Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend So Far...

Our Memorial Day Weekend so far has been filled with fun, excitement, and some scary moments....let me fill you in!

Let's start with the fun! David and I love the lake! We bought a boat a few years ago and have had a blast with it. I love getting to go to the lake. I really believe we are making great memories out there with our kids.

We have a lil slice of lake property that will hopefully one day have a house on day....

Here is a photo of our lil slice of heaven and our dock:

Our view from the dock

Loaded up and ready to go! We set out Friday for our first run of the boat just to make sure all was working properly. Just the four of us!! Love these moments.

Saturday we headed back out with one of our favorite fams...the Hutchinsons. Here we are about to head down the hill to the boat...
Now, let me start the rest of this story by saying...a lot of mistakes were made. We are big on boat safety, but we are human...
First mistake, loading up 3 kids on a tube that hasn't been used all season. It is a few years old and we should have put and adult on first to test it out.
We didn't.
Looked like fun. The kids were excited, we put them all in life vests and loaded on Sadie, Jefferson, and Maddox. No adult. Bad.
We weren't going to pull them crazy, just a lil ride.
Look how far away they were. They were even further when the boat started. Jefferson started screaming that the tube was filling with water. We told him it was fine, we just need to go faster to get it above water. Mistake.
We tried to go faster.
The tube filled with water. The line snapped. My little tiny 2 year old boy went flying off and so did Jefferson.

I started screaming.
Josh dove in to swim out to the boys.
No one could see Maddox.
We were so far away.
All I could think is that maddox had some how slipped out of his vest and was under water.
And then I will never forget what I saw next.
Jefferson, a little 8 year old boy, had snatched Maddox up and pulled him back to the raft. He was calming a crying Maddox down. Jefferson was calm, cool, collected and saved my sweet baby. Maddox had been face down in the water. Jefferson saved him. He is only 8. He is Madd's angel. Thank you to Jefferson...just look at this sweet boy:

Looking back, we did a lot wrong. It could have turned out much worse. I learned a big lesson and we also had the opportunity to talk to the kids about why those annoying life vests are so very important. We will be extra careful from here on out. I will NEVER put Maddox on without an adult again. But another thank you to Jefferson for acting like an adult and taking charge in a scary situation.

We decided that for the rest of the day we would swim and play....and of course, eat!

Look at these besties having a snack together:

Look at sweet, sweet SJ...brown eyed girl!Can't say enough how much I love this girl!!! She is my very best friend!! Love you Amber!!Daddy and Cruzer!We were able to get Maddox back in the water. It took some serious talking, but I wanted to leave on a good note. I didn't want him to be scared of the water. So Mommy got in and held Maddox in the water for about 5 minutes, then he was ready to get back out. We start swimming lessons on the 21st...

We left the lake early yesterday. Amber and I had plans to meet up with the girls and headed out to watch Sex and the City 2. I know its gotten bad reviews, but I loved it. Then we all headed to Bonefish for dinner and a few cosmos. And dessert:).

When we were leaving Amber mentioned needing to go to Target...I think it was like 9:15. I was game! Love Target. We stayed till they turned the lights off. Fun times!

Today my sister and her family are coming in town. We are heading back to the lake tomorrow with a BRAND NEW tube!! We'll be safe...promise! And y'all be safe this weekend too!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A good problem to have

I'm behind on blogging and picture taking...but I had to share a lil sweet story before I forget...

We have a huge problem here every morning. I mean it sends both kids into a break down. The problem? Who gets to sit in Mommy's lap while watching cartoons.

If Cruz is in my lap, Maddox is screaming and crying. Cruz will rub it in his face and snuggle in close.

If Maddox is in my lap, then cruz is screaming and trying to push Maddox out.

And they won't share. I always try to put one on each side, but that is not good enough. They both want me all to themselves.

Makes me feel loved;).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're Obsessed with these in NWA

Arkansas is known for this:

So it's no surprise we have become obsessed with filling our houses with pigs!

I just got the urge to share with you a little something we love here in Northwest Arkansas: We buy pigs, and we decorate them.
(This one has been docorated to match my gameroom)
And we change out the decor depending on the season. They are like little pets (I'm thinking of naming them).
(This one is currently decorated for Maddox's Birthday coming up)
I want more. There is a new polka dot one out that I am dying for!

Woooooo Pig Sooie!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iphone Photos

Once again, gonna catch you up on moments that happen when all I have around to capture them is the Iphone, you know, the greatest invention EVER! AKA, my favorite accessory. Again, if you don't have one, your missing out...can you tell that i LOVE my phone???

Anywho, on to the photos...
Playin in the yard, Maddox, Cruz, and Saylor:

Remember the Camera strap cover I told you it is;)

How cute is my lil Cruz eating his oreos??

Somebody likes to play with slugs....

Me and the hubbs in a really red restaurant!:)

Remember that breakfast I told you about in KC...well, I had to get a photo...

This picture is so funny to me...I may not have ever gone into detail about our love for diet coke, but its real. I truely love diet coke. And so does my bestie, Amber. We buy each other Sonic drinks all the time and deliver them to the other ones door. We have conversations on the phone about diet coke. We crave them. We love them. ...but something terrible has happend. Amber had to give them up for her diet. As soon as her compitition was over we made sure to hit up sonic for a Route 44 Diet Coke. But, she didn't like it anymore. She lost her taste for them I guess. It makes me sad. I hope it doesn't affect our friendship;)Here we are on our way home from KC.Look at this lil monkey playin outside in nothing but a diaper. Sweet lil guy!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Supportin My Girl

This past weekend my best friend, Amber, was in a fitness compitition in Kansas City. She has been working SUPER hard the past 15 weeks working out and eating next to nothing. Needless to say, she looked amazing and placed 5th. So proud of her.

David and I drove up Saturday morning with her hubby Josh. We stayed in downtown KC at the Marriott. We spent most of the night at the show. I would love to show you pics of Amber in it and how good she looked, but she would kill me! She doesn't want any photos on the internet. If I looked that good ya'll would get SICK of seeing pics of me...haha!

Here we are before Ambers show...striking on of the poses she had to do on stage:
I almost forgot to mention that when you win this show you get a REAL sword...I am serious....I huge real sword. We took tons of pics with it. We were putting them all over facebook. I'm sure people were wondering what in the world we were doing with this thing!
After the show we went and ate at Gordon Biersch and then went to the Power and Light District. If you are ever in KC, this place is a must! Lots of places to eat and drink and everyone hangs out and dances under this big pavilion.

Since Amber had been eating chicken and fish for months...the next day it was time to cheat. We went to eat at a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. It was called "mamas 39th Street Cafe". They are known for the breakfast. We all ordered a ton and shared. I'm not joking when I say we ate french toast, omelettes, hash browns, corned beef hash, grits, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy...that MAY be it...I'm probably missing was amazing...a must eat kinda place! YUM!

Friday, May 14, 2010


  • Cruz is saying lots of words now: hot, mama, dada, cup, cookie, cupcake, snack, "all done", and poopoo (nice)

  • Speaking of, ahhem, "poo poo", Cruz LOVES to walk around the back yard and show us were all the dog has done his business. He goes to it, points, and says "poo poo!!!
  • Cruz is now running and can pretty much keep up with brother, Maddox.

  • Maddox says some funny stuff: "Mom, your not a mermaid??", "Mom, look at those big cities" (pointing to a big building), I asked maddox if I could have some of his snack, his reply "Mom, go on a diet!".

  • Its almost beach time! We go every tradition...thanks Dad! We are heading to Orange Beach next month and crossing our fingers for no oil! Isn't that oil spill just insane!!? So sad!

  • Look at my baby, Cruz last how they grow in a year!

  • And here is my lil guy Maddox crabbing last year at the beach.

  • Is anyone else keeping up with the Hills...isn't Spencer CRAZY!!! I feel bad for Hiedi's mom! And doesn't Hiedi look crazy after all those surgeries?

  • I made these cake pops. They were hard. I mean, hard to make. I'll never do it again. But they did turn out pretty cute:

  • Kirsten Blowers is back and working on my master bedroom...its gonna be awesome! So excited! Speaking of Kirsten...this post CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!

  • Oh, and check out this esty shop...Eclectic Whatnot. Its by Ruthanne, a girl I went to school with back in the day. I bought the CUTEST camera strap cover from her. No more getting camera's mixed up at parties! I can spot mine easy! Thanks Ruthanne! I got this one:

  • And while I'm in the mood for shout outs, I have one more thing to show. The cutest pillows I've ever seen. A girl I used to work with came up with the idea. I'm having a party for them at my house on the 25th (All NWA friends are welcome!). Sarah makes them out of oil cloth and chalk can write on them and personalize them for parties! ADORABLE!! Message me if you want more info!

  • I got my hair did Monday, its blonder. Its not really me. Not sure what to do. You can't really tell in this picture, but this is the best I could get:

  • How sweet is this???:

  • I babysat this lil stinker Saylor yesterday. She is gonna marry my Maddox one day...but here she is watching TV and eating goldfish with her future brother in law, Cruz:

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Happy" Mothers Day

Isn't Mothers Day suppose to go perfectly? Aren't your kids suppose to behave like little angels and make your day super-duper easy and wonderful? Isn't everything suppose to go smoothly and make Mom feel like a spoiled Goddess?

Well, can someone please tell my crazy boys that next year?;)
The day started with David surprising me with my favorite breakfast: and everything bagel with cream cheese from Einstein Bagels. YUM! I got to open my gifts, and frame with my babies hand prints and this thing that hooks to my iPhone so I can listen to the music on it through the radio.
Then it was time to get ready for church. Let the chaos begin. Maddox HATES to get dressed. He pitched a HUGE tantrum about it. Screaming, Crying, Kicking...had to go to corner....ran out of corner....had to go back, this happened several times. Right up until time for church. I was stressed. Of course I had to get a picture with my boys on Mothers Day. Cruz was game, Maddox...not so much.

At church we had to work in childcare, which is FINE. I don't mind volunteering, but after my crazy morning, I didn't want to be around any kids;).

When we left church we headed to Crabby's for brunch. Upon entering the hostess was EXTREMELY rude and immediately made it clear to leave if we did not have reservations. We didn't. We left. I was not happy.

Everywhere we called was booked. Kids were screaming in the backseat. I told David just to take me home. I went and got in bed. I needed a break!

David took the kids to Steak and Shake and brought some home for me. He felt bad I could tell. Poor guy, things weren't going as planned.

I had a pity party for a while and then decided to get up, get ready, called my mom, and we went out for some much needed retail therapy. That ALWAYS makes this Momma feel better! Plus, I never get to go shopping with my Mom, so it was nice to hang out with just her and no kids! (Plus I got the cutest pair of shoes).

When I got home, I went and changed. David had planned a little date night just for the two of us. At my FAVORITE, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. We took the kids to my parents and had a great dinner. Perfect ending to a slightly crazy day!!!

But please don't get me wrong, I am super grateful! Love my babies! The day did end better than it started!

And I also want to tell my mom...thanks for being such a great mom. She is always there to listen. She is always there to help. My kids love her beyond measure. Thank you, Mom. I am so lucky!

Happy Mothers Day to my sister, Davids Mom, and all my girlfriends!! And of course, all you bloggers!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last post on DC....Promise!;)

And this one is mainly pictures. I'm not feeling "chatty" today....these boys are wearing me out since getting back home...I'm sooooo tired this afternoon! But enjoy the pics!
My BFF!!Right before we got our own "private" tour of the Capitol from Ambers F.I.L.Here we are with Senator Hutchinson:). He took us all through the building...even saw Al Franken on the Senate Floor! Too bad they did not allow ANY photos inside...they take all your electronics when you walk in:(...Vietnam MemorialDon't we look tired here?...we were! We must have walked a million miles looking at all the memorials and museums!

And here is our last picture...right before leaving for the airport....bye bye DC!