Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun stuff this week:

This past Tuesday, the boys and I met my friend Amanda and her little girl Neely for a play date at Different Strokes. We thought the kids would have so much fun painting pottery. We met there since I have 2 car seats and it makes it hard to put in a 3rd. When I arrived at 10am, the whole store was dark. Obviously the workers were running late. When Amanda and Neely arrived, the store was still dark. We decided to sit on a bench and let the kids play until someone arrived. Here is a play by play:
10:15: Taught Maddox to share his ball with Neely...thank God I let him bring it. We needed some entertainment!
10:25: We decided to take some pictures of Maddox and Neely:

10:30: They decided to hug...sweet!

10:31: Hugs moved to kisses....adorable!

10:45: Where the heck is the owner!! Did I mention a WHOLE school bus pulled up for a field trip to paint pottery and no one was there to let them in!! They ended up leaving!!

10:55: We leave for McAllisters to eat lunch...we'll try back after lunch! Ugh! Thank goodness the kids still had fun playing!

When we return, someone is there...turns out the girl who was suppose to open was sick...hmmmm, wonder if she got fired....they missed a TON of business not opening on time!

I can't show you everything that was made (shhhh, its a surprise)....BUT, here is a little something I had the boys make for me for Mother's Day. Its Cruz's feet and Maddox's hand. I am having the store paint the rest for me since I'm not "arty". It will be a flower and it will say around the edge "A Flower for You so sweet, Maddox painted his hand, Cruz painted his feet!!" I'll show a finished product when i get it!

Today was the last day of Kindermusik, so I brought along my camera to get a few pics. Maddox has really enjoyed this class and has learned SO much from it. I highly recommend it to anyone with toddlers and/or preschoolers.
Here is Maddox at story time. He just can't stay on his bottom and always blocks the view for the other kids!

And here he is running to see me for whatever reason, I don't know. ADD? :)

The kids all love to help put of the story cute!

And here is Maddox getting his stamp before we leave.

Its been so much fun...we will miss going!

The highlight of my day today, however, was the warehouse sale of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!! Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE THIS STORE!!!!! It is so my weakness. So anyways, everything in the warehouse was 75% off!!!!!!! Heaven! I got Christmas ribbons, Christmas mesh for my garlands, invitations I don't yet know when I'll use!, platters, and my fave (pictured below) were these adorable lady bugs. I had been eyeing these in the store. I bought a wreath here last summer that had a ladybug in it and I wanted the other "bugs" to put in the topiary's on either side of my door. They were regular $25 a piece....I got them for $6...woo-hoo. Here is my wreath and ladybugs...we are ready for summer!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Touch a Truck THIS WEEKEND!!

Here is a shameless plug for the Juniour League's Touch a Truck that is THIS Saturday. The Touch a Truck event helps the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas support its mission and community projects such as Children's House, Havenwood, Restoration Village and That's My Bag project for foster children; while providing families the opportunity to learn about and explore trucks, construction vehicles and public safety equipment.

ADMISSION: Tickets are $5 per person or $20 for a whole family.

Tickets may be easily purchased in advanced by VS/MC via our secure online shopping cart. Simply make your selection below and you will be directed to checkout. Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email confirmation for your ticket(s). On the event date, simply present a print copy of your confirmation email at the door to gain entry.

Tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event

Climb, Explore & Discover your favorite things on wheels. Check out a sample of highlights and activities:

Big Rigs
Construction Equipment
Emergency Vehicles
Interactive Children's Activities
Costumed Characters
Face Painting
Safety Demonstrations
Local Children's Group Performances
& More
Lots of great refreshments will be also available.

Maddox is gonna love this!! He is so into anything on wheels! See ya there!!

And speaking of Junior League...If you haven't gotten a copy of our NEED one! And no, I'm not just blogging about this to enter myself into a drawing for a gift card (although good motivation!). It really is a great cookbook!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Race for the Cure

Saturday was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure here in NWA. They held it in Rogers this yeas at the Promenade. We participated in the Family Walk/Run with the Kitchen Queens Team! So much fun! We went as a family of six...David, me, Maddox, Cruz, and my friend Amber was doing the run so we had Jefferson and Sadie with us. They were so easy to bring along...and of course Maddox LOVED having them around!!
Sadie did NOT want to take a picture:)

David, Jefferson, Maddox, and a sleepy Cruz:

The Kitchen Queens

After the race we walked around the mall and got lots of free food (yum!) and let the kids play. Maddox got to play in two bounce houses. One was a regular house, but he was by far the littlest one in it. We were nervous for him, but he has no fear and kept up with the bigger kids. The other was for a little bigger aged kid, but of course Madd had to go, so Jefferson helped him through sweet!

And Maddox got to ride the new train they have at the mall. So cute!
And yes, David had to squeeze in that little caboose with him..ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch Up...

I am so behind on the blog! I'm going to try to do a quick catch up and post a few pics, and then I promise to be a better blogger!

*Maddox is one smart cookie! He knows almost ALL of his ABC's. David works with him every night in the bathtub. Maddox has tub toys that are ABC's that stick to the walls. He is even starting to try to sing the ABC's! GOT to get that on video!!

*Speaking of ABC's, I bought Maddox some Alphabit cereal the other day...just to switch it up from the usual Cheerios's. He was SO ecstatic! He kept squealing "ABC'S-ABC'S--ABC'S". I think he ate at least 4 bowls of cereal that day, maybe more!

*Cruz is still got the cough. I am thinking he must have asthma. I have been reading up on it on the Internet, and he sounds like he fits the bill. The problem is that they cannot test babies till they are 2 for asthma. Dr. Cadle said they are treating him like he has it until then. That means, breathing treatments...ugh! I spend over an hour and a half everyday wrestling this poor baby down for treatments. Not fun!

*Cruz is still a smiley lil guy! How do you make him smile...just make eye contact...that's all he needs. He is so happy!

*Maddox got stung by a wasp on Monday. We were all outside on the deck when I noticed a big red wasp on one of his toys. Before I could get a sentence out he had put his hand right on top of it! I started screaming like a crazy lady "DAVID, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF OF HIM, AHHHH, ITS ON HIS SHIRT, GET IT!!!!!!!!". Can't imagine what the neighbors must have thought...I mean, I was going crazy! Maddox cried all of 2 seconds. It stung him on the bottom of his thumb, it swelled up, felt hot, but was all better in an hour or so.

*We have had beautiful weather around here lately! Spending lots of time outside. Until the weekends....when the rain seems to always come! We had planned on going to Razorfest last weekend, but the rain kept us away. We went to the Fayetteville mall instead. Maddox had just as much fun...he got a balloon animal from the old man, rode some 75 cent rides, got dippin dots...he was in heaven:)! I still got pics of them in their red razorback attire, well, sort of...Maddox wasn't into picture time:

SOOO, instead, here is my child that WOULD cooperate:

Here's a picture of Maddox on the way to Fayetteville. Is it a boy thing that they don't want to take pictures??

*Here are some pics of them matching. I had to take what I could get with Maddox. He wouldn't pose with Cruz, but at least I got a smile:

*Cruz finally met his future friend Laken yesterday. My friend Crystal had her baby exactly one week after I had Cruz and we JUST NOW were able to get together with the babies. But don't worry Crystal, I won't post any pics:)! I say this because we had a conversation about putting your kids pics on the internet for all to see...but I can tell you, Laken is ONE CUTE GIRL!!

That's all for now! We've got lots coming up in the next few months...Cruz's baby dedication, JL Touch a Truck, Maddox's 2nd birthday, and a trip to Gulf Shores! Promise I'll be a better blogger:)! Bye!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Isn't this the cutest face you've ever seen? Cruz was chewing all over these eggs the other morning. I thought it was so cute...of course since I made a huge deal about it, big brother Maddox had to copy for some attention...see background:)!

Friday afternoon we took the boys to see the Easter bunny. They were both brave and no tears were shed!

We definitely had a fun filled Easter weekend. My sister and her fam came up Friday night. We all went to the club for dinner and had a great time.
Saturday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood. Margaux and Maddox hunted eggs, Sloan helped Maddox, and Cruz was just hanging out in his usual laid back form!

Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs with the kids. Maddox was VERY into it this year. He did really good and only dropped 2 eggs...:)! We also made Easter sugar cookies. Sloan and Margaux made some interesting cookies....lets just say LOTS of icing was used and a mess was made...but fun was definitely had!

Sunday we all went to church...which had the best service ever! And back to my house for Easter lunch...ham, green bean casserole, broc/rice casserole, potato salad, fruit salad, rolls, and THE BEST home made cheesecake ever...chocolate mint...yum, thanks Mom!

Here are some pics from Easter morning. It rained all no cute outdoor "springy" pics:(.

Needless to say , I am SOOOOO tired from this weekend. Till next time...Happy Easter!