Monday, August 4, 2008

Old Friends, New babies!

Last Friday I headed to Little Rock to see my friends Will and Mandy's new baby girl, Harper Caroline (cute name, huh??!). I was so lucky to get to leave Maddox with David and head down on my own. It gave me a chance to really get to visit and hold Harper. Had Maddox been there I would have been chasing or feeding him the whole time (have I mentioned what a mess he is?). Anyways, Mandy and I had lunch together at her house. Harper is about 3 weeks now and I have been dying to meet her! She looks just like her big sis Ella. I didn't even remember what Ella really looked like when she was a baby until I saw Harper. I could immediately see the resemblance. Speaking of Ella, she is such a hoot! Seriously, the girl kept me entertained! If she had it her way we would have hung out in her room the whole time! She likes to PLAY! The only pics I got of her that day were of her jumping on a giant ball...hence the blurry action shot! She wasn't interested in posing! Ha! Below are a few pics from the visit.....Congrats again, Mandy!

While in LR I also got to visit with one of my oldest friends, Alissa. We have known each other for over 20 years (I'm old!). I actually hadn't seen her in forever, but we keep in touch through email and myspace. She has a 17 month old cutie, Donovan, who I also have been dying to meet. I really wish that Maddox could have been there so we could have gotten pics of them together, but again, I wouldn't have gotten to talk much! Donovan let me hold him for a long time and even gave me a few smiles! He is such a sweet blessing, for those of you who don't know, he was born at 24 weeks. He is such a miracle and he has the best mommy! One of my links is for "Our Micropreemie" which is a blog Alissa keeps up with info for anyone going through a similar situation....just a little plug in case you know of someone who may benefit from it! Below is a pic of Donovan and me, and old buddies, Amy and Alissa!

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Alissa said...

Thank you SO much for making time in your trip to stop by! I really needed that visit, email is great but there is nothing like being in person. Now I just need to meet your cuttie pie and we will be good to go! I hope that your having a GREAT week :)