Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gonna End this Day on a Positive Blog Post;)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post below. And thanks for letting this Mom VENT! Ha! Loved every ones advice and it is so good to know I'm normal and not alone!

I wanted to post something cute and fun and end the day with a happy note!

My good friend Serenity came over with her kiddos today and brought everyone lunch. We let the kids run around the backyard and ate out on the deck. Fun lil play are some pics!
Here is Maddox, Ashlyn, and Kheringtyn eating pizza outside.Cruz ate his on the lounger:)

And on an even happier note we have lots of fun stuff coming up! Can't wait to blog about it all. We will be at my sisters crawfish boil this weekend which is always tons of fun (plus, I am bringing some of my friends too!).

And next week, this momma is heading out to Washington DC with my best friend, Amber....your not going to believe where we are going once we get there! (Here's a hint: I'm going to get to see someone whose name rhymes with Kishelle Snowbama) You will have to check back next week to find out;)..haha!!


Tara Gibson said...

haha you crack me up with the kishelle showbama haha. You guys have a fab time this weekend and i cant wait to see pics from both trips!

Jill said...

It looks like your day ended up good afterall! Love your patio furniture~really cute colors! I have to ask...what are those flowers that are red and peachy in color behind your lounge chairs? They are gorgeous! Your weekend and upcoming DC trip sound so fun! LOL at Kishelle Snowbama! HAHAHAHA!!!