Friday, July 3, 2009


Am I suppose to hate Mondays??....well, I don' least not when we get to go to the lake with some of our FAVORITE people!

It was us, the H's, and all FIVE of our kids. What fun! It was sort of a last "Hoorah" before our friend Josh left for 5 months for work training. We all had a blast and so glad we got to spend a day with them before he left. Here are some pics from our lake time:
Me, Amber, and future besties Cruz and Saylor

Saylor, Maddox, Jefferson, and Miss Sadie

Amber, Sadie, J, and Me

Yes, this baby tubed....she'll be skiing by next summer!:)

Jefferson, Josh, and Saylor!!

David and Madd

David and Madd tubing for the first time!

Check out this hair! This was what happened to it after tubing!

Me and Cruz-y....can't you tell he had a blast??

Pray for my girl, Amber, while her hubby is away and she is a "single" mommy! And pray for Josh as he goes through some tough training and five months away from HIS favorite people...his wife and those 3 sweet kiddos!

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Rachel said...

Bless Amber!!! Love that last pic of you and Cruz!