Monday, August 31, 2009

Check out my new banner!

My friend Katie over at "" made my new banner for me! I love it! Thanks, Katie! Go HERE if you want one too!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Super-Fun Saturday!

This past Saturday has got to be one of the best ones we've had in a while! We started off the day at Frisco Fest in downtown Rogers. My parents (Grandad and Ganmommy) went with us. We all had a great time! This year was the first year that Maddox was able to really participate in all that the festival had to offer. They had tons of rides and exhibits for kids and Maddox loved every bit of it! We all had so much fun just watching him! However, I don't think the child smiled one time, but he was having fun. You know how kids get real serious about stuff?? Like they are enjoying themselves, but its all so new, so they don't even crack a smile....just have a very serious look on there face while the experience whatever it is they are doing....that was funny!

Of course, we took tons of pictures! I am telling you, we had so much fun....who knew our little city could have such a fun event!
Here is Maddox and "Ganmommy". When she's around, nothing else matters...all Maddox wants is her! So she got to stand in line with him so he could shoot a fire hose....we all went and got shaved ice and scones...ha! Thanks, Ganmommy!
The Rogers Fire Dept. had the best area for kids (in my opinion). What kid wouldn't love to get to shoot a real fire hose!? Maddox just had to do it! I was so proud!
This was the target he was shooting at....
Does it get any better than a real train ride. I mean, can't you just see the joy on my child's face?;)
Maddox looking at the big aquarium that has all the fish from our own Beaver Lake. Creeps me out to think this stuff is swimming around me when we're there! Ugh!
Grandad's favorite thing to do.....push the stroller! Thanks, Grandad!
Right up Maddox's alley......a big ole train set!!
The train conductor gave out "official" certificates for running the railway. Maddox was so proud he would not let ANYONE else hold it. He even took it with him for his nap....seriously!

Mr. "I'm starting a diet tomorrow...".....hahaha!

Out of ALLLLL the good food to choose from, Maddox ate an apple! Is this really my child????

Good times....BUT..................Our Saturday didn't end there. I cannot tell you the last time David and I had been on a Mom and Dad came over and watched the kids so we could go out. I just love having them close and I am so glad they are always willing to watch my babies!

Here's me and my date before we happy to have a night out!

David and I decided to go to Crabby's...if you live in NWA and haven't been you need to good! And I don't even like seafood! I got the black and bleu salad...YUMMY!

When we finished dinner we realized that if we went home, the babies would not be in bed yet. SOOOO, we went across the street to aLoft and shot pool. We haven't had that much fun together in a long time!

Me trying to pose instead of focusing on the game"

David focusing on the game:

What a fun day! Stay tuned for my next post....I have had lots of requests for video of Maddox breakdancing....I'm working on it and will have it up soon! Ha!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Adventure's of Cruz

This video is just too cute for words. Cruz was in the best mood this morning and into everything, so I decided to get out the camera. He just barges in the office, does a little dance, and then notices "mama". I know he's mine, but isn't he just the cutest thing EVER!!!!???

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This weekend I was went down to Little Rock to help host a shower for one of my oldest (and I don't mean age) friends Sara. I met Sara, when I was in the first grade just after we had moved to Jacksonville, AR. We became best friends immediately and stayed that way for YEARS! Now that we live on opposite sides of the state, it is super hard to keep up with each other, but she is one of those friends you know you'll always have!
So Sara is due in October with her first baby, a boy, who will be named after his daddy, and will go by "Ridge"! How cute is that!
We had a shower in Cabot and Sara got lots of great stuff! Lots of her family was there and old college friends. We had a good time catching up and getting to see each other! Wouldn't you know when I got m y camera out to start snapping pictures....CHARGE BATTERY was glaring me in the pictures!!!!! What is a girl to do.....get pictures emailed to me by fellow blogger Sarah Bell...thanks girl!
Here is a picture of the girls....almost everyone in this picture went to ASU...we were all Chi-O's there. Good memories! From the back is Mandy, Kristin, Holly, Me, and Sara's friend Mica
In the front from the left is Andrea (who's house we had the shower at), Sara, Andi, and Sarah (the other hostess).
This picture below is so funny to me.....Sarah has baby Zane who does NOT like to sleep. He keeps mommy up all night long. So when I managed to bounce the lil guy to sleep I did NOT want to wake him up!! I was scared to death to move! I had him sitting on my knees and he fell dead asleep sitting up. My arms started to BURN holding Zane in that position, so we quickly moved him to a more "cuddly" position and all was well in the world! You can tell by the look on my face I was scared to death to move...ha!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here's What's Up

What has been going on with us lately:
  • Cruz will NOT eat veggies...only fruit! Not sure what to do about that!
  • Maddox is hitting the terrible two's...whining, crying, driving me nuts!
  • We are adding lots of storage and cleaning out the garage...I'll post pics when we get it all finished! I love some organization!
  • I got a new housekeeper thanks to my friend, Serenity, and this one is so awesome, very thankful for David letting me get one...our house is as clean as the day we moved in now! She is cleaning as I type!
  • Maddox is still calling me "AMY"!
  • Junior League Winter Dreams planning is going good, we are up to 8 homes....goal is 10! Chairing this committee is a lot of work, but so far lots of fun!
  • Next month is VEGAS!! We bought tickets to see "O" at the bellagio....and of course, we are still planning to see Britney!!!!!!!!!
  • David and I broke our boat:(. The lake water is way down and David accidentally drove over some rocks and broke our prop...we were dead ducks on the lake for a few hours, until our SUPER NICE dock neighbor came out and towed us back....thank the LORD! Now to get it fixed....
  • I've hit the gym again and I'm so sore it hurts to laugh, cough, sit, stand, walk, drive, you get the idea!
  • However, Life is good!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Wants a Cupcake....

....Baby gets a cupcake!!!

Maddox just had to have a cupcake today! So did I make them homemade...NOOOO! I took my baby to ColdStone to pick out some $3.85 a piece cupcakes! Made his day and was so worth it! Let me just read you the description of the cupcake Maddox ate:

"A Rich Belgian Chocolate Cup filled with a layer of moist Devils Food Cake, Fudge, and Chocolate Ice Cream and topped with a fluffy white frosting and an OREO cookie"

Now tell me that's not worth every cent!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My whole list of blogs I'm following disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one on the dashboard.....Help, fellow it gone forever!!!???

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wierd Obsession!

Okay, so Maddox is obsessed!! It's wierd.....

He has found something in the house that is so fun to pull off and chew on.....

Want to see what it is?

Here is a picture:

Any guesses as to what it is?

Well, here is another picture to show you where they originate from:

Yes, its these little tacky things that are suppose to keep your cabinets from banging. Maddox is being very sneaky, pulling them off, running and hiding, then I find him with these little things in his mouth! So wierd!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff to Blog about!

Thursday night was our Annual Friendship Dinner at church...if you live around NWA, I go to Church at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers...anyways, I hosted a table, which meant I got to decorate it...FUN! I love stuff like this!

It was a dinner for all women and the theme was "Summer Wedding". They picked this theme because our women's ministry director, Kathy Ferguson, is getting married and moving. So it was kind of a good bye as well. And let me just say how much I LOVE her and we are all going to miss her at our church!!!

I picked pink, black, and a bit of blue for our table. Super fun colors! AND, super fun girls at my table! Fellow blogger, Ashley, Serenity, Tonya, Michelle, and 2 of her friends. We had a great time and there was a great lesson on the importance of friendships. I am so lucky to have such great friends in my life! Love to all my girls!

Friday we got together with Amanda and Neely, Serenity and her girls Ashlyn and Kheringtyn, and Heather and Eden for a playdate picnic at the park. Great idea, but WAY too hot. It was fun while the shade lasted, but after that it was time to go. I did get one pic of Maddox and Neely having their very first picnic...these two are just so cute together!

This morning we had all the best intentions of going to church. I got up early, got the kids dressed in their Sunday best, showered, dressed, got David up and in the shower...things were going smoothly and we were actually going to make it 0n time......

Until, Maddox started crying...he has had tummy problems since case you want to know the details...he hasn't been able to "go"...Sorry, TMI, I know! So David gave him some medicine that I will NOT go into detail about, but lets just say I wasn't sending him to childcare at church for when it did finally kick in! Yuck!

But just look at how cute these two were this morning if we HAD made it to church. There is nothing like a little boy in these sweet smocked outfits! My Dad got Cruz's for him at Christmas, and Maddox's is a hand me down from my friend, Amber. Maddox LOVES his because it has a police car on it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Two New Milestones

Cruz has cut two "teefies" in one week!

And he is pulling up to a stand like a champ. Funny thing about this picture is what I actually caught. Cruz had pulled up to the coffee table to get the car. He was playing with it and when Maddox realized what he had, he went over and jerked it away...right as I snapped the picture! Ahhh, brothers! Its already starting!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Redneck Part-ay

Yee-haw, what a Friday night! We threw a redneck themed party at our house for Davids birthday (it was Monday) and our friend Matt W. (his bday was the 31st....and it was the big 3-0). We served beer can chicken, KFC...straight out of the bucket, pork rinds (sp?), baked beans, cole slaw, tater salad....and LOTS of other southern-redneck foods. Everyone dressed in the most hill billy outfit they could come up with...and man, the guys seriously went with the theme...I hardly recognized our friend, Chris, when he walked in with a crazy mullet, orange hat, and bubba funny!!! I totally did a bad job of taking pics.....that's what happens when you start having forget that you are going to need the pics for the blog! Ugh!

I'll share a FEW that I took;)!

Michelle and I by my redneck front door....Christmas lights, beer cans, and behind us is a spray painted "welcome" sign...oh, and the door mat said "No shirt, No Shoes, No problem"!
Matt and Dave by the birthday cake....

Some of the gals....all the girls were cute rednecks...;)Here are all the girls putting on our fake neighbor brought over a ton to share!The boys on the other hand looked crazy! Here is Michelle and I with our birthday boys before the party started..yes, that is David with the mullet!Below is David, with the "Most Redneck" award winner...Chris...he looks nothing like this picture...seriously funny!Michelle, Heather, and I

Me and my girls! We took like 50 pictures with this same pose...ha!