Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cruzs Pretty Smile:)

I just love my lil Cruzy!!! He is so stinkin' sweet.

Lately we've been working on smiling for pictures.

All I have to say is, "Cruz, show me your pretty smile!!". And this is the face you get:


We went to the outdoor Safari in Gentry a few weeks ago...I love the smiles I got!!

He was so smiley while petting baby monkeys!!

Me and Smiley Cruz!!

Say cheese!!! Here's cousin Marguax, Maddox, and Cruz with his pretty smile!!;);)

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Kimberley said...

sweet boy!! i've always wanted to go to the gentry safari, but was afraid the animals would eat us, i mean the car :)

kimmie said...

I love Cruz's "pretty smile" too cute!!

Kathy said...

Auuuh. :D Kids always have the prettiest smiles, I guess, since their teeth aren't still been exposed that much! It's important that their teeth should be treated well from their childhood days to their adulthood! Look at them! They are really enjoying being with you, especially that boy, Cruz! He' cuter when he smiles. You are blessed with joyful cousins!

Kathy Frederickson

Edmund Falkner said...

Cruzy's a very handsome boy! He does like to close his eyes when he smiles doesn't he? That's a very peculiar habit, but it is very cute nonetheless!

Edmund Falkner