruz is 2 1/1 and knows full well how to feed himself, but he didn't want sand on his food, so he told Grandad to feed him!)

A little beach football!

The last night we went to The was great! Not because of the food or service, those things were both awful, terrible, and disappointing. BUT THE ATMOSHPERE!!! Soooooo fun!!!! Made up for the dining experience!:)

Foam machines!!! These bubbles were about 6 feet tall when they first poured out!

Ping Pong!

Oh, and the most impressive face painting I've ever seen. Are you at all surprised at what Maddox picked???:)

Cool statues! (and a 6'8" Grandad who can help you reach the top!)

FUN STUFF! Great trip, Thanks DAd and Mom!

PS. I posted about Cruz getting his tubes and he is doing great. It was a rocky start, but he is fine now. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my lil guy!

Now, I'm off to roast in this 108 degree heat!!!
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