Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Play Dates

Last week Maddox and Cruz kept me busy! We stayed out of the house and met up with friends all week. So much fun!

One day we met up with my friend Serenity and her girls, Ashlyn and Kheringtyn. We all went to the botanical gardens and then to Noodles for lunch. The kids had so much fun, and believe it or not, they were perfect angels over lunch....all 4 of them! I'm not going to lie, I was dreading lunch just a bit because the kids were tired from being in the sun, and Cruz hadn't had a nap...but it was such a great lunch and Serenity and I actually got to talk...to each other....not our kids!
Maddox got to feed some chickens...his favorite part. I think we sat here for an hour...no lie!
Playing in the water!Don't you just love this face! Man, he is a sweetie pie!

Maddox and Ashlyn
Maddox found a beetle on this flower and COULD NOT leave it alone!

We also met up at the mall one day with Amanda and one of Maddox's favorite friends, Neely. We let the kids play on the playground and then took them on a carousel ride....then, lunch at Olive Garden. Again, what a great day! My kids were good at the restaurant...you just never know how they will be!!
Maddox and Neely playing in the water!

Amanda and Neely:
Me and my crew....riding a carousel is not easy with these two...not to mention how dizzy I got!

Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City with the Vestal's. So much fun! Maddox and Neely get along so well together! We took a wagon for them to ride in and they did so good. That talked to each other, shared snack, giggled...it was so darn cute!!! Cruz had fun too...he smiled all day long...even with no nap! I think that kid is going to really love SDC when we gets a little older.

I kept saying all the way home how much fun we had! Thanks Amanda, for inviting us!
Me and the "Punkin Face"I was trying to make Maddox have fun....he wasn't really into the rides!Maddox and Neely waiting in line for our last ride:Best Friends:)Me and Amanda:

And....he's out!


Ashley said...

Goodness was precious boys you have!!! They are so adorable!!! makes me want to have a boy now too!! I LOVE Silver Dollar City, it's so much fun. My fav is Christmas time!

Fun post! See you soon girl!!!

Alissa said...

Fun times, I am so glad every outing was a good one!