Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sporty Weekend!!

Last weekend our tennis team went to Little Rock for mid-season. It was my first time, I'm a beginner 2.0....still learning;)!

We had such a good time and I did not take enough pics!!! We ate out at fun restaurants and shopped in between our tennis matches. So fun!

Saturday morning my sis and margaux came out to watch. I had already finished my match(lost that first one). Kinda glad they missed that one!!

That afternoon we came back out... Changed outfits.... I was feeling superstitious;)! I guess it worked cause Aimee and I won that doubles match. Yay!!;)

And the fam got to see that one;);)!

Great weekend!! Only bad part was that I missed maddoxs first soccer practice. I stole the following pics from my dad:

Apparently Maddox did not want to play at first!! He said his shin guards hurt;).

But he warmed up to the idea;)!

He's getting so big!!!;)

He plays again this Saturday!! Can't wait to see him in person!!;)

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Ashley said...

Im so glad you had a great trip and WONDERFUL match!! You did awesome! =))))

Love the recap, can't wait to see you tomorrow night..

Love ya!!

Sara Bell said...

Maddox looks so cute in that soccer outfit! Congrats on winning, I have a hidden love for Tennis!!

Jill said...

Good job! Love the cute tennis outfits! That's reason enough to play, isn't it? HA! Maddox is such a cutie. In a few years, you're gonna have giggley girls pounding down your door! Seriously, he's REALLY cute! The girl situation is gonna get bad. :-)