Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Stuff;)

• Maddox went to his first day of vacation bible school today. I was SO excited to hear all about it, but he was tight lipped. He told me all they did was sit in a chair and wait on Mommys to come pick them up! Haha!!! Liar!!

• I got a Keratin blowout today. It's like the brazillian blowout, but less harmful chemicals. I can't wash hair, sweat, wear ponytail, clip, headband, sunglasses on head, or hair tucked behind my ears for 72 hrs!!! But after that I get to wash and enjoy stick straight hair!!! No more summer frizz!!!

• if you follow Ashleys Avenue or Becoming a Ware, you may have seen my trip to Dallas to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys!!!!! It was so awesome!!! Best girls trip!!!!

(the following pics were NOT zoomed up on....we actually had Jordan practically in our seats singing! I screamed and grabbed at him like I was still a teeny bopper!!!)

Oh yeah!!! I was pumped!!!

That's Jordan behind us... Yes, we are crazy girls!!

Even bought some shirts for the drive home!!!!

• how cute is he??? This was at the dr. He has to get tubes in his ears Friday:(. Poor guy has had 6 ear infections this year!

• he's pretty cute too....

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1 comment:

Ashley said...

Hair- amazing! Girls trip- best ever with some best girlfriends! Boys- ADORABLE!

Love ya! =)