Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here's What's Up

What has been going on with us lately:
  • Cruz will NOT eat veggies...only fruit! Not sure what to do about that!
  • Maddox is hitting the terrible two's...whining, crying, driving me nuts!
  • We are adding lots of storage and cleaning out the garage...I'll post pics when we get it all finished! I love some organization!
  • I got a new housekeeper thanks to my friend, Serenity, and this one is so awesome, very thankful for David letting me get one...our house is as clean as the day we moved in now! She is cleaning as I type!
  • Maddox is still calling me "AMY"!
  • Junior League Winter Dreams planning is going good, we are up to 8 homes....goal is 10! Chairing this committee is a lot of work, but so far lots of fun!
  • Next month is VEGAS!! We bought tickets to see "O" at the bellagio....and of course, we are still planning to see Britney!!!!!!!!!
  • David and I broke our boat:(. The lake water is way down and David accidentally drove over some rocks and broke our prop...we were dead ducks on the lake for a few hours, until our SUPER NICE dock neighbor came out and towed us back....thank the LORD! Now to get it fixed....
  • I've hit the gym again and I'm so sore it hurts to laugh, cough, sit, stand, walk, drive, you get the idea!
  • However, Life is good!


Amanda said...

So glad to hear that someone is working out AND has an organized garage!!

I'm hoping toy get back to working out on a more regular schedule again once school starts (next week).

AND...once my kiddos are in school I'm planning to start the year off with some organization myself!! Let's hear it for all the A-type personalities!!

Oh....and I'm LOL that your son is calling you Amy. HeeHee!!

Ashley said...

Your boys are so adorable!!! I already miss you, time to plan another date! I hated I couldn't eat with you and Amber the other night.. I was going to the in-laws before Stella's arrival today!

Hope you have a great week!

PS- love how he calls you AMY!

Rachel said...

I called my Mom Kim =)! You crack me up and I am so jealous of your big trip planned for VEGAS!!!!!!