Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hogs Vs. Bama

Well, guess you already know, hogs didn't pull out a win...THIS time. But we still love them and had a great time at the game! Tailgating was fun as always. We made tons of brunchy/breakfasts foods, left the house at 9am, and tailgated until the game at 2:30. So much fun!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the boys!!

This weekend the guys thought it would be a great idea to hook up a TV. It took them a good hour to get the satellite working. Of course I had to snap some was cracking me up!! They were so busy with the TV they didn't even get our tent up!!!

And of course, us girls snapped a few pics before the game!

And finally the TV was up and working!!

The theme for the game was RED OUT. They wanted all Arkansas fans to dress in red. Can you tell in the picture below who is Bama and who is Arkansas?? Awesome.
The Good Year Blimp was there. I took more than one picture of it. Then I got home and thought, why was I so obsessed with that thing???

After our disappointing loss we went back to the tailgate and hung out for a while THINKING that we would let the traffic clear out. We sat for a good hour. (even had to get our car jumped after having that TV drain our battery). But there were so many people at that game it STILL took an hour and a half to get home. (BTW, I live 20 miles from the stadium!!). Our after game plans went something like this....
"Lets go to Dickson Street!!!", then we lossed.
"Let's go back to Rogers and go to Guido's", then we sat in traffic.
"Let's go through a drive through and eat dinner in bed." Then MORE traffic.
"Forget dinner, just get me home!!!!"
We still love our hogs. We played well against the #1 team!! Woooo Pig Sooie!!


Jill said...

You looked super cute, as always! I read so many blogs from Arkansas gals, I even hopped on the computer that day to see what was happening. How silly is that? HA!

Looks like you all had a great time! Hilarious about the guys with their tv!

(By the way, on my end, I still have to page down a bunch of times to see your posts.)

Tara Gibson said...

sOOOOO much fun! my heart still hurts but we are gonna win out this season!