Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iPhone catchup!

Look at my cute Cruz on memorial day:

That night we went to a block party in the neighborhood. Cruz was obsessed with pulling this wagon!;)

My friend Michelle brought the boys a ton of cute soccer hand me downs the other day. Her daughter played for the same league. The boys couldn't wait to put it all on!

Last saturday we went to a "white party" in our neighborhood. Here was a little pre party pic:

It's summertime!!!!

Brothers cuddling watching tv:

We took the boys to play putt putt the other night. What a great idea!! They loved it! So did daddy:

The best part was trying to hit the ball IN the water.

Fun times:

Our make-shift water park!

We graduated another semester from little gym!

We celebrated with Mad Pizza afterwards with granmommy and grandad:

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Jill said...

Cute pics!!! And I flippin LOVE your hair! Gawwwwwgeous, darling!

Jennifer said...

How cute! Summer is just starting and you guys are busy enjoying it! We love summer too!!! =) I'm following your blog now. Found it @ Stafford Stories. =) I look forward to reading!