Sunday, August 2, 2009

Redneck Part-ay

Yee-haw, what a Friday night! We threw a redneck themed party at our house for Davids birthday (it was Monday) and our friend Matt W. (his bday was the 31st....and it was the big 3-0). We served beer can chicken, KFC...straight out of the bucket, pork rinds (sp?), baked beans, cole slaw, tater salad....and LOTS of other southern-redneck foods. Everyone dressed in the most hill billy outfit they could come up with...and man, the guys seriously went with the theme...I hardly recognized our friend, Chris, when he walked in with a crazy mullet, orange hat, and bubba funny!!! I totally did a bad job of taking pics.....that's what happens when you start having forget that you are going to need the pics for the blog! Ugh!

I'll share a FEW that I took;)!

Michelle and I by my redneck front door....Christmas lights, beer cans, and behind us is a spray painted "welcome" sign...oh, and the door mat said "No shirt, No Shoes, No problem"!
Matt and Dave by the birthday cake....

Some of the gals....all the girls were cute rednecks...;)Here are all the girls putting on our fake neighbor brought over a ton to share!The boys on the other hand looked crazy! Here is Michelle and I with our birthday boys before the party started..yes, that is David with the mullet!Below is David, with the "Most Redneck" award winner...Chris...he looks nothing like this picture...seriously funny!Michelle, Heather, and I

Me and my girls! We took like 50 pictures with this same pose...ha!


Ashley said...

Girl, I love love love it! I am all about get togethers, but more importantly the themed ones with friends! So fun.. my fav is the front door! HA! ;) So cute!

Good job on the pics, they turned out great!!!

Amanda said...

Oh My Goodness!!! This looks like TOO MUCH fun!! Where in the world did you come up a "Red Neck" theme? That is some kind of creativity!! :)

KirstenBlowersInteriorDesign said...

Looks like too much fun!! Great party idea!

Rachel said...

That looked like so much fun!! Shane turns the big 30 this year too!! What a great party!!

Michelle said...

This is so funny! Wish I lived closer! LOL