Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Want to see something cute?

Then run over to Rachel's blog and check out the FABULOUS Witch's Brew party she had for all of our kids! I am behind on the I'm just gonna link you straight to the source!

Thanks Rachel...Maddox had a BLAST!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Say Ba-Bye!!!!!

The thing I hate the most about my body are my awefully ugly viens....all thanks to pregnancy. They bulge out of my legs, make me look bruised...they are just plain ugly!! But tomorrow, they will be no more....

I am heading into surgery to have those suckers taken out! I am getting injections to make the spider ones go away. My legs are gonna look good again. I can't is the before (sorry for the bad picture...I just took it real quick!)

My legs will be wrapped up for two days, but I'll post an after when I can ....WOOO HOOO! I have been looking forward to this since I had Cruz!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

I've had a hard time finding something to blog about the past few days. Life around here has not exactly been kids are both in terrible "phases". Having two boys so young is really taking a toll on me lately.

Cruz is teething...which means, he follows me around constantly crying, only stopping if I will pick him up.

Maddox is in full swing of the TERRIBLE TWO'S!!!! Whining, tantrums, crying, whining, crying, more tantrums, 'mommy, mommy, mommy'...

This combination at the same time is so hard.

The only peace I get is at this very moment, when they are both napping!

But soon, I'll here "Mommy!!!" and it'll be time to get them up....and then it all starts again.

I love my babies, I thank God for my husband and parents who are so willing to always help out. But life....its hard! Anyone who says being a stay at home mom is not a 'real' job...ha! I go crazier now than when I taught a class of 30 junior high kids!

But, I do love my babies.....and all the craziness....I do love being a stay at home mom!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last Weekend Catch Up....


Last Thursday I was invited to a party that was one of the BEST ideas I have ever heard of....It was called "Swap Till You Drop". It was a clothing Swap party were everyone brings 3 items they no longer wear, puts them all together, then draw numbers to pick 3 new items! You go home with "new to you" clothes...its like shopping for free! SO fun! I took a white coat, Bebe Dress, and a clutch purse....I came home with a cute Kensie Dress, and 2 adorable tops! I totally recommend doing a party like this with your girlfriends...just call us "recessionista's!"

Here is the awesome table set up for the party. It was at Rachels home....I just have to include that there was a tornado warning during the party just south of us. The funny thing about this is that a little over a year ago I was at a party at Rachels and the SAME thing happened. Except that time it was so close you could see it from Rachel's back yard!!! SCARY!Here is me and my girl Ashley!! Love her!!! She ended up with my white coat!Here are the party planners...Tara and Rachel, with me and Alyssa...oh, and Rachel's cute little girl, Claire!


No pics:(, but we did go have dinner with 3 other couples, Herman's, Andersons, and Browns at a pizza place...ticked I forgot my camera!

Look at my sweet boys last Saturday! They were all dressed up in their Razorback Red for Saturday's know, the one were the hogs KILLED Auburn!!??

Ashley and I before the game! Woooooooo Pig Sooie! We both wore red flower headbands...not planned!

Ashley and Chad....Me and Dave! Go Hogs!!!

After the game we had to go to my best friend, Ambers, for Saylor's first birthday party. It was a fall pumpkin theme....we had a great time!

This little cutie Cruz's best friend and Maddox's future wife!!! Amber and I have it all planned out!!

Cruz decided he needed a little tast of birthday cake!

Serenity, Amber, me, and Ashley at the bday party! Happy Birthday, Saylor!

We went BACK to the Pumpkin Patch, this time with a group of friends! Another fun afternoon, but this time it was COLD!!!!! Cruz finally got to wear his adorable "teddy bear" coat I bought in Little Rock, Maddox refused to wear his!

Check out Cruz's baby blues....they will melt your heart!

Here is Maddox throwing a fit over having to wear a coat. I hate to say it, but he won this battle. Wasn't worth my time!

Rachel and I taking a pic of ourselves by the corn maze...

Here are all the girls that went: Kim, Serentiy, Me, Rachel, Alyssa, and Jessica....

Here is a shot of all the babies. Cruz was the only boy. In order is Avery, Kheringtyn, Bree, and Cruz!! He's going to have his pic of the ladies...haha!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Learning to Cruise!!!

Cruz is learning to walk!!!

And boy is he happy about it!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No time to blog......

It is crazy busy around here! I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much to blog about, but no time. As you know I am chairing Winter Dreams Home Tours and my deadlines are this week. I haven't fallen off the planet...From parties, to pumpkin patches, to Razorback games, its been so fun this past week....Expect a LONG blog by the end of the week to catch up! Love you all!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Punkin Patch Pics!

We had a gorgeous Saturday here in NWA this weekend! Lots of fun activities planned as well! Friday night my Dad called and asked if he could take Maddox to the Mountie vs. War Eagle game. Maddox LOVES football games, so of course he went! I learned a big lesson....DO NOT TELL A 2 YEAR OLD THEY ARE GOING SOMEWHERE FUN UNTIL IT IS TIME TO LEAVE. I mistakenly told Maddox "Grandad is taking you to the ball game!" about an hour before Dad was actually coming to get him. Maddox was pacing the door, calling for Grandad, cheering for the was crazy! I snapped a pic before they left:

On to Saturday, my sister and her family came in for a has been a long time since we all were together so we planned a fun Saturday at the Corn Maze in Missouri. We all had lunch at my house and then drove on North. The "Right Choices Corn Maze" is a must for anyone within driving distance...the kids loved it (actually, we all did!). There was a cow train, tractors, corn box (just like a sandbox but filled with corn), farm animals, slides, pony rides, hay rides, and a giant corn maze. I think we did every single activity there was.....we were there for FOUR hours!!

Here are the kids leaving on the cow train.....

Maddox on the cow train...he ended up moving seats to sit with his cousin sloan!

Maddox got to sit on a real tractor...what a big deal that is to my boy!

Here is Sloan, Maddox, and Margaux all on the tree swings:
Cousins all together for the hay ride!

Family Portrait...NOT, Maddox is not a picture taker!

Grandad and Ganmommy with all the grandkids: Maddox loved watching the tractor behind us on the hay ride!
Here's my lil "punkin face"...

Maddox loved this went down sitting on a piece of wood....I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous about splinters!
The kids in the corn maze:

Sweet bad Maddox was being honory and wouldn't let me get a good shot of him!

After that we all came back to my house, ordered Mexican take out and the boys all
watched the Razorback game. Me, Kim, and Sloan all left and did my favorite thing...SHOP!!

Now I'm off to yet another pumpkin patch with my friend Amber....more pictures to come of our kids;)!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ooooh, CRUZ!!

Our lil bit, Cruz, is into everything!!! 2 days ago he discovered the stairs...climbed up a few while no one was around, and then fell down them....and then...TEARS. So our safety gate is back up....