Thursday, June 23, 2011

Visiting Nana in Hot Springs!!

Last weekend we drove down to Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs to visit Davids mom. She moved into a great condo right on the water. There was so much to do, I don't think the kids cried once!!!

As soon as we got there the kids ran to a little table she had set up for them with snacks and toys;)

They smoked ribs for dinner....cruzs fave!!!!

My boys outside Nanas condo:

They could NOT wait to go on a boat ride!!!!!!

Me and my "mamas boy"!

Maddox driving the boat with nana!

I can't get enough of this kid!!!!!!!!!!!;););):D

Cruz was really into waving at the boats!

Lake Hamilton had some gorgeous homes on it!!!!!

The boys also had to swim that night!!! No one had their swimsuits on, but that didn't stop them!!

When we got back nana had a birthday cake for me;)! FYI: I turned the big 32 yesterday!!

My cutie on Nanas porch;

Pretty view!!

The next day we were up bright and early and ready to do the lake!

We ate at Fishermans Wharf that night. During the wait to get seated the boys got to feed turtles and fish;).

Mr. David, Nana, and the boys.

Our family;)

Riding home from dinner:

We stopped and swam in the late evening;)

Next morning was fathers day, the boys and I made a recordable book for him. It was so cute;)

We left after breakfast and headed to see Davids grandmother on the way back. She has an organ, which is always a hit with the kids!!!

Fun weekend!!!;);)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maddoxs super hero party!!

Maddox had three requests for this years party: bounce house, slide, and super heroes!! I have to say this was my favorite party EVER!! The kids seemed to love the party and got into the theme!! Everyone came in a super hero shirt. My first thought was to have the kids in super hero costumes, but it is so HOT here in Arkansas! They would have melted!

So let's get with the pics!! The night before the party I wrote "happy birthday super Maddox". The party was outside, so everyone entered through the driveway. The inflatable slide was set up on the back of the driveway.

I rented these adorable tables;)

I made the centerpieces;)

Those are super hero pops. Found them on etsy. I paid like $5 and they sent me the file to print, cut, and make it myself!

My mom made all of the capes for the kids! Thanks mom!! I bought matching masks to go with each cape. These were also party favors!

I had Maddoxs shirt made from an easy site as well. The "4" is spider man material;)!

Another Etsy do it yourself project: bottle covers. I had these personalized then printed on label paper, cut, and attached myself!

THE CAKE!!! Oh, could there BE a cooler super hero cake????? I got this from Shelby Lynns Cake Shoppe. They do a great job and it tastes as good as it looks!!

We catered Whole Hog BBQ. Yum!

The gift chalkboard pillows came in handy!!.)

Me and Dave!!;). It was so hot I only wore this shirt for maybe 45 minutes! Had to go change into a tank top!! My friend Amanda let me borrow it;)!

Maddox had a special cape:

Little Avery in the bounce house!

I had lemonade by the jumpies...the kids drank it like crazy!! I think it was half due to the heat, and half was the novelty of pouring it yourself;).

View from back of house. The slide you can't see, it was behind the bounce house.

Super-Cruz and Sloan!

Sadie Jane!

How sweet is that face??

Pretty smile!!


Even Sloan got into the action;)!

Unfortunately, I barely got pics of the birthday boy:(! He was too busy playing!!! Just look at that sweaty hair!!

The only game we did was a "Villain Hunt". I had pics of bad guys stuck all around the backyard. All of the Super-Heroes had to find them and spray them with silly string!!! I have to say, the silly string was a HIT!!! I had close to 20 bottles, they were emptied quick!

Happy birthday Maddox!!!!!!

Present time! Sloan did a great job of writing the gifts down for me!!

Spiderman stuff!!!


And yes, an iTouch!!!!! Thanks Auntie Kim, peace, margaux, and Sloan!!!!!

Time to play some more!!!!

Grandad couldnt resist:

Guys hanging out! It started to rain, so we moved in the garage. Most of the kids were gone, but a few of us kept the party going!! The kids loved sliding in the rain!!!

Three lil friends.....still playing!!!

And snacking....

That's were the photos stop!! It was a SUPER good time!!!

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