Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I Love Cruz;)

He always does his "pretty smile" on call:

He plays with this red pan all the time. It's amazing what he has found to do with it....from mud pies, to golfing.....

He's so cute at bath time. I love clean babies!!

Pretty much anything he does melts my heart.....

He's so cute that I almost can't discipline him.... Almost!! This morning he threw his cereal bar.... Mad because it broke. Then he wouldn't pick it up, so I sent him to the corner. I told him he could come out when he was ready to clean his mess. He cried to hard!!! He stayed at least 15 minutes, then he came to his senses and decided to clean it up..., of course I had to snap a pic of him in the corner....isn't he pitiful???;)

Cruz also has the craziest things happen. 2 nights ago he was eating pasta salad. All of the sudden he started screaming and crying that his nose hurt. We thought pepper was burning him. He finally got over it, but yesterday he was super fussy. Then last night David was changing his diaper and noticed something orange in his nose...... He got some tweezers and.......

Pulled out this carrot!!!!!!!!!! It had Been up his nose for at least 24 hrs!!!!!!!! Wowzers!!!!!

Never a dull moment.....

But with all that said, I want to ask that you keep my lil Cruz in your prayers. He is getting tubes in his ears tmrw. I know it's fairly routine, but anytime they put your baby under, it's scary:(. So Thank you so much for your prayers!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Stuff;)

• Maddox went to his first day of vacation bible school today. I was SO excited to hear all about it, but he was tight lipped. He told me all they did was sit in a chair and wait on Mommys to come pick them up! Haha!!! Liar!!

• I got a Keratin blowout today. It's like the brazillian blowout, but less harmful chemicals. I can't wash hair, sweat, wear ponytail, clip, headband, sunglasses on head, or hair tucked behind my ears for 72 hrs!!! But after that I get to wash and enjoy stick straight hair!!! No more summer frizz!!!

• if you follow Ashleys Avenue or Becoming a Ware, you may have seen my trip to Dallas to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys!!!!! It was so awesome!!! Best girls trip!!!!

(the following pics were NOT zoomed up on....we actually had Jordan practically in our seats singing! I screamed and grabbed at him like I was still a teeny bopper!!!)

Oh yeah!!! I was pumped!!!

That's Jordan behind us... Yes, we are crazy girls!!

Even bought some shirts for the drive home!!!!

• how cute is he??? This was at the dr. He has to get tubes in his ears Friday:(. Poor guy has had 6 ear infections this year!

• he's pretty cute too....

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 Nights Celebrating the 4th!!!

Get ready for some PICTURES!!!!!!!!! whew!!!!! Our fourth was jam packed!!!! We started Friday night at a Couples Cupcake War party at my friend Melisa's house. Such a fun party!!! I laughed A LOT!!! We were judged on taste and presentation. (my team won Presentation!!)

Here are all the girls! We all live in the same 'hood!!

We each were paired with another couple and had a table set up with the ingredients we needed;).

And directions....I loved step two!!

Me and Dave!!

We also had to make a storyboard. That may have been the best, most funny part!!!

Jake and Jesse were the judges;)

Partner Kelly and I with our storyboard. ;)

David and Steve doing our presentation.

Our "shadow valley summer cupcakes!!!"

After the party was over, Drew busted out the fireworks!!!

On to Saturday....we headed to the lake with the Hutchinsons and Lufkins. A little tired from the previous night....but we celebrated on......;)

Maddox LOVES a picture:/

Sweet Anabelle;)

That night we grilled out and had our parents over. Also shot our fireworks. Cruz was seriously scared, so he watched inside with Grandad!

We bought the coolest lanterns!!!!

On to Sunday, look at my sweet baby:

Sailor, Sadie, and Cruz all in smocked flag outfits;)

I bought these cute things from signed, sealed, delivered for 50% off!!!;);)

Our family;)! We had a gender reveal party to attend Sunday night at my friend Ashley's parents house! So fun!!

Each person had a mustache if they thought it was a boy, bow if they thought it was a girl.

It was a BOY!!!!! Congrats Aaron and Tiffany!!!!!!

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