Friday, April 3, 2009

Our First Easter Egg Hunt!

First off, let me give an update on baby everyone knows, this kid has been sick with an awful cough for a good 3 months. During the 3 months, absolutely NO medicine has helped him. This week we have visited a chiropractor 3 times. Cruz actually seems to like getting "adjusted"! The chiro told me it would take at least 3 visits to see results. Our 3rd visit was yesterday.

Yesterday was also our 4 month check up with Dr. Cadle. She said Cruz has had a virus that he just cannot fight off. It seems to just be stuck in his lungs. He has no other symptom. She decided to put him on a 5 day oral steroid and a new med to go in his nebulizer that is also a steroid (and it must be a good one...cost a whopping $400...seriously!). Of course, we will pay anything to get that poor baby well! The pharmacist told me I would see results in about 1 day! Hallelujah!!!!!!!

Last night, Cruz did great. He slept till 8am. David was up with him at midnight, but for the past month or so, he has been waking up LOTS from coughing. So I would say we have seen immediate results. I guess we will never know if the chiropractor would have actually worked on him...or if it did help! I'm still taking him 2 more times next week, and then hopefully we'll be done. But I think this medicine is going to do the trick!

Oh, and his 4 month check up went great. He is doing everything he should be doing. I was a little surprised to find out he is in the 25% for weight and head circumference and 50% for height!! Maddox was always off the charts he was so big! Cruz is just a lil guy!!

Maddox is getting smarter every day! He can identity lots of letters and some numbers. He can say most anything. He likes to point out what belongs to who, such as "mommy cup", "daddy shoes", "baby toy", etc. However, his most favorite word that gets repeated constantly is "MINE". We are working on sharing, but its not going so good. What a stinker he is!!!

Today we went to Toddler Toes. We met in Bentonville at a park and had a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt. This was really the first hunt for Maddox. He was too little last year. It took him a while to catch on. He wanted to hold all of the eggs he found instead of putting them in the basket. He was dropping them all over the place and finally figured out he needed the basket. Afterwards, he sat with his friend Sadie and Ashlynn and enjoyed some candy....and dirt....he kept dropping m&m's and trying to eat them...he was a MESS!! Here are some pics from today:
Here are the kiddos lining up for the hunt:

Here are the kids taking off to find eggs. Maddox was a little dazed and just stood there! Ha! He just didn't get it yet:)

Carrying his eggs...who needs a basket!?

Now he's getting the hang of it!

Isn't this football basket to cute! I got it at Signed Sealed Delivered for him to hunt with. His real one is way too big!

Cruz stayed snuggly in his sling...sucking his fingers as usual!

Maddox hit the swings like a big boy!

Eating candy with Ashlynn and Miss Sadie:

Me and my boys!


Rachel said...

I am so glad that Cruz is getting some relief!! Claire sucked (and still does) her fingers just like that!!

Cute pictures - I love that one of Maddox holding his eggs =)!

Casey Lewallen said...

How sweet are your little boys! I will be praying for Cruz to get 100% better! Atleast warm weather should be just around the corner!

alyssa said...

great pictures! this makes me wish i had a toddler just so i could come hang out with yall!!!

Bridget said...

Cool on the Easter Egg hunt! I am surprised the dr is wanting to do something now :) Geez did she not really think he was sick by how many times you brought him in there!!!

Alissa said...

I am SO glad to hear that Cruz finally seems to be feeling better! And yes, unfortuntly the most expensive meds always seem to do the trick-HA! We'll be sure to keep him in our prayers :). Maddox looked like he had fun, nothing like a good Easter egg hunt!

Rachel said...

Amy, your boys are so precious! I know you and David are proud!! You look great! I'm glad Cruz is feeling better; how nerve-wracking!

Ruthanne said...

Very sweet! Your boys are so blessed to have you as their momma. :D

Tara Gibson said...

Hi Amy!!! Thanks for you sweet comment!

So glad to hear baby Cruz is getting some relief.

CUTE pictures!!!