Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Summa-time:(

I have to say, I don't get all these people who are SO glad summer is over!?! Really??? Summer is THE best!!! I have soaked up every second. I do love fall, but then comes winter...... Yuck!!

Moving on, I finally downloaded some pictures from my camera. So here goes a kinda quick summery of the last few weeks.

Spent lots of time on Beaver Lake! We will be going out until it is just down right too cold!! My friend melisa had a bday recently and we headed out to celebrate!!

These girls are the cutest and SO good with my boys!)

We took the kids to a Naturals game last week. It was family night at the park. There were inflatables, games, and FREE food;);)!!

How cute is Cruz??!!?

After the game they let all the kids on the field to run the bases. So fun. I had a great time with my little family;)!

Maddox started preschool;'(!! Time is going so fast!! Here he is on his first day, and I have to agree with my sister.... He looks more like a second grader than a preschooler!!!!

Cute new backpack;)!

Maddox and his teacher ms. Linda. (wish I realized his eyes were closed!!)

Friday we had a double date night with the Wares. We did a progressive dinner, hitting a new place for appetizers, main course, and then dessert. So fun!!

Saturday was the first razorback game!!! That means time to tailgate!!!

We played some really mature games;)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun labor day!!!

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Jill said...

You always look so cute! I can't believe how old Maddox looks. It's like he grew up a lot all at once. I bet he's going to be really tall. I'm totally with ya...I am absolutely not ready for fall. I still want more summer!