Monday, July 28, 2008

Davids Birthday Weekend

Or maybe I should call this "Davids Birthday WEEK", because it feels we have done lots of celebrating!

Wednesday night I took David to James at the Mill for his birthday dinner. Friday night we went to the club with friends for 'steak by the ounce night'....(which is SOOOO good).

Saturday my Dad took our entire family and a few of our friends (the Wynn's and Porters) to the Naturals game. As a retirement gift, he had been given box seats to a game of his choice. It just happened to fall right before Davids birthday, which was the perfect treat for him. The box was great! It had a huge sliding glass wall that you could completely open or close. There were seats outside and the inside had couches and chairs and TV. We've been so spoiled...I don't think I'll ever want to sit in the "regular" seats. Box seats are sooo the way to go. We had an attendant that brought us drinks and snacks during the game. That is the life! Here are a few pics from the game....I only wish I had gotten some of my entire family! Not sure why we didn't think of that.

And then Sunday, David took my nieces, brother-in-law and mom for a day on the lake. My sister and I went shopping instead.

Oh, and for a baby Cruz update, things are going great...we are at 22 weeks now. He is moving and kicking all the time. This morning I took Maddox's hand and put it on my belly and said "brother" and I swear, he kissed it! I know he has no clue, but it sure was cute!

I had a dr. appt yesterday and asked her about inducing early since I am due 2 days after Thanksgiving. I really do not want to be in the hospital on a holiday, and I'm sure the dr doesn't either! She said she will induce at 39 weeks. So that means more than likely we will have Cruz BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Enjoying the Summer

Just thought I would post a little update on Maddox and what he has been up to. He is walking like a pro now and saying a few words. Mostly he just says "dog". He and Nash are becoming friends and playing together a lot. Maddox loves him!!

We've been playing outside almost everyday. We either go to the neighborhood pool or play in our backyard. He has a kiddie pool, water table, and playset on our deck and he can stay out there for a long time and not get bored. I have realized that it is best for me to do some kind of activity out of the house everyday. He is into everything, so its great to take him somewhere and let him play and get his energy out with out tearing up the house!

When we do go to the pool, he wants to do everything except stay in the pool. He likes to walk around the pool, play with the stroller wheels, pick up dead bugs, and sometimes bird poo...YUCK!! It wears me out chasing him around! I'll keep trying to get him to go back in the pool and he just wants to climb out and explore. He has so much fun. He is such a boy! I really need to work on not screaming when he plays with bugs...I don't want him to be scared of everything like me!

Below I'm posting a video of Maddox walking for those of you who haven't seen. I took it before we left for the pool one day. He falls at the end, but usually he can go and go without falling.

Here are a few pictures of Maddox learning to feed himself. He really just plays with the spoon! He's eating lots of "real" food now! He gets mad when we try to give him baby food! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ultrasound was today....

And.....we will be having another boy! We have decided his first name will be Cruz, no middle name picked yet. I was so hoping to have another boy, but for some reason, finding out it was in fact a set off some sort of panic. Made everything seem more real. We are really gonna have another baby. My house is really gonna be crazy. I'm really gonna be crazy! I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Johnson Family Vacation....

Another summer, another trip to our favorite family destination....Orange Beach, AL. I think my dad has taken my family every year since I was in Junior High. Now that our family includes mine and Kim's kids...its a big crew! We've had to move up to a 3 bedroom condo. We usually stay in the high rise condos, but this year stayed in one only 6 stories. Marlin Key was the name. It was sooooo much less crowded. We loved it! There weren't many condos around ours either. It seemed so much more secluded...definitely the way to go!

Maddox was old enough to do some playing this time...he was only one month old last year! This year we took a tent (Arkansas Razorback tent of course) to have a shaded place and Maddox would play in the sand until he wore himself out. Once he was that tired, we would drag him to play in the pool to play and get the sand off. He had so much fun everyday. When we would finally take him in for a nap he was a zombie. He would just stare in this daze and once we was in bed he would fall right to sleep. It was so cute!

He also couldn't get enough of his family....every morning we were the first ones up. Every time someone new would wake up and come into the living room he would get the biggest smile like "yay, your all here again today!" He ESPECIALLY took a liking to his 4 year old cousin Margaux. I swear they were best friends on this trip. He would follow her around, crawl all over her, just wanted to always be close to her. It was hilarious. She was a very good sport about it all. AND, she was a great help with him too. The funniest thing was when my sister and i went shopping and took Maddox and Margaux. When they were sitting in the car Maddox would reach out his hand to hold Margaux's and just stare at her. He thinks she is the funny! However, he did have a problem sharing toys, and would always want to take them away from her....Once he starts talking and walking a little better, we may see a few fights:)!

One of the funniest things that happened was when we thought it would be a good idea to take all the kids on a Farris wheel ride. So me, Kim, David, Maddox, Sloan, and Margaux all got tickets to ride the big Farris wheel at The Wharf. As we were in line I noticed Maddox's diaper STUNK. I didn't want to get out of line and hold everyone up. So once we all loaded on our cart we thought it would be easy to change it right there before the ride started. As I'm getting his diaper off the ride starts and we slowly start to pass people and then the other carts in front of us could look down on us and see my poor baby with his legs spread open for a changing. My sister and i were laughing hysterically, I could barely embarrassing! Another reason it was a bad idea to wait was because there was nothing to do with the diaper...we had to ride with the stinky diaper smell. Ahhhhh, being a parent:). Once we got to the top Maddox spit his pacifier out and it fell perfectly in between the cracks all the way to the ground. We were so delirious we couldn't stop laughing about the either....and look at this pic of Maddox and Sloan.....his face says it all!

Thanks again to my Dad for taking us all down there. It was a lot of fun for all of us! It is a tradition I hope we always keep!