Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch Up...

I am so behind on the blog! I'm going to try to do a quick catch up and post a few pics, and then I promise to be a better blogger!

*Maddox is one smart cookie! He knows almost ALL of his ABC's. David works with him every night in the bathtub. Maddox has tub toys that are ABC's that stick to the walls. He is even starting to try to sing the ABC's! GOT to get that on video!!

*Speaking of ABC's, I bought Maddox some Alphabit cereal the other day...just to switch it up from the usual Cheerios's. He was SO ecstatic! He kept squealing "ABC'S-ABC'S--ABC'S". I think he ate at least 4 bowls of cereal that day, maybe more!

*Cruz is still got the cough. I am thinking he must have asthma. I have been reading up on it on the Internet, and he sounds like he fits the bill. The problem is that they cannot test babies till they are 2 for asthma. Dr. Cadle said they are treating him like he has it until then. That means, breathing treatments...ugh! I spend over an hour and a half everyday wrestling this poor baby down for treatments. Not fun!

*Cruz is still a smiley lil guy! How do you make him smile...just make eye contact...that's all he needs. He is so happy!

*Maddox got stung by a wasp on Monday. We were all outside on the deck when I noticed a big red wasp on one of his toys. Before I could get a sentence out he had put his hand right on top of it! I started screaming like a crazy lady "DAVID, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF OF HIM, AHHHH, ITS ON HIS SHIRT, GET IT!!!!!!!!". Can't imagine what the neighbors must have thought...I mean, I was going crazy! Maddox cried all of 2 seconds. It stung him on the bottom of his thumb, it swelled up, felt hot, but was all better in an hour or so.

*We have had beautiful weather around here lately! Spending lots of time outside. Until the weekends....when the rain seems to always come! We had planned on going to Razorfest last weekend, but the rain kept us away. We went to the Fayetteville mall instead. Maddox had just as much fun...he got a balloon animal from the old man, rode some 75 cent rides, got dippin dots...he was in heaven:)! I still got pics of them in their red razorback attire, well, sort of...Maddox wasn't into picture time:

SOOO, instead, here is my child that WOULD cooperate:

Here's a picture of Maddox on the way to Fayetteville. Is it a boy thing that they don't want to take pictures??

*Here are some pics of them matching. I had to take what I could get with Maddox. He wouldn't pose with Cruz, but at least I got a smile:

*Cruz finally met his future friend Laken yesterday. My friend Crystal had her baby exactly one week after I had Cruz and we JUST NOW were able to get together with the babies. But don't worry Crystal, I won't post any pics:)! I say this because we had a conversation about putting your kids pics on the internet for all to see...but I can tell you, Laken is ONE CUTE GIRL!!

That's all for now! We've got lots coming up in the next few months...Cruz's baby dedication, JL Touch a Truck, Maddox's 2nd birthday, and a trip to Gulf Shores! Promise I'll be a better blogger:)! Bye!

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Rachel said...

That wasp story was crazy!!! I hate those things!!!

We all got dressed up in our Razorback gear too for Razorfest, but went out to eat instead =)!