Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweepy Baby, Scary Weather, and Pillow Talk

Ready for 3 random things thrown into one big random post? Great!

Last Saturday my Dad took us all out to eat. Cruz had such a big day EAster Egg Hunting and playing with his cousins that he PASSED out on the way to eat....and never woke up! I enjoyed two things about that: 1) I got to eat a relaxing dinner 2) I got to hold this "sweepy" baby the whole time:

And in case you are living under a rock and haven't yet heard, we are having terrible, scary weather here in Arkansas!! It has rained for 6 days straight! I took this photo of a street flooding nearby my house:Friday night we had dinner with friends and ended up in the basement of the club taking cover from a tornado headed straight for our neighborhood. Luckily, we are all okay!

Here is Harry and Maddox in the basement together:)

I was freaking....my friend Amanda was entertaining the kids. You wouldn't believe the fun stuff she pulled out of her purse. All the kids ended up crowding around her!!:)I just talked to my sister who lives in central Arkansas....she told me that there are weather chasers staying in all of the local hotels, getting ready for what is suppose to happen tonight. Apparently, this map below is something you rarely see....that section in white, where I know TONS of people and grew up, is suppose to have the worst tornadoes. There hasn't been a warning like this in over a year!! Pray for Arkansas!

And lastly, on a much lighter note, is pillow talk with Cruz:). I love rocking him before naps and bedtime and getting him to sing and talk to me. I had my phone with me today because I had just got off the phone with my sister Kim. Here you can here him sing the ABC's (kinda....he acts really silly), talk about dumping out his jelly beans, and then who he just talked to on the phone....which was my sister, but he calls her Mrs. Peace. I've never heard him call her this before. He calls his uncle Mark "Peace"....and so I guess it makes since that Kim is Mrs. Peace! Hahaha!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter "Peeps"!!! Hope your having a great day....it has been a soggy tornado, windy filled weekend here in Arkansas!!!! But I just had to quickly post some CA-YUTE pics of my sweet lil kiddos!!

Here they are before leaving for school last Wednesday. I had these shirts made off Etsy. We wore them twice this week!! I just loved them!

Cruz just can't get his "picture face" right!! Hahaha!!!

Now Maddox decided to copy.....:)

Friday was one of the MOST fun nights I've had in a long time! We went to dinner with the Linams and the Ware's. It took FOUR hours....we had the worst weather...even got evacuated to the basement at one point due to a tornado close by, but I've seriously not laughed that much in a while! Pics to follow later!!!

Saturday afternoon Maddox's Nanna came for a visit and brought the kids tons of Easter prizes! They were so excited. Then later that afternoon my sister and her family cam into town and went to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt with us. It is usually outside, but since it is FLOODING here....they moved it indoors at the clubhouse.

Maddox and the "Easter Bunny". I put this in quotations because Maddox noticed he could see a mans neck under the costume...And, the Easter Bunny had on tennis shoes!! Maddox quietly told us "there is a man PRETENDING to be the Easter bunny in that suit!!!!" Hahahaha!!!!

Cruz and Daddy before the Hunt!!

The hunt was in our workout room!

Maddox, Cruz, and friend Jackson!!

THE GOLDEN EGG!! Auntie Kim helped Maddox find the ONE golden egg in the room!! It had a free kids dinner in it! He slept with that egg....he was so proud!

Back at home, we dyed our Easter eggs!

And I made a Peep Casserole!!!!

It was a HIT!!!!!

Our Eggs:

Then the Easter Bunny came!!!

Cruz woke up first and checked out his loot!

Then Maddox made it down.....

This paddle ball has already broken about 10 times!

Then it was time to get ready for Church! We had a wonderful service!!! I just love Easter. It was so good to see my sister and her family too. It had been since Christmas since we had seen them. Cruz didn't even remember what his cousins Sloan's name was!:( Thank goodness for Holidays!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Perfect Easter Photo

I don't know about you, but I spend a small fortune every Easter on my boys Sunday clothes!

I want them cute and matching!!

Then I want the perfect photo of them in the adorable outfits.

So we take 500 photos just trying to get ONE good one...

I seem to read blogs all the time where the authors post these "perfect" pictures of their kids. Smiling, laughing....just so perfect....

I have to say, for some reason I love these pictures my kids seem to give me....

THIS is real life!!!

THIS is my kids in their matching outfits!!!;)

THIS is as good as it gets.....

I wouldn't have it any other way!! :):)

Happy Easter, Love The Welborns!!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPhone catch up!

My sweet Maddox and I after soccer!!

One of my favorite friends, Kristin, came for a visit last weekend. We danced like crazy girls to a local 80's cover band!!

Curious why I no longer blog from my iPad???:

Um, ya.....should have invested in the $70 otter box:(. This is what happens when you let your 3 year old have free reign with an $800 electronic;(. Lesson learned!

My mom and I took the boys to see the Easter bunny!!

Maddoxs shirt says "I hunt eggs". Cruz's says "got eggs". Found on etsy!

Then we let the kids play at the mall playground till Cruz about fell asleep!

We had our first visit to the dentist today. Boy are dental visits way different than from when I was a kid!!!!

First, you earn points with each visit, eventually you get to pick prizes from a big toy cabinet!

Then, you go to the brushing room. Pick a new tooth brush and get your teeth all clean!

After you brush, you get to go to the awesome playroom!!!

Then off to get teeth cleaned!!! Cruz's pretty smile!!

Headphones with tvs on the ceiling!

No tears!!!! I'm sure the marshmallow flavored toothpaste helped!;)

Getting checked out:

Picture with dr. Rhodes!

Look how happy Cruz was!!

I was really worried about cruz's teeth. They have some yellow spots that concerned me. The dr said it was weak enamel, so we had to get some special toothpaste for him.

I wasn't worried about Maddox at all. And HE was the one who got the worst news!! Two cavities!! I feel like the worst mommy! The dr said he has deep grooves in his teeth, so bacteria gets down on there(I've been told the same thing....guess it was inhereted!!)

Next, they took X-rays and showed me where his permanent teeth were up in his mouth. They are already crooked!!!! He told me to start saving for braces!!!!:/

I'm not real surprised about the braces, David and I both had them! But I couldn't believe we could already tell that! Crazy...

Anywho, happy Friday eve!!!

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