Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Touch a Truck

This past weekend the Junior League of NWA hosted Touch a Truck. It is a great fundraiser for the league and an awesome family event. Companies bring out their trucks and let the kids climb all over them! There were dump trucks, bulldozers, diesels, fire trucks, ambulance, you name it!

Being part of the league, I was required to work the event, but David and his dad brought the kids out. The weather was cold and rainy....very yucky to say the least! But we all still had a blast. I got to check in from time to time to see how the kids where liking it....here were a few pics from the day:

First stop..."Tusk". Wooo Pig Soooie, Tusk is the razorback of U of A. He's practically worshipped around these parts. Seriously.

And then on to the razorbug....go hogs!

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Jill said...

Ok, that looks like every little boy's dream! They look so cute sitting on all that stuff!