Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Wednesday

As I'm sitting on the couch with Maddox watching Nick Jr., I can't help but think of random things to blog about!!

- Maddox wore big boy underwear to school today and stayed dry! He got two new matchbox cars as a prize when I picked him up!

- I got an interesting manicure today. Some of you may have heard of this before, but it is a new product to me. It is called shellac nail polish. It stays on for 14 days with no chipping. Costs a little extra. But it's garunteed (no spell check on this iPhone, that doesn't look right does it??). Anyways, it's a longer process than just getting paint. You get a base coat, then put your nails in this drying machine. Then color coat, machine, color coat, machine, top coat, machine... Felt like it took forever. But, worth it for a manicure that actually lasts!!!!
Watcha think about this Razorback RED?!?!

- something I guess I've never done with Maddox is make lemonade. Wierd. Today after school we did. I let him do it all. It truely IS the little thing! He was so proud of himself. We made a glass for him, the housekeeper, daddy, and myself. He loved that we were all raving over it. It was cute. He can't stop drnking it.

- #10 hogs take on #1 Alabama this Saturday here in Fayetteville. You can feel the buzz around town!! The game is at 2:30, so we are setting up to tailgate bright and early!! Woooo pig soooie!!! Who are you rooting for?

- who's watching DWTS?? I liked this years cast, minus that Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson...she gets on my nerves!!! The Hoff was fun to laugh at, kinda wish he wasn't the first to go!

- hope everyone is having a great first day of Fall!! Happy Wednesday!!

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Kimberley said...

Love me some DWTS! I am rooting for who else, Jennifer Grey! The Situation needs to G.O.!

Speaking of GO.... GO HOGS!

Lindsey said...

Nails look great! I have never heard of that but will have to try it out! i hate it when my nails chip! Pretty color!!