Monday, August 22, 2011

Me Lately, via iPhone

After getting back from Cape Cod I needed to spend quality time with my kiddos. We spent one morning at the park together. I sure had missed them!!

Maddox insisted on swinging in the baby swings......bad idea, he got stuck. In case you can't tell.... He is a huge 4 year old;)!! It was about 100 degrees, trying to get him out about killed me!!!!

Lots of nights after dinner we walk down to the pond and hang;).

Okay, so pinterest is totally making me a better mom! I'm cooking more homemade meals, crafts with kids, doing everything better!! Ha!! The other day it was raining, so I searched for something to do with the kids. I made "sensory boxes". Pasta, rice, dry oatmeal. I wasn't sure what they would do, but it was very entertaining to them!! They put little men in it and;).

Again, spoiling the babies after my trip a bear!!

Maddox and his bff, Harry;)

Girls night at the movies! Saw The help. So good!!

Celebrating michelles bday. We went out with our hubbies, had dinner then shot pool;)!

Maddox decided to play two if his favorite sports at once: football-tennis. Very interesting rules!;)

Savoring our summer.....

My friend Melisa has a bday coming up, so we had a lake day and party for her.....took this pic of the kids squeezed in the third row;)

Lake fun;)

Melisas cake! Shelby Lynn never disappoints!

Razorback football is just around the corner, this year I decided to do a football door!!;)

Speaking of razorbacks, a lady I grew up with started a cute embroidery business. Look up "hugs n stitches" on facebook. So cute. I won a gift card and picked these adorable hog shirts. The black is chalk cloth, so you can personalize it for each game, like "beat LSU" or "homecoming". How cute!!!!

Cruz got a new look today. Think Justin Beiber. Haha!! It needs to grow and fill in, but it's pretty darn cute!!

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Jill said...

Your boys are growing up so much! Love your front door! I wish I could do things like that to mine, but Brinks won't allow it. :-) Little Cruzy Bieber looks adorable with his new haircut! HA!!!