Thursday, September 30, 2010

YES!!! MESSY!!!!

I guess I should have known that while I was talking away to my bestie who lives in Texas and my kids were being all too quiet, that SOMETHING must be going on. I just enjoyed the moment and the quiet time and figured whatever they were up to, I would just clean up when I hung up the phone.

Well, they were up to something...Shaving Cream!!!At least they kept it in the shower!! When I walked in I said "did you make a mess??" Cruz replied, "YES!! MESSY!!!!"
And Cruz has been super fussy today, so to me, I'm just happy he found something to take his mind off crying!Maddox tried to clean up with a squeegie...Oh brothers, look how happy they are!! _____________________________________________
On another note, Cruz went in for his 18 month check up yesterday....well, really he went in because I thought he had an ear infection. He had been pulling at his ear saying "hurts". His ears looked fine and we came to the conclusion that it did look a little swollen on the outside and maybe he had gotten hit in the head by Maddox. Glad I paid a dr. to figure that out;/.
Anyways, while I was there I asked her about getting his 18 month shots...since he is now 22 months (those poor second kids don't get the same top notch treatment!!:)!!). She said she would go ahead and do his well baby while I was there. He got 4 shots (which is why I think he is so whiny today).
He weighs in at 23 pounds. He is in the 6% for weight and the 50% for height. Long and skinny!! She wants us to try and get him to gain some weight. We've been trying his whole life..."he's just a lil guy!" (I put this in quotations because I say this phrase to my friends and family a lot about Cruz. And I usually say it in a funny voice. Anyways...)
He says more words than most his age. More than 20 easily. He is right on track for everything. Yay Cruz!! We love you lil guy!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hogs Vs. Bama

Well, guess you already know, hogs didn't pull out a win...THIS time. But we still love them and had a great time at the game! Tailgating was fun as always. We made tons of brunchy/breakfasts foods, left the house at 9am, and tailgated until the game at 2:30. So much fun!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the boys!!

This weekend the guys thought it would be a great idea to hook up a TV. It took them a good hour to get the satellite working. Of course I had to snap some was cracking me up!! They were so busy with the TV they didn't even get our tent up!!!

And of course, us girls snapped a few pics before the game!

And finally the TV was up and working!!

The theme for the game was RED OUT. They wanted all Arkansas fans to dress in red. Can you tell in the picture below who is Bama and who is Arkansas?? Awesome.
The Good Year Blimp was there. I took more than one picture of it. Then I got home and thought, why was I so obsessed with that thing???

After our disappointing loss we went back to the tailgate and hung out for a while THINKING that we would let the traffic clear out. We sat for a good hour. (even had to get our car jumped after having that TV drain our battery). But there were so many people at that game it STILL took an hour and a half to get home. (BTW, I live 20 miles from the stadium!!). Our after game plans went something like this....
"Lets go to Dickson Street!!!", then we lossed.
"Let's go back to Rogers and go to Guido's", then we sat in traffic.
"Let's go through a drive through and eat dinner in bed." Then MORE traffic.
"Forget dinner, just get me home!!!!"
We still love our hogs. We played well against the #1 team!! Woooo Pig Sooie!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Maddox "Reads"

You may have to turn your volume up to hear his uncharacteristically quiet voice! He has started to "read" books by telling the story through pictures. It is so cute to me. This book is called "No No, Yes Yes". It's really for little ones. The pictures are so funny to me. That's why I bought it! Anyways, here is Maddox reading this morning, and excuse my loud-in-your-face-voice!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Wednesday

As I'm sitting on the couch with Maddox watching Nick Jr., I can't help but think of random things to blog about!!

- Maddox wore big boy underwear to school today and stayed dry! He got two new matchbox cars as a prize when I picked him up!

- I got an interesting manicure today. Some of you may have heard of this before, but it is a new product to me. It is called shellac nail polish. It stays on for 14 days with no chipping. Costs a little extra. But it's garunteed (no spell check on this iPhone, that doesn't look right does it??). Anyways, it's a longer process than just getting paint. You get a base coat, then put your nails in this drying machine. Then color coat, machine, color coat, machine, top coat, machine... Felt like it took forever. But, worth it for a manicure that actually lasts!!!!
Watcha think about this Razorback RED?!?!

- something I guess I've never done with Maddox is make lemonade. Wierd. Today after school we did. I let him do it all. It truely IS the little thing! He was so proud of himself. We made a glass for him, the housekeeper, daddy, and myself. He loved that we were all raving over it. It was cute. He can't stop drnking it.

- #10 hogs take on #1 Alabama this Saturday here in Fayetteville. You can feel the buzz around town!! The game is at 2:30, so we are setting up to tailgate bright and early!! Woooo pig soooie!!! Who are you rooting for?

- who's watching DWTS?? I liked this years cast, minus that Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson...she gets on my nerves!!! The Hoff was fun to laugh at, kinda wish he wasn't the first to go!

- hope everyone is having a great first day of Fall!! Happy Wednesday!!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black Eye and Raisin Sandwich

Last week Maddox was rough housing with his Daddy. He does what he calls "TIMBBERRRRRR" where he stays straight as a board and falls forward. Well this time when he did it he fell right on Davids elbow. He started crying and by the time he got downstairs he looked like he had a bouncy ball under his skin. This is what it looked like the next day:

Maddox also made hisself an interesting snack that day. He kept saying he wanted a sandwich. But he wanted to make in by hisself. All he wanted was for David to give him a piece of bread. Then he got a box of raisins and poured them on top. He made a raisin sandwich. MMMmmmm. Yummy!! He thought it was DEEEEElish!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

I've been working like a crazy woman around here trying to get all my Fall stuff up and out. It's my favorite time of to Christmas!!

Today I went out and bought mums (in the rain). It was Mothers Day Out and I wasn't going to let any thing stop me. Not even the weather!! Here is what I have accomplished!!
Planters on the deck:

Front Door:

Window Boxes in the Backyard:

I copied you, Jill from Woodsy Ivy,...hehe, I loved how you put pumpkins in YOUR window boxes!! Think I'm gonna go get something cute stick in some iron pumkins or something....

I few things around the house:

A few mums in planters (not all pictured). Bought them at Westwoods, they said they should be blooming in a week.

Whew, I'm exhausted!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Weekend in The Rock

We spent last weekend visiting my sister and her family in Little Rock. We always have a great time with them and I ALWAYS laugh a lot!!

Friday night was my niece Sloans first cotillion. She is so stinkin cute isn't she!? I got to fix her hair:), and isn't her dress adorable! All her friends were so cute. Kim and I took her to get pictures made, then to cotillion, then to the after party. We squeezed in dinner and shopping while we waited to pick her up!While at Kims the boys were constantly getting into Maraux's art station...what a MESS they made!!!! Sorry Kim!!! They found the glue and got it EVERYWHERE!!!! Saturday morning we got up and went shopping. My favorite place to shop in little rock is the Pleasant Ridge outdoor mall. It is ALL boutiques!! I had plans of stocking up the boys with some cute Fall clothes! I hit the jackpot at the Toggery and Cupcakes and Catterpillars...two of my favorite stores there!

We ate lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I took this picture of Cruz right before he spit out all of his lemonade.

Cute cousins!!!

Toothless Margaux!!

We had an afternoon snack at the Mango Leaf which is a self serve yogurt shop. Maddox got vanilla with berries, gummie bears, skittles, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. Mmmm-mmmm.

That night we watched the Kendall and her kids came over. We ate Mexico Chiquito take out (MY FAVE) and watched the Razorback game. After that, my brother in law Mark made a big fire and we made smores in the back yard. It was a first for my boys!

Thanks for having us Mark and Kim! We love you!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Gonna Be a LOOONG one!!!!

Oh my, I have been away from blogger for a loooong time! I've been reading all of YOUR blogs on my trusty Iphone, but I just haven't had time to sit and catch up. This past week has been so fun and yet so busy that I started this post 3 days ago, and just now have the time to sit down and finish it! So this is a catch up...with lots of pics....and its only covering from Sept. 4-9th!!

So lets start with Friday the 4th. We were invited to a playdate at Petco. My friend Mandy had set up for a worker at Petco to give us a tour and teach the kids about all the different kinds of pets. (FYI: we don't have a zoo, so this was pretty exciting!). (Annnnd, we had a busy week ahead of us, so I was ready to wear my kids out Friday so I could get some stuff done around the house!).

Sorry, anyways, it was such a cute idea! I got the boys up and ready in the super summery clothing, and we walked out in to the most wonderful Fall like feeling weather...woooopsy! Time to go shopping! We had nothing warm to wear! But they sure looked cute! I took a picture of them....well, a few....this is the best I could get...
Here's Cruzy at Petco. Both boys really enjoyed the fish. In fact, Maddox had a near break down when we didn't IMMEDIATLY look at fish when we got there. He had his own agenda. Our tour guide had another.
Here is the tour guide, I didn't catch her name, and I think she is holding a lizard or something. Can you tell I paid attention??
Maddox really wanted to touch that turtle!!!

More fish!

And last were the mice, and I must say, it was the boys favorite. They loved watching them go in that wheel thingy!!

After that we all went to Chick Fil A and let the kids eat and play. When we left I decided it was just too beautiful to go home. We have a wonderful outdoor mall here, so I called my Mom to meet us there and do some shopping!

While we waited on her Maddox played on the fountains, You can see him WAAAAY in the background, and poor Cruz was strapped to the stroller! He was not happy!

Hi Mom!!

Then Mom and I decided to take them to Build A Bear. It wasn't Maddox's first time, but he doesn't even remember his first time. He was like 13 months or something! So this was so exciting to him!

I snapped this when she told him to make a wish on the heart!

I love this sweet face.

So proud!

After that they were zonked! We went home for long naps and I got prepared for the crazy weekend. Saturday was the first big Razorback home game. Sunday we hosted a HUGE end of summer party. There was lots to do!!
But, back to Saturday, we tailgated with great friends and had so much fun. We set up around 1 and the game wasn't till 6. I didn't even care to go to the game by 6, I was SO tired from tailgating!
Of course we took lots of pics!

David making fun of all our picture taking:)

It's always so fun to see what every0ne wears! We all try to get creative and incorporate red and razorbacks wherever we can! We love those hogs!!
Here is a view from our seats. I tend to stare at the jumbo tron most of the game. I don't know why, I mean, I'm at the live game...but I choose to watch it on the TV. Wierd.

Look at the grey headed lady behind DAvid...has she never seen two people take a picture of themselves before???? Hahahaha!!!!

Lets call those hogs!!!!!! Wooooooooo Pig Sooie!!
On to our next big adventure...Sunday we hosted a party with our wonderful neighbors. We had an AWESOME band, Wes and Karl come play. They are sooooooo much fun. I think we danced for four hours straight. I'm so not kidding. We danced all night. And yes, Karl drums on a bucket. And it rocks.

And then.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, battery died.....just when the party was getting good...this is the last shot I got! Maybe you saw some pics on Rachel or Tara's blog!!

Then, on Tuesday we left for Branson (now do you see why i have been away from the computer!). Some friends of ours had a time share for an entire week. They only used it for labor day weekend and told us we could take it for the week if we wanted. UM, YA! Thanks so much Chris and Marcy!!!!
So we loaded up and headed north! We stayed at the Welk Resort. It had and indoor/outdoor pool and splash park, puttputt, park, everything. It wasn't on the main strip, but wasn't too far either. I would totally recommend it!

We went to the Branson Landing one know what that means when you have boys, BASS PRO SHOP. We stayed in there forever!!!
We looked at the fish for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time.
And we really wanted to take this home. It was just Maddox's size!!
We played by the fountains with our toys we bought at Bass Pro.

Then....oh, wow, we stumbled upon something that is every little boys dream. We just THOUGHT Build a Bear was cool...WHATEVER!!! We found a store where you can custom build your own car...any car, any make, any tires, any sound, any color...I could go on. I've never seen Maddox happier.

It took a while, but we finally made a decision.

Cruzy found ways to entertain himself while brother got busy building his car.

Time to assemble the wheels.
Just like a real car shop!!
Now we were ready to customize with FIRE cool.

And just like Build a Bear, you take it home in a box, but this one is "Cooler"!!
That night we went to the Dixie Stampede. It a dinner/show you may have heard of. Its a story of the North and the South. Your in a big arena. You eat with your hands. You cheer for your team (north or south, whichever your assigned). And its fun. Boys loved it!
Before the show:
Maddox was thrilled to take another picture.

Getting ready for the horses to come in!! They didn't allow photography during the show:(

That night we actually went shopping after that. Our goal was to wear the kids out so they would be easy to put to bed every night. Worked like a charm!!
Here they are eating breakfast and watching cartoons in our little lodge the next morning before we got ready to come home! So cute!

And no, our fun didn't stop there. We came home Thursday, repacked our bags and left Friday for Little Rock to see my sister and her family. We are finally back home for a while! I'll do a post on my little rock trip was a great time!!
Hope that wasn't too long....gotta go to bed now. Time to catch up on the DVR!