Monday, May 3, 2010

First Lady's Luncheon

Last Wednesday in DC was the First Lady's Luncheon. We flew in Tuesday, had dinner, and went straight home since we had a big day the following day...(oh, but we were sure to catch the Hills and The City on MTV before we went to bed...hehe!)

So Wednesday we woke up, got dressed up in our pretty dresses and headed into the city to the luncheon. There were probably two thousand in attendance. Every wife of all congress, senate, and important department were there (and Nancy Pelosi's husband...I think he must have been the only man!). You may be wondering how in the world I got to go. My best friend, Amber, gets to go every year. Her father in law is a former senator from Arkansas, Tim Hutchinson. His wife is a member of the Congressional Wives Club and gets tickets every year.

Before we went in we took pictures with a was Michelle Obama and a wax Jaqueline Kennedy. ha!

Moving on, the theme of the luncheon was "Illumination Celebration". Chandeliers were EVERYWHERE. Each table cloth was blue printed with white chandeliers from the white house. There were gift bags in every seat and the bag was made especially for this luncheon. They were also printed with White House chandeliers. The bags were filled with goodies....perfumes, books, a plate (which on the back was stamped with the date and event), and a hand steamer (kinda random). There were also candles at each seat that looked to be wrapped up like Trapp Candles but not sure if that was the brand, but they also had a chandelier from the white house and on the candle the date and event was was absolutely gorgeous.

You can see in the pictures that even the lighting was blue. So beautiful!

As Michelle Obama was announced, she walked down a runway and was seated at the head table. She gave a speech on volunteering and how important it is for your community. It was interesting to hear about all the things she is involved in. She also spoke on Haiti and talked about how the crisis isn't over yet and how we still need to focus on that area.

Then we had a beautiful lunch served in courses. (The soup was cheese soup with popcorn on top!). There was entertainment as well. We were there for a very long time and I soaked up every second. I felt like I didn't was so nice!

We left with our bag of goodies, as well as cookbook, and even a table clothe (they were up for purchase at $75...I figured why not, I will NEVER get to do something like this again...I wanted every souvinier I could get!!)

After the luncheon we went and changed and then stopped by the Arlington National Cemetary. If you ever need to be reminded of how important our leaders and soldiers are to our country, taking a trip here will do the trick. It was such a quiet place and everyone is extremely respectful to the tombs. I was amazed at how many there were. It was also sad to see Ted Kennedy's grave, you could tell it hadn't been there very long.

Through the trees, if you look real hard, you can see our Nation's Capitol.Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

John F Kennedy

After that we went to a place called Tyson's Corner. It is a HUGE shopping mall. We ate at Five Guys and shopped at about every store you can faves that day: Nordstroms and H&M of course! We closed the mall down...there just wasn't enough time to get all the shopping done I needed to, but we came home with some great stuff!


Jill said...

Ok, my heart totally stopped when I saw that first pic of you with the wax Michelle Obama. Totally thought that was real for a sec. HA! I know I always say it, but you always look so darn cute. I've decided I want an Amy Hair Tutorial. hee-hee! Love it!

Tara Gibson said...

what a wonderful day! and i am with you girl, i would of gotten every souviner possible from that day!

amy (metz) walker said...

How neat that you got to do this!

Alissa said...

I am SO glad you were able to have this experience! What a great way to spend time with a friend :)
Also, Thank You SO much for the prayers!!!