Monday, July 28, 2008

Davids Birthday Weekend

Or maybe I should call this "Davids Birthday WEEK", because it feels we have done lots of celebrating!

Wednesday night I took David to James at the Mill for his birthday dinner. Friday night we went to the club with friends for 'steak by the ounce night'....(which is SOOOO good).

Saturday my Dad took our entire family and a few of our friends (the Wynn's and Porters) to the Naturals game. As a retirement gift, he had been given box seats to a game of his choice. It just happened to fall right before Davids birthday, which was the perfect treat for him. The box was great! It had a huge sliding glass wall that you could completely open or close. There were seats outside and the inside had couches and chairs and TV. We've been so spoiled...I don't think I'll ever want to sit in the "regular" seats. Box seats are sooo the way to go. We had an attendant that brought us drinks and snacks during the game. That is the life! Here are a few pics from the game....I only wish I had gotten some of my entire family! Not sure why we didn't think of that.

And then Sunday, David took my nieces, brother-in-law and mom for a day on the lake. My sister and I went shopping instead.

Oh, and for a baby Cruz update, things are going great...we are at 22 weeks now. He is moving and kicking all the time. This morning I took Maddox's hand and put it on my belly and said "brother" and I swear, he kissed it! I know he has no clue, but it sure was cute!

I had a dr. appt yesterday and asked her about inducing early since I am due 2 days after Thanksgiving. I really do not want to be in the hospital on a holiday, and I'm sure the dr doesn't either! She said she will induce at 39 weeks. So that means more than likely we will have Cruz BEFORE Thanksgiving.


Bridget said...

We went to a game and had box seats too and I agree I dont think I could ever sit in reg seats again since its not the same.

YOu look soo good! I so wanted the babies to be born on Thanksgiving but I had them a week later (I wasnt at 39 weeks either). Oh well cant always get what you want :)

We need to do a play date soon!

allie said...

Tell David happy birthday from the Finchers! You look so great, Amy! Just a few more months to go! Oh, and i love your blog....hope all is well in your neck of the woods!