Monday, November 17, 2008

12 days to go....hopefully less!

Well, as I sit here typing my good friend Heather is in the hospital getting ready to welcome baby Eden into the world! The preggo friends of mine keep having babies one after the other, and I can't help but feel stuck!...even a little jealous! Not that I am not SUPER happy for them of course! Especially since Eden is destined to be Cruz's future wife:)! Ha!

3 nights ago I thought for sure I may be feeling labor pains. I felt aweful, but was so excited that "this may be it!". After about 2 hours of random contractions, it all stopped and went away and by 10:30 I was feeling my normal self again, ugh! And since that night, not many contractions at all!

Next dr. appointment is Wednesday....keep your fingers crossed that we'll have some kind of progress! I am getting just a tad impatient if you can't tell...:)


Rachel said...

I told you - eat lots of pineapple =)!! You need to get online and look up things to promote labor!

Look at it this way - when you have Cruz, all of those other babies will not be as new anymore =) (I kid)!

Ruthanne said...

Go get a pedicure!

There's supposed to be some pressure point on your foot - and even if it doesn't "get the ball rolling" so to speak - at least it will feel good!

Ruthanne said...

Oh - and there's always the old-fashioned way . . . do you know what I'm talkin' about? I personally don't think it works, but hubby always said it was worth a try - and I'm pretty sure your hubby would agree! ;D

Michelle said...

I totally remember how you are feeling! It seems like it takes forever, but oh so worth it when his wonderful little face arrives! Here's hoping it happens quick!