Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Razorback room!

It's still a work in progress, but here's what we've got so far:

Bed minus the throw pillows. And not sure what I'm doing with that green chair...

Need to decorate dresser...

But the boys are happy!!!!!

Here is how the night goes with the bunk beds: Cruz starts on top, gets scared, moves to bottom with Maddox, Maddox gets mad, Maddox moves to top. Then we fall asleep!!

Ps, I'm not crafty but I did make these letters for the bathroom. Rash letter was $1 from joanns. Added paint and, voila!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Home Work"

My house is such a disaster right now! Maddox and Cruz are in the midst of getting a big boy room. I had been planning to do a cool surfer room with surfboards on the wall and Hawaiian print fabrics....but I couldn't brainwash them into agreeing with me. Soooooo, I decided to go with their choice, Razorback Football room. Not my first choice, but once I got to thinking about what I could do, I got excited! Plus, I figure they will like this room longer than they would a surfer room mom picked out!

I had been meaning to get pictures of the room before, but before I could David had already cleared out the furniture for the painters who came today. When I walked in that empty "nursery".....my FIRST baby room, I got sad. Cribs, changing table, all of it...gone. Talk about a milestone. :(

So I snapped some pics of the cleared out room.....

Empty bathroom.....

Empty baby room with some letters still above where Maddox's crib once was....

All of it moved (crammed) into our guest bedroom....tear:'''(

Okay, gotta lighten this post up!! On to the FUN NEW stuff! I used Pinterest to post all my ideas, then when David gave me the go ahead, I went back and ordered everything....

Land of Nod for bedding. I ordered the quilts and shams. Razorback colors.

I didn't want an ugly Razorback comforter, so I got them the sheets instead. They got SO excited when I brought these home (from WalMart!!)

Here is the bunk beds we ordered. I think the website was called some thing like bunkbeds.com. Super original! I got stairs instead of a ladder...just thought that was cool...plus extra storage!

Look at this fun light! Ordered this from Sweet Retreats Kids. Online. I had to get rid of our ceiling fan because Cruz wants to sleep on the top bunk, mainly because he said he wanted to touch the fan. YIKES! Bu-bye fan!

I also ordered this from Sweet Retreats Kids. It will be personalized with our last name and the number 2. I picked 2 because two kids share the room....:)

Just got this today and I'm in love...and I think the hubby loves it even MORE. This is really big and will hang above the dresser. I bought it from some football fan site...can't remember the name!

I'm having the walls and trim painted this week....in two weeks I have a girl coming to paint the fight song around the top border of the walls. I will post pics when all is said and done! Yay! I still need to order some bean bags for a reading corner and I would LOVE to find some red lockers for a little wall in the room. Oh, and my mom is sewing a shower curtain too...Giant red and White stripes:)!

I also got into Fall decorating....finally....here is the door...same as last year:)

I put these cute candy corns in all my pots. Found them at Joanns!

Happy Fall Y'all!!! Hope you are having a great week!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Thursday! Time for Randoms;)

I know I've said this before, but I've become such a bad blogger/picture taker. I rely on my iPhone for pics and RARELY us my good one! I'm so going to regret that!! So most of these are from the phone, but hey, at least I'm blogging!!

The cooler weather is feeling great! Loving the crisp Fall air, but it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to summer! BUT, I just ordered my new Fall bag which makes me happy, and I can't WAIT to pull out my boots (and add a few to the collection!!).

Moving on:)....back to the pics....I take the boys to ChickFilA often, just like most parents with kids. I love that if they take their kids meal toy to the counter they get a free ice cream. I always make the boys go by themselves to do it. It is so funny to watch!

Remember the adorable shirts I got from Hugs N Stitches ( look her up on Facebook). Here are the boys wearing them at the mall the other day:).

BTW, that day at the mall I had a TOTAL momma bear moment. I had taken the kids in a shoe store planning to get both kids a new pair. It was completely empty and there was a section of toys for kids to play with. My kids went over to play while I shopped. There was a huge bin of balls next to the toy section and my kids started digging through them. I swear they were NOT doing anything wrong, just looking. This disgusting worker came and got on to them and said leave the balls alone. I turned and looked at him with a death glare. Then turned back around. He AGAIN said to leave the balls alone....mind you they placed them in the kids area!! I put back the things I had planned to buy, jerked up my poor kids, and LEFT!!!

Sorry, got off track....ha!.... here are the shirts!

Two of my favorite girls to hang with are Ashley and Amanda. I swear I laugh NON STOP with them!!! We went out to eat the other night and this is the only silly picture I got. I won't waste your time and tell you why it was so funny, cause it won't make an sense:)

The LPGA is an annual event at Pinnacle Country Club. David goes every year, but I've never been. I got four tickets given to me, so we decided to take the boys. Cell phones weren't allowed, of course I brought mine anyways, so we took a quick pic when no one was looking. We were following Michelle Wie and Stacy Lewis in this pic:)

Here is me, Kim, Melisa, and Kelly....We spent last Saturday night up at the club listening to a band of guys that live here in the hood. Such a fun night!

Tuesday Melisa and I tried to take the kids to Jump Zone....it was rainy and we wanted to wear them out! I was so mad when we got there and it was CLOSED!!!!! So we quickly had to get a new plan...We went to Imagine Studios to paint pottery instead. The kids loved and and I even had them make a cute Halloween Platter with the kids feet as ghosts. Unfortunately, Jump Zone would have cost $16. Painting Pottery was about $90!!!! Whoa!!

Oh yes we did, Cruz and I dug a hole in the backyard yesterday and set up his own putting area! Now we are going to have to have the lawn guy mow extra short and he will be in HEAVEN!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! I'm heading to a Fall Fashion Preview tonight, a friends 40th Bday party tomorrow, and calling the HOGS Saturday!!! Wooooooooo Pig Soooie!!!
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Randoms

• Maddox is back in soccer! This year his team in orange bulldogs;)!! We practice once a week and have games twice a week!! This might wear me out! Ha!!

• here's a random, I wish I had video of Maddox pretending to sleep. He doesn't know how to snore, so he says "hong-shooooo, hong-shoooo". It's so funny!

• I got a pic of Cruz on the washer while I washed his botsy. He has to keep an eye on it;)

• Cruz is such a little toot. He knows how to get what he wants. His new thing is when he doesn't want to do something he says he can't walk. I'll tell him to pick up toys and he's stands there kicking his feet up and down like he's trying to walk, but he just CAN'T do it!!! It's so funny!

• finally added our new beach pics to our photo wall. I'm rewally happy how it turned out!

•. Here's a close up of the boys:

• cruz's obsession is golf. I'm not exaggerating when I say he plays non-stop when we are at the house. He loves it!

Happy Thursday!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Summa-time:(

I have to say, I don't get all these people who are SO glad summer is over!?! Really??? Summer is THE best!!! I have soaked up every second. I do love fall, but then comes winter...... Yuck!!

Moving on, I finally downloaded some pictures from my camera. So here goes a kinda quick summery of the last few weeks.

Spent lots of time on Beaver Lake! We will be going out until it is just down right too cold!! My friend melisa had a bday recently and we headed out to celebrate!!

These girls are the cutest and SO good with my boys!)

We took the kids to a Naturals game last week. It was family night at the park. There were inflatables, games, and FREE food;);)!!

How cute is Cruz??!!?

After the game they let all the kids on the field to run the bases. So fun. I had a great time with my little family;)!

Maddox started preschool;'(!! Time is going so fast!! Here he is on his first day, and I have to agree with my sister.... He looks more like a second grader than a preschooler!!!!

Cute new backpack;)!

Maddox and his teacher ms. Linda. (wish I realized his eyes were closed!!)

Friday we had a double date night with the Wares. We did a progressive dinner, hitting a new place for appetizers, main course, and then dessert. So fun!!

Saturday was the first razorback game!!! That means time to tailgate!!!

We played some really mature games;)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun labor day!!!

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