Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've been a slacker!

Haven't been posting as much lately. I've just been waiting until my appointments to update and post any pics. I had my LAST appointment before delivery today. Of course, I have nothing new to report. Still dilated at a 1. I must confess I was a bit depressed leaving the doctors office today. I get my hopes up that I'll have made a lot of progress, and every time I get let down.

I really don't think that he will be here early, or on my due date, or the day after...which is why we are definitely inducing Monday, December 1st. Praise God, there is an end in sight. I'm going to have my mom stay the night Sunday night since we have to leave for the hospital at 5:30 am. She'll stay there and let Maddox sleep. We are going to try and keep him on as close a schedule as possible, but I want him up there for when the baby arrives.

Maddox has no clue he is about to have a brother, people ask me that all the time. He's not going to understand at all! I am feeling a little sorry for him. I get a little sad when I think about him not having David and I all to himself. I know it'll be okay, and I know as soon as Cruz gets a little bigger, they will be best friends!

Here are a few recent pics of Maddox. I have been slacking on pictures because I keep my camera in the suitcase for the hospital. I've missed out on some cute stuff...but here are a few:

Here are Michelle and I at the hospital holding little Eden. My friend Heather who has been pregnant with me had her about a week and a half ago. Should I mention again that we were due 2 days's her sweet bundle of joy, still waiting on mine:)...

I just had to get a picture today of Maddox checking out this truck. We got a new sectional for our game room delivered today. To distract Maddox away from the movers trying to work, we looked at their truck. He is SO into cars, trucks, and trains. We walked up and down the truck, checked out the wheels, looked in the cab. He was in heaven!

This is Maddox and Sadie. She was over at the house the other day with her mom and new baby sister, Maddox just loves her. If she sat in a chair, he wanted to be right there next to cute!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Please keep me in your prayers for a safe delivery...I'm getting a little nervous...


Lindsey said...

Thinking of wishes!
I don't think it matters how old your first is. There is just something a little sad about the fact that they will no longer be your only and I think it's ok to feel that way. It scares you a little, but when Cruz settles in you'll just know everything is perfectly as it should be. Maddox will love him!

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

Yuck! I was hoping you had gone into labor!!! Well, at least you will get to have yummy food tomorrow. Hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving & good luck on Monday (if not sooner!).

Anonymous said...

The end is in sight! You can do it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Good luck Amy! I will be thinking of you on Monday! 2 little boys are the best, and yes, they will be best friends before you know it!