Monday, April 26, 2010

The Big Boil 2010

This weekend we headed to Little Rock for my sisters annual Crawfish Boil. It is always a blast...the perfect Southern, laid back, get together. Lots of mud bugs, beverages, and dips. The weather was beautiful!

We headed down with our friends the Browns. (I invited two couples to come with us...NWA crashed that Little Rock party...hehe!) . The Hutchinsons were already in LIttle Rock, so they met us there.

Here are a few pics from our fun road trip!

Rachel and I on the way down...

Rachel and I at my sisters house...

Every year my sisters friend Kendal makes one guy an apron to wear while they cook and eat crawfish. David felt so left out last year not having an apron so he begged Kendall for one...I love what she put on it...hahahahaha!!!!

Some of the guys modeling their aprons...In order they say, "Who's your craw-daddy", "Here's your damn apron", "Crawfish Bad, Beer Good" (Scott hates crawfish), " and "Give me Hot and Spicy Tails". We are so bad...

Here is me and Amber, and Rachel...the NWA party crashers...;)Rachel eating a crawfish..I refused!
Me and my girl Amber (we are leaving for DC together tomorrow!!!!)Me and one of my favorite peeps, Kendall.
Here's a shot of all the girls:
I hate that the following picture didn't turn out good. Its my hubby Dave with Amber. Since Ambers hubby Josh has been gone so much with work, we joke that Amber has become Davids second wifey...she's always around;)! I love it!Here's Amber and her real hubby, cute are they!?

Another cute couple, Shane and Rachel...This picture is so funny to me...Josh looks like he's saying "MMMMMM".I didn't get a single picture of me and my sis:(...But thanks Kim for hosting as always. NWA had a blast at your party!!!!

I'm flying out tomorrow for DC! Davids Mom is coming up to help him with the kids while I'm away! Be back on Saturday....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gonna End this Day on a Positive Blog Post;)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post below. And thanks for letting this Mom VENT! Ha! Loved every ones advice and it is so good to know I'm normal and not alone!

I wanted to post something cute and fun and end the day with a happy note!

My good friend Serenity came over with her kiddos today and brought everyone lunch. We let the kids run around the backyard and ate out on the deck. Fun lil play are some pics!
Here is Maddox, Ashlyn, and Kheringtyn eating pizza outside.Cruz ate his on the lounger:)

And on an even happier note we have lots of fun stuff coming up! Can't wait to blog about it all. We will be at my sisters crawfish boil this weekend which is always tons of fun (plus, I am bringing some of my friends too!).

And next week, this momma is heading out to Washington DC with my best friend, Amber....your not going to believe where we are going once we get there! (Here's a hint: I'm going to get to see someone whose name rhymes with Kishelle Snowbama) You will have to check back next week to find out;)..haha!!

Tell Me Its Just a Phase

I post a lot about how cute I think my kids are, fun stuff we do, new milestones, etc. This post is different. This post is a dose of reality. This post is me screaming to my mommy blogger friends for encouragement!!!!!

Where to begin...Oh, I know, easy one...lets start with the fact that my two boys are a mere 18 months apart. Maddox will be 3 in June, Cruz is almost 17 months. They both seem to be at hard stages at the same time. The mornings, well lets just say, there is no more sitting watching cartoons, mommy drinking coffee, boys holding blankeys and being sleepy and sweet.

(don't let this photo fool you;))

From the time Maddox gets up it goes something like this: Mommy, I need to potty, where is my milk, my mild isn't warm, can I play upstairs, I don't want breakfast, i want candy, mommy, where are my monster trucks, I can't find them, mommy, WHERE ARE MY MONSTER TRUCKS, WAAAAAHAAAA..........
At the same time is Cruz: needs a diaper, mommy changes it, he goes poopy, mommy changes it again, mommy feeds him breakfast, he feeds it to the dog, mommy gets him dressed, cruz spills juice down his shirt, cruz goes into daddys office, pulls out lots of papers that seem to be important, scribbles on them with a pen, mommy finds him, cruz goes upstairs with brother, lots of screaming, mommy runs upstairs, brother has tackled him, bring Cruz back downstairs, Cruz wanders to the kitchen, plays in dog food and water.....
You get the idea....its never ending....
And Maddox is the main source of my stress at the moment. Its his behavior. I'm hoping he is just a normal almost 3 year old and will grow out of this. But, he is getting in trouble constantly.

Any time I ask him to do something its "NO!". I warn him with time out, "NO!". I send him to the corner, he runs out, I send him back, he runs out, I physically have to hold him there while he screams......its right out of an episode from the 'SuperNanny'.

Here's another scenario: Its time to get dressed for the day. NOOOOOOOOOO! (I secretly dread this everyday because it is so horrible). Maddox HATES to get dressed. He wiggles, he screams, he kicks, he fights me the whole time. Once he's dressed, he snaps out of it. I on the other hand need a tranquilizer.

Oh, and then there is school. He has started getting in trouble at school. I picked him up last week and they told me he spent lots of time in "Time Out". Great. I asked Maddox why when we left, he said "Cause I hit boys, and guys". Nice.

What am I missing here fellow Mommies?? Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal or is my kid gonna be a huge trouble maker???

Gotta go, the kids are upstairs and it has been REALLY quiet for about 10 minutes, that is never a good sign....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPhone Photo Fun

As we all know, I'm all to obsessed with my favorite accessory, my FABULOUS iPhone!!
Well, when the camera is not handy, iPhone is the next best thing, and sometimes I forget to share those photos on the that is what this post is dedicated to! FYI, if your my facebook friend, you may have already seen lots of these since I upload them all the time from my phone...sorry for the repeats;)....

Here are my sweeties at Kripie Kreme:

And watching TV together...

Bathtime with Cruz-y:

Maddox learning how to use chopsticks at PF Changs...

I only feed my kids the healthiest of foods. See below. And I love what Cruz did with the fries.

Okay iPhone owners, if you haven't already, you must get the "hipstamatic" app. LOVE IT. Can't stop playing with it! It's a camera app that makes all your photos look vintage...see below...

And if someone could please tell me how these images showed up on my camera play with my phone all the time and it looks like they somehow got a freeze frame shot of my screen...twice...wierd...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Touch a Truck

This past weekend the Junior League of NWA hosted Touch a Truck. It is a great fundraiser for the league and an awesome family event. Companies bring out their trucks and let the kids climb all over them! There were dump trucks, bulldozers, diesels, fire trucks, ambulance, you name it!

Being part of the league, I was required to work the event, but David and his dad brought the kids out. The weather was cold and rainy....very yucky to say the least! But we all still had a blast. I got to check in from time to time to see how the kids where liking were a few pics from the day:

First stop..."Tusk". Wooo Pig Soooie, Tusk is the razorback of U of A. He's practically worshipped around these parts. Seriously.

And then on to the razorbug....go hogs!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm so mean...

But, I'm sick of the PACI!! Remember this post....

Well after reviewing all the great comments, I've finally decided to go with the "clip off the end of the paci" idea.

I feel so mean, but here they are...

Maddox found it and brought it to me and said, "Where the top go?".
I told him, "It broke off."
Maddox, "Ohhhhhh."
He laid it down and walked off.
How easy.
Except we have paci's lost all over this house, he finds more that aren't "broke".
But in time, they will be all broke.
And Maddox will be paci free....
I hope....;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stuff to Blog About

Time for a catch up post on a few things we've done around here and I've just missed on the blog:).

A few weeks ago, my Mom and I took Maddox to the Walton Arts Center to see Nickelodeons Storytime Live. It was KaiLan, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, and DORA! Maddox absolutely LOVED it!
Before the show we ate off of Dickson Street at's a pic of Ganmommy and my lil guy...
Before the show started we sat out in the hallway and let Maddox run off some energy...he went up and down this hallway about 20 times!

He ran so much that he got super hot and Ganmommy bought him a Storytime Live shirt to change into...can you say SPOILED!?

Annnnnd, Mommy had to buy him some stuff too! The light was for Cruz, Maddox picked out a stuffed "Tuck" from the show Wonder Pets.

At intermission we met up with Amber and Serenity and their girls for a photo op. How cute are these lil friends?

My and my best buddy...

Changing topics now....
One of our favorite couple friends, the Wynns came out to dinner with us a few weeks ago. It was long over due. We don't get together nearly enough with them!! We ate up at the club, came back and put the kids to bed, and stayed up and acted like teenagers. Ha! We hung out on our porch forever just talking and having a good time!
Here is a pic of me and Michelle being silly!

And another...

And a group shot....

This past weekend was so fun! Friday night David and I actually got a date night. We went to dinner and then did some shopping. Two of my favorite things! I love you David! I had so much fun just running around with him! We needed that....
Saturday I took the kids to Mom and Dads. They were keeping them overnight. After dropping them off, I met up with my BFF, Amber, to do some MORE shopping. We have the best time together....I swear, I laugh so much with her!!
Saturday night we got to get all dolled up and go out with the Hamptons to a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis (which I am a bit partial to a fundraiser for this since we at one time thought Cruz may have it! He was sent to Childrens Hospital and tested for it at 6 months).
The night was a fashion show hosted by several boutique stores around NWA. Then there was an after party at Ruth's Chris Prime Lounge....
Me and my man:
David, Me, Serenity, and Ty:
There was a DJ, good times were had...

(Obviously Serenity and I like to snap when we dance, ha!!)

Today is Monday, which means its Davids Mens Golf Night. Which means boredom at home for me.
However, I was talking to Amber on the phone around dinner time, all of our kids where crazy in the background, so we decided, why not round them up...have dinner together...let them wear themselves out...and then put them straight to bed.
Great idea!
We got to chat. Kids had a blast. They are passed out as we speak!
I snapped a few pics cause the babies (Cruz and Saylor) were running around in nothing but a diaper. They had been playing in water, so we just stripped them down and let them go. It was ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
This picture may be one of my all time faves...

Saylor and Maddox...

Ugh!!!!!! I just love me some babies!!! How cute are these two together!?

Well, guess I'm done here....time for me to go read all of your blogs and catch up there too! Love ya!