Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Weekend in The Rock

We spent last weekend visiting my sister and her family in Little Rock. We always have a great time with them and I ALWAYS laugh a lot!!

Friday night was my niece Sloans first cotillion. She is so stinkin cute isn't she!? I got to fix her hair:), and isn't her dress adorable! All her friends were so cute. Kim and I took her to get pictures made, then to cotillion, then to the after party. We squeezed in dinner and shopping while we waited to pick her up!While at Kims the boys were constantly getting into Maraux's art station...what a MESS they made!!!! Sorry Kim!!! They found the glue and got it EVERYWHERE!!!! Saturday morning we got up and went shopping. My favorite place to shop in little rock is the Pleasant Ridge outdoor mall. It is ALL boutiques!! I had plans of stocking up the boys with some cute Fall clothes! I hit the jackpot at the Toggery and Cupcakes and Catterpillars...two of my favorite stores there!

We ate lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I took this picture of Cruz right before he spit out all of his lemonade.

Cute cousins!!!

Toothless Margaux!!

We had an afternoon snack at the Mango Leaf which is a self serve yogurt shop. Maddox got vanilla with berries, gummie bears, skittles, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. Mmmm-mmmm.

That night we watched the Kendall and her kids came over. We ate Mexico Chiquito take out (MY FAVE) and watched the Razorback game. After that, my brother in law Mark made a big fire and we made smores in the back yard. It was a first for my boys!

Thanks for having us Mark and Kim! We love you!!


Jill said...

Sounds like SO much fun! Your niece looked so pretty all dressed up! Great job on her hair...it looked awesome! I'm in the mood for a bonfire, but I have my concerns that our wood pile has poison ivy in it, and we don't wanta go there! Your boys are such cuties!

Lindsey said...

What fun!!! I love days like that! And that yellow dress is just presh!!

Walking With The Wheats said...

So much fun!