Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweepy Baby, Scary Weather, and Pillow Talk

Ready for 3 random things thrown into one big random post? Great!

Last Saturday my Dad took us all out to eat. Cruz had such a big day EAster Egg Hunting and playing with his cousins that he PASSED out on the way to eat....and never woke up! I enjoyed two things about that: 1) I got to eat a relaxing dinner 2) I got to hold this "sweepy" baby the whole time:

And in case you are living under a rock and haven't yet heard, we are having terrible, scary weather here in Arkansas!! It has rained for 6 days straight! I took this photo of a street flooding nearby my house:Friday night we had dinner with friends and ended up in the basement of the club taking cover from a tornado headed straight for our neighborhood. Luckily, we are all okay!

Here is Harry and Maddox in the basement together:)

I was freaking....my friend Amanda was entertaining the kids. You wouldn't believe the fun stuff she pulled out of her purse. All the kids ended up crowding around her!!:)I just talked to my sister who lives in central Arkansas....she told me that there are weather chasers staying in all of the local hotels, getting ready for what is suppose to happen tonight. Apparently, this map below is something you rarely see....that section in white, where I know TONS of people and grew up, is suppose to have the worst tornadoes. There hasn't been a warning like this in over a year!! Pray for Arkansas!

And lastly, on a much lighter note, is pillow talk with Cruz:). I love rocking him before naps and bedtime and getting him to sing and talk to me. I had my phone with me today because I had just got off the phone with my sister Kim. Here you can here him sing the ABC's (kinda....he acts really silly), talk about dumping out his jelly beans, and then who he just talked to on the phone....which was my sister, but he calls her Mrs. Peace. I've never heard him call her this before. He calls his uncle Mark "Peace"....and so I guess it makes since that Kim is Mrs. Peace! Hahaha!!


Happiness Is... said...

It is SO windy down here in NOLA. I am hoping that it doesn't get too bad anywhere. Tornados scare me so much.

Jill said...

What a cute video of Cruz! I miss those days when my kids were little SO much! That's crazy about your weather down there! Hope you all stay safe...and dry!