Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've been a slacker!

Haven't been posting as much lately. I've just been waiting until my appointments to update and post any pics. I had my LAST appointment before delivery today. Of course, I have nothing new to report. Still dilated at a 1. I must confess I was a bit depressed leaving the doctors office today. I get my hopes up that I'll have made a lot of progress, and every time I get let down.

I really don't think that he will be here early, or on my due date, or the day after...which is why we are definitely inducing Monday, December 1st. Praise God, there is an end in sight. I'm going to have my mom stay the night Sunday night since we have to leave for the hospital at 5:30 am. She'll stay there and let Maddox sleep. We are going to try and keep him on as close a schedule as possible, but I want him up there for when the baby arrives.

Maddox has no clue he is about to have a brother, people ask me that all the time. He's not going to understand at all! I am feeling a little sorry for him. I get a little sad when I think about him not having David and I all to himself. I know it'll be okay, and I know as soon as Cruz gets a little bigger, they will be best friends!

Here are a few recent pics of Maddox. I have been slacking on pictures because I keep my camera in the suitcase for the hospital. I've missed out on some cute stuff...but here are a few:

Here are Michelle and I at the hospital holding little Eden. My friend Heather who has been pregnant with me had her about a week and a half ago. Should I mention again that we were due 2 days's her sweet bundle of joy, still waiting on mine:)...

I just had to get a picture today of Maddox checking out this truck. We got a new sectional for our game room delivered today. To distract Maddox away from the movers trying to work, we looked at their truck. He is SO into cars, trucks, and trains. We walked up and down the truck, checked out the wheels, looked in the cab. He was in heaven!

This is Maddox and Sadie. She was over at the house the other day with her mom and new baby sister, Maddox just loves her. If she sat in a chair, he wanted to be right there next to cute!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Please keep me in your prayers for a safe delivery...I'm getting a little nervous...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The latest...

My 38 week appointment was today. Some better news than last time. I'm am now dilated at a 1 (not much, but still progress) and 50% effaced. Yay! For some reason, I still don't think Cruz will be here early, so we discussed inducing today. If I don't have the baby by November 29th, our due date, then we will induce Monday, December 1st. It feels good to know it won't go past this. I even think maybe it will be good to have Thanksgiving be one last relaxing holiday before the big birthday! We shall see!

I haven't posted any pics in a while, so here are a few from Maddox's first trip to Build-A-Bear. Toddler Toes is a play group we recently started going to. It meets once a month and so far always is a blast for Maddox. Maddox was more interested in the computers than he was anything else in the entire store. I just kind of let him do whatever... here are the pics...
His favorite part, the computers to make your birth certificate:

Picking out his bear:

Playing with sound least he was trying to! Ha!:

Ready to take home bear:

Dragging his bear through the store:

Monday, November 17, 2008

12 days to go....hopefully less!

Well, as I sit here typing my good friend Heather is in the hospital getting ready to welcome baby Eden into the world! The preggo friends of mine keep having babies one after the other, and I can't help but feel stuck!...even a little jealous! Not that I am not SUPER happy for them of course! Especially since Eden is destined to be Cruz's future wife:)! Ha!

3 nights ago I thought for sure I may be feeling labor pains. I felt aweful, but was so excited that "this may be it!". After about 2 hours of random contractions, it all stopped and went away and by 10:30 I was feeling my normal self again, ugh! And since that night, not many contractions at all!

Next dr. appointment is Wednesday....keep your fingers crossed that we'll have some kind of progress! I am getting just a tad impatient if you can't tell...:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

37 Week Update

I had my weekly doctor appointment today while Maddox was at Mother's Day Out. I tried to not get my hopes up that I was dialated, but secretly I thought FOR SURE I had to have made some progress already. Unfortunatly, I'm 0 dialated and 0 effaced. I already feel like I'm gonna have a repeat experience of what the last weeks were like with Maddox. In case you forgot, I went a miserable week late and when they induced me I was STILL 0 dialated and 0 effaced. I have been hoping that Cruz would be my early baby!! So far, he is in no rush to meet us. He is probably already scared of Maddox...Maddox is CONTANTLY sitting on me, elbowing my belly, pushing himself off my belly, kicking my belly...its insane...poor Cruz!

I did have a bit of a scare at my appointment however. Let me just go ahead and say everything is totally fine before I go on...Anyways, I am measuring at 34 weeks. My doctor decided to order an ultrasound to make sure everything looked good. She quickly tried to reassure me that nothing was wrong...BUT, that they would check my amniotic fluid levels, and the size of the baby. My appointment was at 9:45 and the ultrasound wasn't until 11:00, so I had plenty of time to let my mind run wild with all the possible terrible scenerios of what could be wrong. I was even planning what I would do if they sent me to the hospital to go ahead and deliver. (Have I mentioned I'm a worrier??). Thankfully, Cruz is wieghing in around 7 pounds, 7 ounces. My fluid levels are perfect. AND, the ultrasound showed I am actually measuring 5 days ahead of schedule. Turns out that the baby could have just been in a wierd position, dropped down, or that I am carrying him more on the inside than the outside "belly". Thank the Lord! Now, if I could only make it 17 more days...

OH, almost forgot. As I was leaving the appointment today, I noticed the Duggars checking know, the Springdale couple with the 500 children and counting? Actually, I think she is on #18. Anyways, they see the same dr. as me. As I rounded the corner I totally came face to face with a TV crew following them. You may have seen there show on TLC. So we'll see if I make my television debut! Ha!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sometimes I Just Need to WHINE!!

I just feel the need to vent about how awful I am feeling! Three weeks to go, and I don't feel like I can make it. Here's the latest and greatest of what pregnancy is doing to me: I have been having this very weird pain to the left of my belly. Its always in the exact same spot. I feel like I have to keep my hand on it so it won't hurt. I thought at first maybe Cruz was kicking me there and making it bruised, but the longer its gone on I realized it had to be something else. I told my dr. about it today and she said that it sounds like my muscles are so stretched that I probably have a tear in my muscle in that spot! Doesn't that sound fun!! What makes it worse is having a 1 year old that I constantly am picking always gets worse when I'm lifting and bending over. She told me to take Tylenol for now and if it gets worse they will call in some pain meds for me. I'm tempted to just say, "ITS WORSE" so I can get some real medicine!! :)

I'm also scared that it WILL only get worse, since I am only going to get BIGGER! Ugh. Only good news from the appointment: gained no weight this week, which I couldn't believe after the mass amounts of Halloween candy I have consumed....and cookies...and chips...and any other junk food I have been able to get my hands on!

Here's my other thought about the muscle seems weird that it hurts this bad with baby #2...which leads me to think maybe Cruz is a BIG baby!! Dr. didn't say this, but of course the thought has run through my mind!! So needless to say, I feel like I am in bad shape. I know it could be way worse, but I'm pretty good at feeling sorry for myself! Not a great day today....BUT, want to know one of the things that can still totally make me feel better and take my mind off my misery:

Yes, my little stinker is such a Momma's boy! I taught him to say "yes" whenever I ask him if he loves me! It melts my heart everytime! He also says "mama" ALL the time, too. Its really sweet when he's tired and comes to me and really pitiful says "mama" for me to hold him...I love the lil guy!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or Treat

Here's a few pictures from our big night of trick or treating. Maddox got to trick or treat the neighborhood for the first time. He probably walked the most he ever has in his little life!! It took about 10 minutes to get from my house to the next door neighbors...NOT because our houses are that far apart, but because Maddox kept getting so side tracked. If other kids passed us, he wanted to turn around and follow them. However, when he realized he was getting candy at the doors, he quickly caught on. He immediately unwrapped the first sucker he got and ate it along the way. So cute!!

Here's me and my little man:

Dad and Maddox:

He was so excited!!

Eating his sucker as we go door to door:

Here's bucket of candy Maddox collected:

And here he is again with yet another sucker....